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    zinnyzxx reacted to Fangowolf in Why do I keep losing (help a new member)   
    1) Your defenders can't skate.  All the defensive tactics except cons trap need some mobility.
    2) You are at least one Defender short.  Your Defrenders should be getting tired.  I play 7 def with one only playing Spec teams (PP usually)
    3) Way too many snipers. A few should change roles
    4) Goalies are under performing for their stats (still wondering about Defenders Endurance)
    If one of the defensive lines is set to an Offensive tactic, I doubt they have the skates to get back against good lines.  It looks like you are probably crushing the lower teams and being crushed by the top tier.
    The guys should only hit tired a few times a season.  For now set your Defenders training to easy.  If you have any money get another defender or two.
    Just checked you have some guys exhausted on def
    On your roster hit the info tab and look at the last column.
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    zinnyzxx reacted to canucks in Quitting - All Players Up For Grabs - Victoria Cherokees   
    He obviously didnt like his last comment.....he didnt push the Like button this time.