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  1. Hard to fathom, but pitchers and catchers report to spring training camps in about 2 weeks already! Seems like the Houston Astros won the World Series yesterday. I can't wait until the middle of March when the oldest running Fantasy Baseball League in exhistence (1985) has our live (NL) & Detroit Tigers only 12 hour long or so Fantasy Baseball Draft. Our league is out of the state of Michigan and is a 5 player keeper league. You can save 5 guys a year, but it does cost you a $1 for each save guy. That is alot cheaper then when an All-Star caliber guy comes up and goes for $4.50 and higher sometimes. It's a great league with a bunch of good owners and everyone are buddies and we laugh, drink beer, fart, eat alot and sometimes even pass out and always give each other sh**