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  1. Thank you. If you buy a key right now before the 11th do you get a pre release version now or you just get it when released on the 11th? And in the future if the game gets updates or patches, how would they be distributed?
  2. Hello, is this the final release method or will it be on other platforms such as steam?
  3. I have seen a few people mention being interested in boxing sims, I would keep an eye out for Legends of Boxing PC game. It's based on the very good board game of the same name but will have career mode and such built into it. Being developed by Richard Hanna who has created other pc games such as Replay Baseball, Second and Ten Football, ASG Golf, etc. Here is a link to some info
  4. You might want to give Pro Strategy Football 21 a try....I have been pleasantly surprised how much fun it is. It's on the lighter side of GM abilities, but kind of finding it refreshing without having to worry about all the details. I also like the 80's animiated view of the game, gets the job done.
  5. Thanks for making this content available, I know how time consuming modding can be.