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  1. Its been discussed over on discord a little as well, but it would be extremely useful to have a limiter with a preferred order when UFA bidding. For example, I need 1 center, but I need to try and sign 3 or 4. So rather than accidently signing 3 or 4, you'd only get the 1 you needed in the order you like the players. I often find myself getting more players than needed then attempting to waive or trade with a CPU that believes I'm trying to rip it off by giving it talent I don't want (hah)
  2. Ya, same here, luckily I'm 3-0-5 so its not a total disaster yet, but I was also promoted. Same boat as you Muff666.
  3. 4th game random lines *sigh*
  4. I'm down 2 games so far to the random lines About to be 3 I'm guessing
  5. New to the forums so I didn't know best place to post, and I don't know if I can delete this. I posted under bugs this morning. Nothing so far.
  6. Howitzer Iron Hockey League Terrace Badgers
  7. Signed in, signed free agents, set lines twice (only have have pc reset them) Says User on holidays under team info
  8. Twice now my lines are getting auto generated even though I've set and saved lines
  9. hey question whenever someone can answer. My team info says I'm on Vacation. Not sure how to change that