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  1. Blue Jays Send:LF Ryan Shanley (R-C)DBacks send:C Matt Hanson (MLB)With Charles Cutler heading to free agency, the Jays were going to need a C this offseason. It looks like Cam Gallagher and Cutler were going to be the top options, and we have Hanson right in that same tier. So, at the cost of an okay prospect in Shanley, we jump the FA line and lock down our 2024 backstop.Thanks for the easy talks Vet
  2. Cardinal send: RP Corbin Martin MLB Jays send: SP Connor Colicchio R 3B Jordan Westburg AA SPJack O’Connor R We've seen what happens to this Blue JAys bullpen in October. Hopefully this helps it. We're giving up a decent chunk in prospects, but it's win now mode in Toronto!
  3. Jays agree. Franco just isn't doing it for us right now and we're looking for some more offense. At a relatively low (and cheaper) price, we're willing to take a chance on Tony Rendon!
  4. Buxton hasn't hit much, but he's the exact type of backup outfielder we're looking for. Especially with Nash out with an injury for the next few weeks. Lawler looks like a future reliever type, but we've got plenty of those in the system and are willing to sell on a potential set-up man for some MLB help now.
  5. This is by far the hardest trade in franchise history. Saying goodbye to a great player, a great man, a great leader, a great mascot, and easily the best AL rookie from the 2018 season. But, now we need the money. Blue Jays send: 2B/Hall of Famer Brian Inoa MLB SP Tanner Witt A- Pirates send: $50,000
  6. Jays send: SP Raynel Velette - MLB Giants send: P Guillermo Polanco - A San Jose The Jays have too many pitchers and not enough money. This helps both of those problems, moving out a guy who wasn't going to factor in to our 2023 rotation and clearing out some cash. Thanks for the simple trade Heinz
  7. Karapatyan fits the mold of what the Blue Jays want in their bullpen: living and breathing and able to throw a baseball. Thanks for the quick n easy talks!
  8. The Blue Jays accept. We're delighted to obtain such a superstar to the organization. We understand it mean giving up top young talent, often, so we're willing to accept the price. We're somehow still trying to win a World Series, despite all the obstacles in our way
  9. Blue Jays need pitching, we tried for some better arms but ultimately landed on Tate as the best option for us at the price point/ The key was not moving Herschieser here, who we see as our best pitching prospect. The three guys we sent are all great, but it doesn't totally zap our farm
  10. Thanks for the talks Greg! The Jays have now added two reliable, veteran arms in the last week and feel much better about our 'pen. Attentions are now turned to adding a top of rotation arm, so if you have one, hit us up!
  11. Jays send: P Kohl Franklin A Lansing P Frankie Harman A Dunedin OF Wilderd Patino A Dunedin Reds send: RP Phillip Aumont MLB (100% retained) This one isn't too hard to understand. The Blue Jays pen continues to be an unmitigated disastor costing us plenty of wins. We'll take a shot on an expiring guy like Aumont who can step into a late-inning role. Here's hoping he can stay healthy.
  12. Jays agree! We are woefully over budget and it looks like Scott was the odd man out of the pitching staff. This was an easy fit with Chappy and we thank him for the quick talks!
  13. Jays send: MLB SP Michel Baez MLB 2B Mel Applegate R CF Jason Thompson 440K cash Mets send: MLB SP Tim Lincecum - 45% retained MLB 2B Chris Seise We need a starting pitcher, it's obvious. Lester is done for the year and Lincecum fill that veteran role. We're banking on a bounceback from him, and we're willing to pull from the lineup in the form of Applegate to make the deal happen. We'll see if the risk pays off!
  14. Jays send: SP Mackenzie Gore MLB INF Orelvis Martinez A OF Carroll Curtis MLB RP Jesus Torres MLB C Patrick Bailey A- Mets send: OF Josh Wilcox MLB 1.8 Million in cash We have been stocking up the the last few months with big deals like sending out Bryce Harper. We've dipped into those prospects this winter. There's no question the Jays are anything but all in right now with the acquisitions of Pardo and Wilcox. The Mariners may still be a wagon, but we feel like we can at least have a lineup to compete with theirs now (pitching is a different story). The real loss here is clearly Gore, he's a stud now and will become a bigger stud in the next few years. The other assets we send are all good, young, and controllable, but there's just no question Gore is the centrepiece. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to lose in the CS to the eventual WS champion for a third year in a row. Hopefully, we get a little luckier. Thanks for the good talks Bruce, and thanks for helping nail down the details on the money.
  15. Now that Heinz is out of the East, we can finally make some big moves. The San Francisco Giants send: C Braulio Pardo, MLB (30% retained) Toronto Blue Jays send: SP Armando Garcia (R) SP John David Carlton (R) OF Zachary Evans (R) 2B Miguel Hiraldo (A-) This is a biggy. The Blue Jays will be letting Miguel Cabrera walk to free agency after a short but great Toronto career, leaving the organization with a clear need for a big bat and an opening at DH. With Charles Cutler in at C, Prado can spend some time at C, but lots at DH, focusing on hitting a strong cleanup for one of the best teams in the AL. Taking Pardo out of San Fran and into the AL East will do wonders for his offensive numbers, we hope, that should look at lot more like 2019/20 than the still great 2021. The retention helps us stomach sending four good prospects for a 35-year-old and keeps Toronto relatively on budget. (Note for Matt: the retention is supposed to be on the extension, not sure if it'll work like that in game, message us if you have any issues/questions!)