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  1. The Toronto Blue Jays send: MLB LF Bryce Harper $8 Million Cash The Arizona Diamondbacks send: MLB OF Carroll Curtis MLB SP Scott Clark A SP Joseph Charles AA OF Cole Brannen A OF Roberto Sierra Yup. It actually happened. Sorry to Bryce, and his oversensitive agent, but we thank him for his many years of service for the Blue Jays. This is a forward looking and financially motivated deal. We have a couple good prospects in the system but this deepens it significantly, and allows us to still compete in the playoffs and for the AL East. Thanks to Vet for the tough back and forth talks (and to the other teams that offered), hope Harper is great for her and the Diamondbacks as they try to get back to the World Series.
  2. Return of the king: Jays send: C Luis Perez - MLB Padres send: 3B Orelvis Martinez - R Peoria This one was pretty easy. The Jays have one too many MLB catchers, and the Padres need a young catcher to stabilize the position. We LOVED what Perez did for us last year — put up a 3.2 WAR and a .860 OPS — but Charles Cutler is the guy in Toronto now. With Perez's cheapness, age, and control we would've loved to have kept him around, but Omar Silva is a better platoon split for Cutler and will stick around as C2 in Toronto. We see Orelvis as a future 3B/SS/2B type who we will develop in the system for a few years. Thanks Sean
  3. Jays send: RP Jordan Walden MLB SP Chris Gray MLB Dodgers send: SP Keith Bowman MLB RP Shawn Tolleson MLB Talk about about a baseball trade. A MLB reliever and longman/starter for a MLB reliever and longman/starter. The Jays would be lying if financials didn't play into this deal in some capacity, we're opening up a lot of room to work with this and next offseason. However, we do view Bowman as the perfect 5th starter for this team right now. We need consistent innings and Bowman looks like a guy who can give us that. Tolleson will just be asked to be a hard throwing middle reliever with our pen log jam. Thanks for the easy talks, as always Sam.
  4. Yankees send: RF Austin Hendrick R League Jays send: SS Rafael Luna MLB (100% retained) It has been no secret the Jays see a lot in youngster Brandon Brownell and have been looking to clear a path for him at the major league level. Moving Luna does exactly that, and sets up a potential middle infield of Brownell, Inoa, and Applegate for 2021.
  5. Toronto Sends: SP Cole Wilcox AA SP Cedric Flowers A+ SP Casey Queener A+ SP Chris Farrell MLB Dodgers send: SP Jon Lester MLB *Dodgers retain 50% of contract We have been talking with Sam about Lester for a few months now. We even liked him when he hit free agency but we’re unable to go to such a high yearly price. But, after a phone call with Brian Inoa convinced Lester to waive his no trade clause, we decided we would push in, adding a certain playoff arm to our rotation. Despite making a conscious effort to re-tool this offseason with some quality prospects (including Wilcox), we feel that the future of our rotation (With Velette, Wacha, Wilson and soon Mackenzie Gore anchoring it) we could afford to move 3 pitching prospects for a short term asset in Lester who will help bridge us to Gore. Wilcox is the big get here for the Dodgers, looks like a future mid-rotation arm if things break right, and we were unwilling to include him in many negotiations before he became essential to nab Lester. Thanks Sam and best of luck with the Dodgers.
  6. Jays send: AAA C Lance Hartgraves AAA RP Raul Leon White Sox send: RP Craig Kimbrel $1 million cash Our starting pitching has been as spotty as it has ever been this season, so we are going to try to win in the October with a bullpen. We aren't 100% sure how Kimbrel fits in but he gives us another power arm to add to an already elite bullpen at the cost of two (yes, young and controllable) guys who we're just on the bubble of making our team. Hartgraves was a guy who was always hovering around our 26-man roster. We desperately wanted to get him at bats but with Silva/Perez playing so well it just wasn't meant to happen. We liked Leon a lot this year because he had options so he could start in AAA and come up when we needed a fresh arm or needed an injury replacement — this late in the season those things are less of a concern. Thanks for the deal and best of luck to the Sox!
  7. Jays send: A+ 3B Nolan Jones A 2B Luis Garcia A+ LF Erik Hooper SP MLB Juan Nicasio Reds send: SP Michael Wacha MLB One of the Reds last solid MLB asset nets them 2 of my the Jays top prospects. As a few of you know, with Brandon Brownell's rocket up internal and external prospect lists, Jones and Garcia will likely be blocked in the future so we wanted to weaponize those assets to add a legit playoff arm to our rotation — someone we can slot behind Wilson and Wacha. And our main goal, like in the Chris Gray acquisition, was adding someone who could keep the ball in the park — Wacha has a .5 HR/9 in one of the more dinger-heavy parks. Jones and Garcia can easily makeup 1/2 of a future big league infield, but we had to become comfortable moving 1, if not both, to address a true need. And Hooper helped push the deal over the finish line, and get the Reds to agree to take on Nicasio's salary so we could keep our books on the right side of 0. We wish Jason the best in having to rebuild yet another NL Central team. PS. New nickname request for Matt, please and thank you: Wacha-Flaka-Flame.
  8. Jays accept! We welcome Jordan Lyles Kyle Wulff to our organization! Sico was stuck behind Franco and with Dougles, Applegate, and Dan Price all able to fill in at 3B in some capacity we were willing to move him. We see Wulff as a fringe future SP prospect if the control develops. For Matt: Wulff is in A and Sico is in AAA.
  9. Astros send: INF Mel Applegate - AAA Jays send SP Edward Cabrera - AA We haven't really rostered a backup SS all season. Dan Price was terrible so we sent him to AAA. Looking to acquire someone with a comparable bat to Price, with teh defensive play of Stephen Bell and Applegate seems exactly that. He isn't gonna wow anyone but if we have a SS injury he can play and hes a good backup 2B for the Brian Inoa haters
  10. I had to make a trade, it's been too long. Jays send: Rafael Vazquez A- Vancouver Dallas Beaver A Lansing Braves Send: SP/RP Chris Gray MLB - 100% retained by Atlanta Jays have a pitching issue and are hoping a low-risk option like Gray can help solve it. Gray has been in a long-man/starter role all season for the Braves and he has done the one thing that Jays pitchers have been unable to: prevent homers. We may rock a 6 man rotation to give him some AL East starts and see how he sticks. Thanks for the deal Brenton!
  11. Jays Send: OF Luis Serrano MLB RP Brian Wilson MLB SP Ryan Rolison AAA SP Pete Smith A Lansing Texas Sends: OF Ryan Braun MLB - retained 20% We aren't really sure where Braun will slide in, but with the versatility of Andrew Douglas, and the inevitable injuries of a MLB season, we were happy to add Braun — a bat we have coveted for the past few seasons. He recently added the Jays to a list of teams he was willing to accept a trade to, and we pulled the trigger. Serrano is a solid 3rd/4th outfield, and Rolison and Smith both look like future bottom of the rotation arms. Wilson is aging — but can still be effective for as many years as he has left — and with Leon, Vance in AAA and Walden coming back off the IR, we could move some MLB arms. Thanks to the Rangers
  12. Jays send: 3B Juan Francisco MLB SP Trent Hinton AA SP Lester Webb R Bluefield Marlins send: 1B Miguel Cabrera MLB (injured list i believe) (30% retained by Miami.) We have had 4 really solid DHs on our roster this offseason. Esteban, Montero, Franciscio, and now Cabrera. Cabrera is the most expensive, but we really like what his bat brings to our lineup. A potential 130-140 OPS+ bat. Yes he is aging but he is still very much a middle of the order hitter who can play out his contract with us at around 20 mill a season. Thanks for your service Juan, but we had to move you to clear the $ needed. Thanks for the speedy talks Ryan
  13. Agreed. A trade with about as little consequence as there possibly could be. We exchange a guy with a remote chance of making the bigs for a guy with a slightly less remote chance, at least in our eyes.
  14. Jays send: Eddie Rosario AAA OF Ernseto Fieri AAA RP Julio Teheran AAA RP Cubs send: Rafael Vazquez 2B (INTL) We were interested in dealing Rosario, and we have slight interest in Vazquez so this deal worked out for us. Still have to acquire some RP depth now.
  15. Jays accept. With the Juan Francisco addition Smith Jr was out of a role. We see Serrano as every so slightly better than Madrid, and we see Marks, Cabrera and Smith as all very borderline potential MLBers if everything breaks right. This frees up some $ for us to put into scouting/development. Thanks Hodges