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  1. Hey, it is maybe just me but I have a feeling that computers are a little less stiff than before the update? I haven't really dealt with them tbh, but I've had a nice trade sent by a computer team at the beginning of the season and since, I saw maybe one or two intriguing (not one sided but i'd say surprising a little) in the trade section. Ain't looking to stir anything, but I'd like to hear some opinions on the matter. Thanks
  2. Cheers guys, those are some nice picks indeed! And I really like Tioga going white too.
  3. As we are in relegation zone and having a lot of one way contracts, I will probably rebuild. So, I'm looking for great prospects and picks to offload some of my players. Feel free to ask by DM in game or send a trade offer!
  4. Yeah, since it was trending, I thought it was an early access to the new game, made me jump the gun a little!
  5. Same here, tried both ways and I suppose the invite code is kinda secret? Just saw the thread is from 2016... nothing to see here!!
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  7. Got a man named John Grill on my GHL team in Lumber, he's 42 years old and still going strong with a 97 overall and putting 15-20 pts per year while being on the 3rd or 4th line. He played in GHL is whole career, maybe one for the HOF!
  8. Not a bad idea but imo it would be nice to have a second round also determined by standings, like the highest placed team faces the lowest placed team. That way, if 1st, 5th, 6th and 7th win, 1st will take on 7th and 5th will take 6th. I think it would be more representative of the work done in the season to be among the top 4 teams.
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  10. Jezzé Bibz

    S40 General chat

    Hi everyone in Lumber, even though we are in the playoffs, I'm already looking at season 41 and would like to offer some of my players. The Herschel Marshals (GHL) would like to trade defensemen Lennox Myrberg (29 yo next year, 95 ovr) or Isaiah Gohier (24 yo next year, 93 ovr) and one of goalies Hibbert (25 yo, 89 ovr) or Bartrash (26 yo, 91 ovr). We are looking for some wingers, the younger the better since we want to rejuvenate our offense, but we want some quality too. If anyone is interested in these player or any other player (I'm open to all offers and except the untradables, almost everyone could be used in a possible trade), hit me up here or send a message in game so we can work a trade. Thanks!
  11. Hi I am in Lumber too and I seem to have the same issue with a player I have put on waivers, I am the Herschel Marshalls and the said player is Per Willers. I have received messages that teams wants to claim him and that it was due for day 3 but we are past this date and I still have the player in my team roster screen. Link to player profile :
  12. Lumber, GHL, Herschel Marshals I have experienced this issue twice today, I am trying to sign a 3,5M player and I have 6M left on the mass this year as well as 17M left next year. I did put a 3M player on waivers (on day 42) and have received a message that he will be taken by another team at the end day 43 (at the moment we are at day 42). Could there be a issue because I have put the player on waivers and tried to sign another player on the same day? As if I still only have 3M left because my player hasn't been clamed? Thanks for any input on this! Btw really enjoying my time as a GM in this game and the effort made by everyone trying to make it even better than it is already!
  13. Lumber, GHL, Herschel Marshals I'm having the same issue here, can't access contracts renewals, trade offers sent or received, free agents since two days. It came back during a few hours yesterday, but stopped working again this morning. I hope there is only a few of us experiencing this!
  14. Alright, thanks for the clarity on this and for taking the time to look it up!
  15. Hi guys, I am the manager of the Herschel Marshals in LIHL in gameworld Lumber and I have been newly promoted for finishing first at the end of the season. Therefore, I wasn't aware of this, but my draft picks swapped with the last team of the IHL, the Shebandowan Rhino Chuckers. I don't really mind swapping picks but the issue is that during the season, I have made a trade with the Rhino Chuckers to acquire their first pick by giving a second pick of mine and some players. Since the picks have been swapped, it seems there is a bug, because when I go to the trade screen, I seem to only have my LIHL first round pick (Marshals) and Shebandowan's IHL third round pick and they have my LIHL second and third round picks (Marshals). So I am wondering where are Shebandowan's IHL first and second round picks since I don't have them and they don't either. Normally they would have come to my team but I am wondering if the trade had put some trouble in this. Some help to understand would be very appreciated with that, thanks.