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  1. I've found over the years that I really don't bother once my team is out,. I'll check highlights and keep up to date with news but I just can't watch once my team is done!
  2. Yeah Vikings can drag on, but its good overall I find. The Americans was great too, ended now though!
  3. I doubt SI Games would ever take on that task. You'd be better for some small developer to give it a go and see if it was popular enough.
  4. Salut! Yes Front office Football really is great, isn't it! Have you seen they are now partnered with OOTPD (Makers of OOTP Baseball) to make a new version?
  5. Bienvenue sur le/la forums! (Yeah I'm rubbish in French)
  6. I don't but SI sure make a fun management game out of it
  7. Welcome Welcome Riven
  8. Rigafan8


    Hi and welcome
  9. It's the best basketball sim out there and it's totally free! What a great service to the GM gaming community
  10. Front Office Football is the king of Football sims (in my eyes) Have you seen they are now working with OOTP to release a new version?
  11. I much prefer to play as GM only. I'm not so great with tactics and training so I like to control the finances and recruiting and let my coaches do what I pay them for!
  12. Try the free PCF basketball game. http://gmgames.org/pcfantacanestro-pcf2017-basketball/
  13. May I ask why you are still on 12? Just curious
  14. One of the greats! Mine is Eastside Hockey Manger 2007