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    littleb got a reaction from Gammgubben in Draft class presentation   
    I don’t even really want an overall. I want a ranking and the stats they have for the league they are in and that is it.
    My idea is based on time scouted. You could have a quick scout which takes 1 day and get a general feel for him. Maybe they will say his skating, puck handling and shooting would be exceptional for your league but he will always be lacking in defense. Then when you look at him you would see random ranges for each ability that would be -/+ 15 or even just the words as well as a potential generalization like rising star, promising etc.
    Normal scout would take 2 days and give you attributes within a closer range like -/+ 10. If would give you a more accurate reading of his potential and maybe point some things out like he seemed to always find a open player or he excelled at the physical side of the game giving you better ideas of potential roles.
    Final one is a deep scout. I still like margin for error so plus or minus 5 for attributes and includes an interview that would indicate mental abilities. Or heck maybe the interview stage could be something on a certain day in the off season where you select so many players you want to interview.
    Of course if you deep scout everyone you won’t get as many reports and might miss someone but will have a good idea if he is a star. If you do smaller scouts you will have more data but less accurate. Adds more decisions in the game and makes the draft more lively. N
    Now I have no idea what it would take to happen... but think it is something I would like to see.
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    littleb got a reaction from Walter A. Donaldson in Lomantange's LBI   
    Completely like this topic.... clearly Gobern being my gritty forward did the dirty deed and got away with it, there really is no explanation aside from that  
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    littleb reacted to Paul T in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    Very nice!
    The past two updates have been key for me.  My favorite aspect of this game is strategically building a team within the cap limitations.  The contract update will add some major depth to this game, which is great.  And like Deadwing, the new customization options for team jerseys is probably what I am looking forward to the most. 
    Just a minor thought, but could the contracts for super-star players be even higher?  To relate to NHL contracts, McDavid sits at 12.5M per.  Tavares, Kane, Price, Toews, Eichel and Kopitar are all 10M+.
    In any case, Thanks for the updates!  Really looking forward to this.
    (is it appropriate to post the South Park image of Randy Marsh when he finally gets access to the internet after losing it for a few months???)
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    littleb reacted to Peekaboo in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    Also, I know I am way too late for the topic - but 2-3$ per month is really really really cheap and affordable to just about anyone. I am kinda looking for that, few times I already stopped playing due to players constantly arriving and leaving (ironically, I became one of those), but I think this will at least make game population stable. Not to mention that it will make it harder for cheaters to some extent. Great news.
    New layout looks great, and from design perspective (somewhat related to my field of work) - well done!
    Furthermore - great thing about thinking of reducing overall rating.
    I am so glad I decided to come back just before this update and now am looking forward to a new experience and will definitely purchase sub right away.
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    littleb reacted to Paul T in Season 17   
    Hey now!  The Leopards B-squad are going to come out firing on all cylinders. 
    Yes, this needs to happen!  Although with the new auto-promotion system after the reset, I'd be surprised if you didn't either win SHL or promote via SHL playoffs in S1.
    ...and if this upcoming season last's long enough, there's a solid chance you are in GHL by the end and I am back in SHL.  Haha.
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    littleb got a reaction from ColoKrabatt in Can a leopard change his spots?   
    I don't think currently the traits ever change.  I think there was a suggestion made about that though in the suggestions forum before and might be thought about.
    The roles fluctuate based on the players skills that benefit said role, and the league level they are playing at.  So yes it does
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    littleb got a reaction from ColoKrabatt in Up? Or down?   
    Scratched players will not sub in mid game anyway.  They are sitting up in the box with their suit on watching the game and your team will play short a player for the rest of the game where an injury occurs anyway.  Give your guys a chance to play if they can as it is better for development.
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    littleb reacted to EXXEO in Lomantange's LBI   
    LittleB's squad and mine have a rivalry in some ways in that we always injure one another. In the last Clapper regular season match we knocked out his starting goalie for a long time as he entered the playoffs. The first match in Biscuit resulted in his team knocking out my best winger for over a week and then this last match in Biscuit he injured my goalie for a week. My question to you all is what conspired on this last Injury. According to the play by play, the Minnedosa Forward, Gobern, scored a goal and immediately my goalie is carted off the ice. 30 seconds later they score again...
    It seems suspect...but what actually happened?
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    littleb reacted to Eric The Great in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    Leafsdude about your suggestion , i dont think that the game owner would want to keep the old leagues and run another game at the same time. It seems to be a problem already to run this one. If they want us to pay is probably to have a better server and pay for it and such things and that would not make sense to have the old game still running where almost nobody will want to contribute. Many might want to quit playing here and just go in the new version or it also could be the opposite and the new version would suffer from it...
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    littleb reacted to Paul T in Can a leopard change his spots?   
    Deferiet Leopards never change their spots.
    Also, what littleb said.
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    littleb reacted to Wendel Clark in Can a leopard change his spots?   
    About the roles. Littleb's answer was about the role bars. Not sure if the orinal question was about them or the actual role that the player is set. You can set the role from your team page's "action" menu, under "player roles". But the role bars in player page show some indication as to what role(s) are generally suitable for each player.
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    littleb reacted to Steve in The Humor Therapy Thread   
    Meanwhile, Jarvenpaa ( is named 1st Star of the Week and well deserved!  In his celebratory exuberance, he shows up to the next game severely hung over (some say still drunk!) and gives up 4 goals on 10 shots during the 1st period before being pulled! 
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    littleb reacted to bouncer in West Chicago Protons Hall of Fame   
    Vojtěch Dolnan
    I have posted here my 5 cups top line C and RW, so next step is obviously the LW -  and that is Vojtěch Dolnan. Together with Chovanec and Brož*, the most successful Slovak player in this world. As I'm Czech, I'm happy to have so successful neighbor (and another 4 Slovaks in my affiliate, but no Czech player is in my team now). Dolnan is now 38yo, but still at his top 94 OVR. He is mostly playmaker though his career for high skating and passing, but has decent combination of all skills including scoring. 
    We got him via trade in S2 and since then, he was stable part of our top line and also in all our 5 cups we won.
    In 818 regular season games, he collected amazing 760 points (321+439), +248, 247 PPP, 2534 shots with 19:30 avg. TOI and 76 avg. performance. His 86 points (31+55) in 101 PO games was very important for us and ranks among highest PO points collected.
    The purposeful role model is our long time assistant captain and has collected many individual awards: most points in GHL in S7 (77 points), most points in S11 (55 points) together with most goals (28), and most points in S13 (51 points) together with most assists (35) and best +/- (+32). 
    *fun fact - Brož and Dolnan both started very young with Camden Blackhawks team in S1 and when relegated to SHL, they were traded to GHL (Brož to Grizzlies) in S2 and both trained hard, became top players, both won golden cup and never left their GHL teams.
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    littleb reacted to bouncer in West Chicago Protons Hall of Fame   
    Jeremy Hawks
    Jeremy is my favorite player and I cannot start active players with anyone else. He is true heart and soul of my team as he is the only one from the very beginning. 16  seasons with Protons! I got him as very talented, 21yo right-handed defender, 78 OVR in SHL (that was very high number in SHL S1!). Only later I realized that right-handed D is very valuable and I was always happy to have him. He is now 95 OVR (37 yo) and remain one of the best right-handed D in the league. I would compare him to Drew Doughty. Although he has high scoring, he is not the offensive gun as EK or Burns, but he is dominant D on both sides of the ice. He has high passing, high scoring, high defence, physical, and endurance. So he is also eating a lot of TOI... in the first 4 seasons he played 25:00 - 25:30 TOI average and pretty high performance. 
    Regular season stats are 816 games played, 404 points (98+306), +162, 22:30 avg. TOI and 77 average performance. He has 105 playoff games (exactly the same as Protons played) with 57 points (17+40), +29.
    There was drop in his performance in S5/S6, because this friendly guy was always willing to sign a long term contract for peanuts (9 year, $1 550 000 per season in S3), but he was training so fast, even he was feeling he is massively underpaid back then. We fixed that and still got cheap top right handed D. 
    He obviously has 5 GHL cups, but also was with us when we directly promoted from SHL in S1. 
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    littleb reacted to MattBerserkers in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    I have to disagree with you Leafsdude.
    Your first argument is that people are going to want to play the updated world and that the demand for the "old worlds" will be limited. My counter is that you are asking for it because you want it; if you want it, it's easy to assume that others will want it and that there is a demand for these worlds to stay. You don't need to look any further than this thread in order to find people who are upset that the game will have to cost a couple bucks to play or that a reset is probably going to happen and who would probably stay in the free worlds. And then consider that most players would rather play where most of the community is located and you've got potentially a large amount of players (my guess is the vast majority) that would stick to the current worlds even though they wouldn't have all the cool new features. That kind of situation wouldn't at all address the current reason why the staff want to add a cost to the game; it costs money to make and maintain the game and if they don't break even or better, then is it better (for the staff) to keep this game running or shut it down?
    I do have my doubts about how many new players the current trials can attract in order to keep the community big and healthy as people are stingy about small amounts of money, but there's no way to know for sure until everything comes to fruition. I also hope that there will be a way to keep managers around who are unable to pay, whether it be for age or else severe financial hardship, but then how do you verify those types of things? 
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    littleb reacted to ET2018 in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    You said your last message would be your final communication...
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    littleb reacted to bouncer in West Chicago Protons Hall of Fame   
    Since this world/server is about to end and this season will be most likely last one (might be even incomplete), it is good time to remember here some players - so I will introduce few of the most important players from the Proton team into Hall of Fame (HOF) in this topic. 
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    littleb reacted to bouncer in West Chicago Protons Hall of Fame   
    Bon Honda
    Bob Honda is my second choice for HOF - I really liked his name and he also has 6 cups in total (5 with Protons and 1 in S1 Mount Healthy Young Guns). He was very important part of our team for the entire career, left-handed forward in our top line - average TOI per season was 20:30-22:00 and in S7 he has most point in PO (14 points in 9 games, which is second most to Frank Beard's 15 in S3). Unfortunately he retired too early, in age of 36, while still at highest 91 OVR. Compassionate and tough player was very universal in roles (as high skating, high scoring, high defence and high spirit player) and always performed very high as a sniper or a powerforward. He was loved team member especially for his willingness to sign quite cheap long term contract (highest was $3 370 000 per season for 6 years).
    In 760 regular season (GHL only) games, he collected 683 points (321+371), including 220 PPP. He also has very high +225 in plus/minus, 2362 shots and average TOI of 20:30 with average performance of 77 over his entire career. 
    He also played 91 PO games with 75 points (41+34) and +16 in +/-.
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    littleb reacted to bouncer in West Chicago Protons Hall of Fame   
    Stefan Söderström
    Stefan was not in the productivity table, but he was most dependable defensive shield in GHL for his entire career. He retired this season at age of 37 with still great 93 OVR (his best was 94) and his key skills were defence, physical and spirit, all maxed to 99. Together with big body, ~200 cm and ~100 kg (sorry to US managers, I never really learned U.S. customary system - and I think this is funny -, he was predestined to be PK specialists. 
    He has also 6 cups (5 with Protons and one with Mount Healthy Young Guns). He was briefly captain, but 'A' for most fo his career and as far as I remember almost always healthy. Stefan was best in GHL in +/- in S11 and +/- is probably his most impressive stat - he has in regular season +316 in his 834 GHL games. That is more than his points, 276 (42+234). One can also notice 1401 hits and 617 PIM. Average performance was 77 and average TOI 19:30. 
    And even more impressive is his PO card - huge number of games, 115 games with 35 points (2+33), +32, 92 PIM and 190 hits. 
    What a career for this determined role model. 
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    littleb reacted to bouncer in West Chicago Protons Hall of Fame   
    Nolan Daugherty
    Nolan is not technically retired, but at age 41 he is waiting for contract offer and with declination from 94 OVR to 82 OVR, one can see he is no Jagr. But I think there might be big fat contract waiting for him in Russia. 
    Nolan was for really long time the best or at least among best centers in the GHL. His 99 faceoff skill was really valuable and thus 56.7 FO% si among highest in GHL (he won stunning 6594 faceoffs in his regular season career). And for the Protons, he was top line center in all our 5 cup teams. 
    Nolan was mostly known for his great two-way play and as top line center for most of his career, he played average TOI of 20:30 with lots PP and PK time. In 839 GHL games, he collected 706 points (257+449), +207 in +/-, 40 SHP, 2568 shots, 1808 hits. He also played 87 PO games with 63 points (23+40) and 56.2 FO%. 
    He had most points in GHL in S8 - 76 points in regular season. 
    This tough and nervous guy was a nightmare for PP of the other team (even at age of 41, he still has defence of 99)
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    littleb reacted to bouncer in West Chicago Protons Hall of Fame   
    Today, I want to start with the already retired players. And later I will continue with the active ones.
    Artem Bublik
    There is already a special thread on Bublik, but I cannot start with anyone else. He was the cornerstone of all of our 5 cups. He has 6 cups in total (one  cup for the French Gulch Black Knights), which makes him second most successful goalie in Biscuit and most successful starter. He retired at age of 40 with still amazing 95 OVR (he lost some endurance, but kept other skill still very high). Despite being cocky and egocentric, he was loved. He would have stayed with Protons longer, but he was a money guy - he was paid $6 390 000 per season in S5 and he asked for similar amount in his late 30's (ended up with $5 575 000 per season with the Thetford Mines Pegasus in S11).
    But his stats are amazing - he played in 570 regular season games (553 started - counting only GHL) with OVR performance of 75. He had 73 SO, 92.3 SV% and 2.23 GAA. In playoff he was stable as well - 75 games played (73 started) with OVR performance of 75, 8 SO, 92.2 SV% and 2.29 GAA. 
    He had most shutouts 6 times in GHL, 6 times best GAA, 5 times best SV% and was named 1st star of the week 11 times (and made top3 of the week 18 times!). 
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    littleb reacted to Wick Schozen in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    Been pretty busy so haven't been very active but trying to keep up. Just wanted to throw out some support. 

    I'm extremely excited for the reset. I just think it makes sense since there has been so many improvements to the game engine and player development. Establishing a new baseline just seems logical.
    Completely on board with supporting Anders. No one really knows how much time Anders has put into this game but Anders and those helping him develop it. I'm a huge fan of his vision for this an I am happy to see him finally get compensated accordingly. 

    I've been a big advocate for those that are committed to this game, the real die hards, are the ones that are going to help move it forward. If that means long time guys leave, well that's the way it has to be. We've been fortunate enough to have been able to play this for free for years now and Anders has even taken measures to try and bring down the price. I think the price should be whatever he feels he needs to develop his vision and if that isn't incentive enough then leave. Everyone that sees this through will be able to reap the rewards of it.
    I don't think there has been a single instance where Anders hasn't shown us that he's committed to making this the best user experience possible and that was without compensation. Very excited to see what he can accomplish when this project isn't a financial burden on him and his team. 
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    littleb reacted to Paul T in 2nd Annual "Tarnished Silver Biscuit Plate" PreS 16   
    OK, it's that time of season again.  Time for the 2nd Annual Tarnished Silver Biscuit Plate!  For those who missed last season's extravaganza, the best way to describe this tournament is, think GHL GOLD CUP... but better!  Or here is a link to last seasons tourney:
    The round robin tournament is between 4 prestigious SHL teams, who at one time in their history auto-promoted from BHL. 
    1) Minnedosa Musketeers.  They need no introduction.  They were the winner of last year's Tarnished Silver Biscuit Plate and the only one of these teams to make the SHL playoffs.  They were tired of always finishing 2nd best to the Leopards and went into S15 with a chip on their shoulder.  A literal chip because all they do is aggressively shove food into their faces.  They are known as being the biggest, baddest and fattest team in all of Biscuit. 
    To get a glimpse of their greatness in action, here is a link to their preseason training video: 
    Last seasons result:  3-0-0-0, 15 GF, 8 GA
    2) Tullahoma Tomcats.  I would say they need no introduction, but they do it themselves anyways.  A team that exceeded all expectations last season, but it still was not good enough for Coach Wendel.  Anything short of a 60-win season catapults him into a rage of fury. 
    The below clip was taken after a S15 win in which the Tomcats only won by 1 goal (start video at 0:45): 
    Last seasons result:  1-1-0-1, 8 GF, 8 GA
    3)  Pittsboro Plastic Attack.  The SHL newcomers certainly held their own last season and avoided relegation by a large margin.  Known league-wide for patience with player development and building an empire via draft picks.  Coach Naekfor is meticulous when it comes to building a team.  Everyone who has ever tried to pry a draft pick off his hands has received the same response: 
    Last seasons result:  0-1-1-1, 8 GF, 10 GA
    4)  Deferiet Leopards.  A disappointing season for the Leopards that was foreshadowed by a disappointing preseason tournament.  The Leopards missed the playoffs by a single point for the first time since taking over the franchise.  While most teams dwell on the golf course, that just isn't their style.  Instead, these hard rockers threw a killer party complete with fine women, booze and blow and partied their faces off.
    The full party was recorded here in this completely NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR CHILDREN video: 
    Last seasons result:  who cares, what's it to you anyways?
    Season 16 schedule (Home teams on left):
    Day 4 - Leopards vs. Plastic ... Musketeers vs. Tomcats
    Day 5 - Tomcats vs. Leopards ... Plastic vs. Musketeers
    Day 6 - Leopards vs. Musketeers ... Plastic vs. Tomcats
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    littleb reacted to Glawing in Adam Gundersson cheating   
    Thank you for reporting these trades!
    Trades are being reverted and all accounts are banned! This was for sure a cheater!
    Hopefully we want see these things after release.
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    littleb reacted to slipdog in Adam Gundersson cheating   
    I was seeing two totally lopsided blockbuster trades, both in favour of the Eagles, and both coming from newly created teams, and both with dubious user names.  It seems pretty clear to me unless I am missing something.