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  1. Thanks. And I'm not afraid to say it, but I was right. The Gerrit Cole-Bronx trade was never gonna work out.
  2. I edited the article and fixed some mistakes in my GramM.arz.
  3. What opinions do you have about Gerrit Cole and the Yankees? Any suggestions?
  4. Why Brian Cashman Did Yankees a Good Deed by Ceasing Trade Talks For Gerrit Cole By: Evan Thompson Trade Talks between the Yankees and Pirates started around late November but still not much progress has been made. After all of the At Bat, Bleacher Report, ESPN, and(let’s not forget) Yanks Go Yard nonfictions that kept popping up onto my iPod, it seems like that all trade talk involving Gerrit Cole has stopped and the that Yankees have moved on to(or back to) Manny Machado. Although many sources are saying that Gerrit Cole in pinstripes next season is ‘inevitable’ and ‘not a matter of if but when’, I am setting off to prove them wrong. The reason Gerrit Cole isn’t moving to the bronx is because that trade would be respectfully stupid. Brian Cashman is a smart man and he won’t do stupid trades unless Hal and Hank Steinbrenner lean over his shoulder and tell him that he either makes the trade or he’s fired(aside for that time that back in 2009 that he traded away all of those prospects for names like Austin Kearns and Jose Campos). Brian Cashman is an intelligent human being. When a report came out for Pirates Breakdown that the Pirates asked for top prospects Gilbert Torres, Chance Adams, and Clint Frazier, it seems that Cashman just dropped the phone and that was when the conversation ended. Maybe by doing that, Cashman smacked some sense into Pirates GM Neil Huntington so that if he were to reincarnate the conversation, he would be able to offer a kinda-sorta-reasonable trade. Even if this was just a start that was meant to be continuously worked on until both sides could reach an agreement, this offer is still flat out ridiculous. Just choose one of those names that the Yankees would have been shipping off in that deal and that should be more than enough to acquire Gerrit Cole, 100%. And it's not only that. The Pirates are in/going into rebuild mode and there's really no way around it: the pirates want prospects, and good ones. Personally, I think that the Yankees rotation is fine and they shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken. If I’m wrong, they can use that extra $19 Million to sign Jon Lester or Yu Darvish who both are far better than Gerrit Cole, ERA 4.26. But the idea of all those young soon-to-be-superstars getting shipped off for a below-average player. We’ll keep our prospects and you can keep your underperforming, 27-year-old pitcher, 4.26 ERA no show(who Neil likes WAY to much). No way. We’ll grab a couple of rings and you can be sitting on your sofa watching us win the world series for the 28th time in MLB history.