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  1. Oo. That's an interesting comparison! Thanks for crunching the numbers! Whether they fall in line with the actual numbers is the next comparison haha!
  2. Oh I see your point then. Yes I would if I'm in LIHL and IHL.
  3. That may be for you but this past draft, I had one 1st round pick and 4 2nd round picks. I landed some pretty stellar guys that are above LIHL level. Hence they didn't sign till after the season began LOL
  4. Adding team staff could be interesting. Can help with injuries, scouting etc.
  5. Sweet. Building a chatty community is a great way to expand
  6. Hahah no worries. I dont mind sifting through pages of players. Just a suggestion because it could be annoying to newcomers
  7. Hello all, Just tossing my two cents here regarding the transfer market search functions. We can look as this as a complete overhaul/update OR make it a Supporter/All-Star function and that could help drive some players to support as well. Categories: Filter by League LevelFilter by Character TraitFilter by HeightFilter by WeightFilter by classification (Powerforward, Sniper, Twoway)Search by NameLeague Level - This could be to look up prospects that are within your tier or above for trading purposes. Character Trait - Helps narrow down the type of player you want Height - Definitely helps narrow down your size range Weight - Same as above Classification - Looking for a Two-Way Forward? Here's your candidates. BUT the catch here is that some players may have a primary and be able to fill some secondary roles. Your responsibility to dig here. Search by Name - Good way to find a player you're looking for specifically. Just my two cents
  8. Would be nice if mine signed but I think I drafted players outside of my range XD
  9. Entering the final day of the season, manager Wushuguy was unable to secure extensions for three of their biggest names. Superstar Ilan Russo, who led the league in scoring and in points, is taking his newfound fame to free agency where he expects a hefty increase in salary. Newcomer Adolf Zahorec, who anchored the blueline in his presence, will also take his talents to free agency. Last but not least, free agent defender Juhana Sitala, will also be leaving, although his presence wasn't really felt throughout the season, posting relatively poor numbers but anchoring the D2/D3 lines. With that said, the draft became the number one priority for manager Wushuguy and that's where the future of the Golden Knights lie. The Golden Knight scouting team spent hours pouring over the prospect list and scouting performances throughout the entire season with an entire revision and re-ranking in the days leading up to the draft. As a result, the entire management team for the Golden Knights are proud to announce that they got all the players they had on their shortlist. Round 1, 179th Pick Overall - F Faton Marte Marte comes from Stadl U18 Lowen in the DEJHL. Standing at 5'5 168 lbs, Marte is a tiny natural sniper with excellent shooting skills. His endurance, spirit, and skating make up for his lack of physical stature and he has some slick puck handling skills already. Although he regressed in his performance last season, he is still a solid threat and should be in the starting lineup in the future for the Golden Knights. Round 2, 210th Pick Overall - D Younes Aprin-Potvin Standing at 5'9, 170 lbs, this talented defenseman is another shorty in the Golden Knights pipeline but has impressive traits. He's a natural stay-at-home defender from the North Sydney Kings where he has steadily improved over the last 3 seasons, this year with a career high 17 points. While he has a long way to go to work on his skating, passing, and puck handling skills, he has already excelled in the defensive area and plays a strong physical game. He even has some nice shooting from the point and may even see some time on the powerplay in the future. Round 2, 213th Pick Overall - F Martin Stantien The Golden Knights' second selection in the 2nd round was Martin Stantien from the Hamiltony U18 KLH team in the CZJHL. A lesser known entity, he's a highly sought after traitset. He has a great love of the game and is a very responsible and respectful individual who impressed in his draft interviews. He has impressive size and plays a big solid game. He's well-rounded but has a slightly higher offensive upside vs. defense. He's got great endurance for a big man so look for him to toss his body around. He's another solid pick and though he regressed in his point totals, he was a lot more responsible this year. Round 2, 214th Pick Overall - F Ahti Ahola With the 214th pick, the Golden Knights were able to select from Inhantehtaat U18 from the FIJHL, forward Ahti Ahola. This talented sniper has been a 30 goal scorer in the FIJHL so hopefully he can bring some of that skill to the LIHL. This past season, he took a step back from shooting and learned to develop some passing skills, as evident by his +5 PPA total this past season. He's got exceptional puck handling skills and has solid endurance and shooting for a 5'11 forward. He still could use some work on his overall game but his skating is slowly improving along with his other skills. Round 2, 216th Pick Overall - C Axel Prahl A surprise at 216th, many thought the talented Swedish centre from Saxen U18 HK would have been picked higher. A natural powerforward standing at 5'10 207 lbs, he's a solid player but his personality may have skewed him away from other teams. In addition, his performance regressed last season and he picked up some more penalties. However, he threw the body around a lot to show teams he isn't afraid to mix it up. Axel has solid skating, physical upside with impressive endurance. He has some nice puck handling and faceoff skills to boot. He just needs to work on his passing/shooting and definitely needs to improve his defence. Round 2, 220th Pick Overall - F Billy Bourgault The final Golden Knight pick of the draft was spent on F Billy Bourgault from the Hindon Predators in the CAJHL. A very quiet and soft-spoken individual, he said all the right things during the draft interview. A talented player that can play different roles, he had a quiet but impressive season raising his point totals and showing some offensive prowess. He's got some solid puck handling skills and has some skill overall but needs improvement in a lot of areas. He does trend upwards and that's why management took a chance with him. With the future players set to look for their first contract, manager Wushuguy will be in tough this off-season to figure out future plans. Should he start the youth movement now and take another year to get them some experience? Or should he go all-in during the off-season and hopefully allow these talented youth players to develop in the minors?
  10. Sucks when your best player wont resign
  11. As the season winds down to a close, the Uxbridge Golden Knights suffered some hardship under first year manager wushuguy. However, they had several bright spots and are in a position to shine in the future. Most notable, young superstar Ilan Russo is currently leading the league in goals and points, something amazing for a team in the position they are in. Over the past few months, manager wushuguy has been trying to bring in some new blood and future talent. With the core in place and 6 draft picks in the upcoming draft, look for manager wushuguy to draft smart and build for the future. The team size has increased over the past few months and should eventually be a natural part of the selection process. Primary Newcomers: Isaac D-Astous Michael Keller Aidan Schroeder Adolf Zahorec Alexy Lebourdais
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    I like my forum signature. Oh btw, what must one do to have a team in different worlds