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  1. I agree with Wendel - as it was me being 4th last season. I won first round against 5th team (4 vs 5) then faced Wendel 8th team (Winner 1 vs 8). And in finals I faced Wild and I believe theey were 2nd after season. So if Hound Dogs - 1st got to finals they would face 2nd Wild I think.
  2. Well I lost away game 5-1 but it's not so bad... My goal scoring was better than opponent's defense, second goalie's 84.8% saving performance boosted our momentum and another positive thing is that my team totally underestimated the opponent. Just imagine the disaster if they took the opponent seriously...
  3. Actually you are correct, haven't realized that. My bad. This can be locked/deleted then.
  4. I've just looked at game report of game my team won 6-3 and found out that players who had 2 assists/goals in the game have -3 in their +- stats column. That seems odd to me since for them it shouldn't be possible to be below -1. Attaching screenshot to show - look at Stöckli and Courcelle.
  5. I believe it's Lumber. As I am playing IHL and one whole round is missing in standings. Adding screenshot of the round it happened.
  6. What I'd add is that when trading a player on your affiliate the game subtracts his whole salary so it seems you gain space below salary cap even though it's often the opposite. Example: Trade 30k salary on my affiliate for 25k salary player. It shows -5k before submitting the trade although it's +22k actually.
  7. Definitely interesting and it's nice someone is trying to figure out things like these (perhaps this can be also used as idea for the future development of the game). So maybe in future it will be possible to succeed with one nationality team . Anyway good luck with future experiments/challenges.
  8. Hippothesis #1 First ten rounds of season 28 have been played and on top of Iron League standings we can see Wernecke Titans above other teams with 26 points (2nd team got 21) and one has to wonder how they managed to do it. Maybe it's possible to find out by taking a closer look at their players and statistics (who wouldn't love some numbers,right?) so let's give this a try, shall we? First thing you might spot is their goalie Maxim Skorokhodov who (even though he's becoming exhausted lately) hasn't missed a single minute on the ice yet. No other starting goalie can rival his 91,7% save efficiency - that means on average he catches 26.5 shots out of 28.9 in one game. But based on rating this isn't really a thing that should surprise us (77 OVR with the "main" ratings - 82 REF, 75 POS, 86 ATH)... Only in 10th round Wildwood Bears managed to beat Titans 6-5 SO so is there anything else except an outstanding goalie? Defense doesn't stop opponents from shooting entirely although we can see that the goalie faces less shots than is league average - 30.72 (and only Coos Bay Lumberjacks allow less shots on their goal - 27 per game). Remarkable is the fact that 5 out of six defenders rather Stay at Home to ensure noone gets an easy rush attack. Ratingwise their Defence is on average 77.6 and has Physical 75.6 - this definitely has a role in their performance and seems to make up for a lower average Skating rating 66.6 as only Ekberg and Klimovich have this rating above 70. In their #1 defense pair is the only Two Way guy - Louie Weigand (4 goals, 7 assists) who with his partner Hadi Ekberg supports the offense a bit. Worth mentioning is also the fact that Weigand together with Elliot Huotte are the only defenders to play powerplay on a regular basis. With penalty killing help Ekberg and Klimovich as well but still Weigand and Huotte spend on ice on average 24:30 and 22:00 minutes respectively. While third pair of defenders plays just 13 minutes or less. Definitely will be interesting to watch whether these players can maintain playing on this level through whole season if they don't get much rest. For now there's no sign of anyone being tired based on their fitness. And now is obvously the time to talk about Titans' offense. First of all: Faceoffs. The four centers who take part in FO the most all tend to win slightly less than half (+- 45%) of them so this probably isn't really that important stat to follow. They also have 12 more takeaways than giveaways but more interesting should be shots. The whole team has 34.9 shots on average (as already mentioned they opponents only 28.9 - so 6 extra shots per game for Titans) which are supported by 13.75% (more than 1 in 8) of shots on goal being goals while only 8.3% (approximately 1 in 12) of opponents' resulting in them scoring. So one must be lucky or have high possesion of puck (to be able to shoot more) to stand a chance against Titans. This can be also partly explained by Titans having more powerplays than penalty killings and despite scoring in only 16.7% of PP (14th/15th in league so one of the worst) opponents probably don't attack much while defending themselves and therefore shoot less. Maxim Shorokhodov is one of the best goalies in IHL if not the best. Defenders tend to Stay at Home and take advantage of their Defence and Physical ratings. Titans shoot more than their opponents and score with higher efficiency. Overall half of the usual line up is 30 years or older so veteran bonus might help a bit as well. About a third of lineup plays Tough or Agitate but it doesn't seem to cause too many penalties. Interesting is also that most of the players have rather high (70+) Spirit which may help explain why they tend to perform regularly on high level. This was just a brief look at the Wernecke Titans but maybe other managers from IHL (and other leagues as well) can somehow figure out how to use this to improve their teams and tactics to perform even better. Note: For purpose of stats I ignored the fact there were overtimes and shoot outs as I believe it affects the numbers minimally after just 10 games (e.g. goalie played 610 minutes so his stats would be slightly different if we got rid of shots he faced in OTs). This was my first bigger post so I hope the effort was worth it. Anyway feel free to to hit me up with some suggestions or grammar corrections. I appreciate any feedback and perhaps this was an interesting read for those who made it to the end.
  9. I had some concerned players ("Doesn't feel appreciated by the club") and after offering them extensions they were happy again. Also I feel that giving them more ice-time could help but haven't tried it yet.
  10. So in all leagues on Lumber there are more or less missing matches from round 41. Player stats, schedule results and such were updated properly but some teams have a game less when you check Standings. I play IHL and there are missing 4 matches including mine(Rhinos) and other top teams'(Panthers and Rangers). Since the competition is really close every few points can be deciding and here I've got 2 points I could really use. http://www.gameplanhockey.com/game?gpid=79402 http://www.gameplanhockey.com/game?gpid=79494 http://www.gameplanhockey.com/game?gpid=79566 http://www.gameplanhockey.com/game?gpid=79634 I am adding Screenshot right after the bug happened, now there are all the games simulated after (so 45 or 46 games played). And also screenshot of matches from the problematic round. (In other leagues it seems similar so feel free point out other missing matches.)
  11. Well simulations seems fine but plenty of 41st round matches are missing on Standings. With 42nd and 43rd rounds' matches were there no problems and Standings were updated properly.
  12. Well on day 21 on Lumber (I play IHL) I've got twice information of the result and on league screen there are also other results twice (often quite different although it seems game itself ignores always one of those two). Checked also other leagues and it seems same. Well screenshots probably shows the best... [EDIT] Day 22 the same thing happened again. Also Standings were not updated after 15th round (Day 21).
  13. I've just won LIHL with Frains Rhinos 53-4-1-2 (168 points). Best LIHL record it seems... (Gameworld Lumber)
  14. In LIHL (Lumber) I get error if I try to look at the team pages of 2nd (Hawks) and 16th (Blue Knights) team in my league. Got error trying to look through Standings, Schedule and Teams. After clicking "Go to team page" I get the screen "This can't be good" which says to report the bug if it keeps occuring. *16th team was taken over by a new manager - now it's Mamaroneck Minutemen and their team page can be viewed. *EDIT The computer team URL: http://www.gameplanhockey.com/team?gpid=37 These teams are also managed by computer now and cannot be viewed: http://www.gameplanhockey.com/team?gpid=49 http://www.gameplanhockey.com/team?gpid=63 (World Lumber, LIHL)