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  1. MWiles


    How can I switch from one team account to another? In other words, cancel team a because I resigned from a team on one account and then created a team on another account?
  2. Yeah, that is pretty much the conclusion I came to. Thanks all for the answers and advice. Mike
  3. I have a star defender making $27000, his demands; 204000 a year for 3 years. Anyone elses have players with demands like this?
  4. When you change tactics in the game does the confidence bar change immediately, or do you have to wait until your team is proficient (the bar on tactics page is green)?
  5. MWiles

    Player pages

    thank you, I hope it can be done.
  6. Does a player nervousness cancel out his being cocky?
  7. Does the player who is nervous cancel out the effect of being cocky
  8. MWiles

    Player pages

    It would be nice if we could just go from player page to the next player on the roster instead of having to go back to the team page,then back to the roster page, and then going to the next players page.
  9. I've been on the site several times can't find a general chat room or any game playing hockey chat rooms or anything
  10. I joined Discord how do I find the game World chat room
  11. I know I get tired of getting that too I like the suggestion though.