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  1. A nice addition to the search feature would be to hide players with a one-way contract on higher leagues. I find myself having to go thru every player's transfer tab to find out if I can claim him or trade for him. That's annoying. Another way to help with this would be to show the one-way option in the player preview pane.
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    Player pages

    That's one of the most irritating thing about the user interface. A fix would be great!
  3. Hi guys! I'm the manager of the TIMAGAMI TOMAHAWKS. I took over the team during season 8 in LIHL and kinda forgot about it for most of the season. I just checked back on it a few days ago and realized this seemed like a pretty fun game. So I guess I'll keep on playing! I've just been promoted to IHL, so we'll see if I can secure the spot on that level. I've managed teams in Websim Hockey for almost 10 years but GPHM seems much more complex. I live in Montreal, Canada. See you around!