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    Mattti0 reacted to MWiles in Player pages   
    It would be nice if we could just go from player page to the next player on the roster instead of having to go back to the team page,then back to the roster page, and then going to the next players page.
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    Mattti0 reacted to Big-Bobby Clobber in "I'm happy with my current contract", Impossible to plan for next season.   
        GW Howitzer, BHL: Well, it's day 65, season is drawing to an end.   On any kind of professional team, the GM would already have solid plans for the next season's lineup.
       We have 13 active lineup players on the last year of their contract, and only 2 are willing to negotiate a new contract.
    So we have 11 players in our current lineup, whom will not negotiate, only saying: "I'm happy with my current contract".  
      As you all know: this could lead to an utter disaster for next season.  The problem is less severe in the GHL, as at least the player won't price himself off of the team, unless he's not a real keeper. If he's a real keeper, then the GM will sign him, and work the cap around that new salary.
    But in the lower leagues: it's more difficult to plan and balance. 
       It's good not to just complain, but better to try and come-up with solutions along with the complaint. 
    So how about a contract deadline day, by which the player must let management know his intentions. (EX: is he willing to negotiate, how much salary he wants, no chance, whatever.  Just let us know, or we'll cut-off the "extra benefits", from Irma, the team's masseuse. 
      How about day 37?  At the very latest: day 57.
    Cheers, and hope you are all enjoying this cool game. 
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    Mattti0 reacted to MattBerserkers in Needed (in my opinion) trading overerhaul   
    This one is not really a single new suggestion, but an amalgamation of a bunch of previous trading suggestions that I think would vastly improve trading and is somewhat needed. I just happen to be doing this because I've gotten a few trade offers recently with random picks thrown in exchange for a bunch of extra minor league players who don't look like they'll ever compete on my team but then am unable to remove the picks from the trade which annoys me to no end. 
    Suggestion #1: Let draft picks be removed from trades. I think I've typed it before, but I can't find it in suggestions so it's probably somewhere hidden in bugs. This is the straw that broke the camels back and I don't think much else needs to be said.
    Suggestion #2: Track previous trade offers. It's been suggested in the past here and here  by Wingedbeaver and themattinthehat. Trade offers/negotiations can sometimes take days or even weeks. People forget what has previously been offered and sometimes accidentally send the same offer a second time. Sure people can right stuff down, but most people don't and notes can accidentally be thrown away or deleted after a little while. Another current option is to pm the person and negotiate through private messages before committing a trade, but that can take a long time and it's easier to have trade talks alongside a screen where I can quickly scan every player in a trade versus having to look and find each player on a team.
    An addition to this suggestions would be to let people add notes to their trades and counteroffers. Let people quickly explain why they made/like/dislike a certain part of a trade and let managers see these notes along with the previous negotiations.
    Suggestion #3: Transfer/trade needs. - canucks - Victoria Royals
    Essentially these suggestions just want to expand the current Trade Wants/Needs for teams. Let teams specify that there looking for that defensive forward with 85 defense and 80 spirit rather than the broad "two-way forward" suggestions right now. Also, it should be possible for teams to specify that they're looking to rebuild and acquire draft picks rather than limiting it wants to prospects. Personally, I consider a team looking specifically for draft picks to be just starting a rebuild and looking for star players while teams that just want prospects are finishing their rebuild and just wanting that extra good guy or two that they can lock up for a long time.
    Suggestion #4: Grand trade want/need page. I wish that there to be a page with all teams that we can trade with so that we can easily see who would be good trading partners. Baden's suggestions here is similar and gets a little more specific. I'm pretty sure his idea is if he has a player he wants to trade away (say a goalie) for something more need, he can filter away to all teams that would definitely want to acquire that certain goalie and/or would be already willing to give him the type of player that he is after.
    Suggestion #5: Let us set certain picks & prospects as unavailable. - ineffableleafs
    We have all most of us have all had that pick or prospect that everybody wants but we are completely unwilling to trade it away for whatever reason. Let us just lock it/him away so that we don't get pointless offers and don't accidentally waste other people's time. Besides a locked pick/guy can always be unlocked through a PM.
    Suggestion #6: Retained salary. - ineffableleafs
    It just adds an extra element to trades as well as open up more realistic possiblities for those guys that are signed for just a little bit too much.
    In my opinion, implementing some/all of these suggestions are important enough that they should get added in v1.3X. Of course I'd love to hear everybody else's opinion on the matter.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in v1.3.1   
    New features
     All Star accountAn All Star Account will allow you to access some extra customisation features in the game, beginning with the possibility to edit your franchise on a regular basis. Also note that the possibility to edit your players numbers now is an all star feature.  To get access to the all star account you’ll need to sign up to be a Patron. Sign up and further reading is available on our Patreon site at Please note that the All Star Account is not a "Pay-to-win" account. It won't help you win any games. The All Star Account is not yet fully developed, more features will be added continuously. See this blog post for more info:  Bug fixes and improvementsGeneral happiness include happiness factors; game performance, injury, long term effects Increased penalty for exhausted players and goalies Adjustment of endurance loss in training (increased) Small adjustment of game engine (decreased scoring in lower leagues) Fixed bug where salary cap at times didn’t include pending contracts and affiliate assignments. Fixed bug where salary cap became unsync for a short period after team promoted or relegated. Fixed bug where affiliate assignments stats were mixed up on season turn over Fixed bug where affiliate assignments wasn’t used as backup when auto replacing injured players Fixed bug with transactions including affiliate players Fixed bug where team references on affiliate assigned players could be become unsync.  
    There is still a few missing features before the affiliate feature is complete. These will be included in the next v1.3.2 release.
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    Mattti0 got a reaction from canucks in Show affiliate assigned playerrs contract situation in Roster "Transfer"-tab   
    As said before, I don't want too messy roster page. Instead of that I suggest that contract situation is shown bottom of roster page where assigned players are shown already
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    Mattti0 reacted to Baden in Trade Needs   
    I am in the need of a couple of centers and I have a goalie I can trade. I would like to be able to see quickly teams that may be in need of a goalie so I can Initiate a trade for a center. I could focus on those teams instead of initiating a trade with each team and see if they need a goalie.... I could see a list of teams in need of one.
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    Mattti0 got a reaction from bouncer in Show affiliate assigned playerrs contract situation in Roster "Transfer"-tab   
    As mentioned in title, affiliate players contract should be shown like:
    Name | ... Generic info ... | Years left | Salary | Effective salary
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    Mattti0 got a reaction from MattBerserkers in Show affiliate assigned playerrs contract situation in Roster "Transfer"-tab   
    I guess u misunderstoon my point.
    What I want is that I can easily see assigned players contracts at bottom of "Roster" page without need to enable "Show affiliate players" from settings
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    Mattti0 reacted to MattBerserkers in Time for a New fast world?   
    I think that your a little bit confused.
    There are 5 official worlds and 1 beta world, Mitts. As for the 5 official worlds, there's one that sims every 6h (Lumber), two that sim every 12h (Clapper and Howitzer) and two that sim every 24h (Biscuit and Fishbowl).
    Then there are 5 leagues within each world. Starting from the lowest there's LIHL, IHL, BHL, SHL and GHL at the top. New players may chose to start in the LIHL, IHL or BHL and the general goal is to win promotion in each league to get to the GHL and then try and win the Golden Cup. Once you've won enough games and become experienced (it might be successful, I'm not 100% sure) you can take over a team from any league. This is generally used by people that quit playing for a little while but then come back, but can be used by anyone with high enough reputation.
    To answer your question, you are only allowed 1 team per world, but you are currently allowed to create multiple accounts to join as many worlds as you like.
    A more detailed explaination is here
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    Mattti0 got a reaction from Walter A. Donaldson in Show affiliate assigned playerrs contract situation in Roster "Transfer"-tab   
    I guess u misunderstoon my point.
    What I want is that I can easily see assigned players contracts at bottom of "Roster" page without need to enable "Show affiliate players" from settings
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    Mattti0 got a reaction from Walter A. Donaldson in Show affiliate assigned playerrs contract situation in Roster "Transfer"-tab   
    As mentioned in title, affiliate players contract should be shown like:
    Name | ... Generic info ... | Years left | Salary | Effective salary
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    Mattti0 got a reaction from MattBerserkers in Show affiliate assigned playerrs contract situation in Roster "Transfer"-tab   
    As mentioned in title, affiliate players contract should be shown like:
    Name | ... Generic info ... | Years left | Salary | Effective salary
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in [SOLVED] Affiliate games marked as major league games on player stats   
    Bug remains but I have updated and fixed all affected players
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    Mattti0 reacted to MattBerserkers in pull players from affiliate team first   
    Here's a short annoyance that I just encountered: if your main team is short a player, it will still automatically sign a free agent. My suggestion is to instead automatically promote one of your affiliated players instead.
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    Mattti0 reacted to MattBerserkers in Human Affiliate Managers   
    It's an alright idea, but I like the way that the current system is set up so that affiliates will mirror a manager's tactics as well as allow the manager to develop players with their own training. Having an affiliate manager (one that you wouldn't even get to choose yourself) could wreck that as he might have a different idea on how to develop your progress. 
    If you just want to develop prospects, try the LIHL. I've found a few 21 year olds with low overalls that could still be developed, they just needed some love. I suggest the LIHL in particular as I don't see many guys signing the 50 overall players, so you will always have guys that you could potentially develop. There also isn't any relegation risk and a promotion would just mean that you've done an excellent job at developing guys.
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    Mattti0 reacted to rainsilent in I just gotta love this new affiliate system.   
    Suggesting a waiver system is hardly a nerf to the affiliate system or a protest for something new though is it? It is a real life solution to an exactly similarly identified problem in real life. Without a waiver system you risk there being less parity with more players potentially being signed and then sent to the affiliate teams of a few teams and left there until needed. It happened in the NHL until waivers were introduced. Personally I'd rather not see a Montreal like dynasty built upon always having a wealth of talent to draw upon due to hoarding talent. I'd rather see a Detroit like dynasty where it is sustained success through great management. Having a waiver system prevents hoarding of talented players above a certain age. Preventing the hoarding of players creates more parity. More parity creates better competition. Better competition makes the game better due to it being more fun to play. A more fun game will be more likely to attract more players.
    I'm not saying that Anders needs to get this out the door asap but I don't think that this could be left alone for an extended time due to the faster leagues.
    Also in regards to it being relatively easy to rise through the ranks that was true back when AI littered the leagues. However most will not be able to do that now with more human managers. Skilled and clever managers will pretty much be able to no matter what. I'd love to give it a go with a second team but I don't want to create essentially 2 profiles.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in Pre release v1.3.1 (Early)   
    Just made an early pre release of the upcoming v1.3.1. You won't see any big changes right now,  but please report back any oddities you may find (it's quite untested).
    New features
    New hidden trait: Current ability (not yet complete). This new trait allows players to go into longer slumps or into longer streaks. These slumps or streaks will not be visible in player ratings, only in stats and in game performance (analysis). What may cause or break a slump depends on player’s individual profile. Some examples: transactions (trade, free agent signings, releases), injuries, general happiness concerns, game performance. Improvements and bug fixes
    Endurance update.
    - Increase penalty for exhausted players.
    - Increase endurance penalty for hard training. Fixed bug where salary cap status didn’t include pending contracts when calculating promotion or relegation for next season. Fixed bug where salary cap status didn’t include pending contracts for affiliate assigned players. Fixed bug where salary cap status was glitched on day 77 after promotion or relegations took place.
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    Mattti0 reacted to jusatin in Buried INJ #   
    The problem I see with this is that you can just "replace" players you don't want in your team if they get injured and then don't have to pay their salary for the rest of the season. Preparing for injuries should be a normal precaution when building your team, so having 1-2 extra players per spot signed to step in if needed. The same way it's done in NHL currently.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in [SOLVED] Pending contract doesn't resize when moving to affiliate   
    This might be a case that I actually never tested. I will look into this as soon as possible. Thanks.
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    Mattti0 reacted to fangwall in Server Running Really Slow SUNDAY JUNE 25, 2017   
    Anders I've asked before.  How much for you to add a server as I'm sure many of us would happily contribute  
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    Mattti0 reacted to MattBerserkers in send message   
    Can we get a send message button in the action bar of a teams page. I find it a little bit annoying to have to go to a teams page to check a managers name and then to go to my own page to send a new message as soon as I can find that managers name in a big list of a million managers.
    I imagine that this would take minimal time to install, so can we please get it? Pretty please!
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    Mattti0 reacted to xZhou in Powerplay Went 2/1   
    I did some research and found this to explain it.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in v1.2.1   
    Bug fixes and improvements
    Simulator performance updates Database performance updates (reduced load size) Pre compiled game analysis to improve load speed Check for secure save actions to avoid conflicting or corrupted data. More info below. Adjusted player development for prospects (decreased) Adjusted player demand of one way contract clause (decreased) Small adjustment of player prospect rankings Adjustment of player trade value Adjustment of computer trading AI Calibration of the game engine Fixed bug where setting draft order could crash Fixed bug where trade was not correct on player achievement Fixed bug where a pending entry level contract could be offered to a player even though he would be 21 years old Fixed bug where contract offer from previous team wasn’t canceled when trading player rights Fixed bug where multiple friendly games could be scheduled on same day Fixed bug where trade value were not equal when trading between league levels. Fixed bug where team page could crash on the last day of season  Secure save actions Many of the previous simulator crashes has been due to conflicting and corrupted data. This occurs when the simulator and the user tries to access and save information at the same time. This is rare but happens from time to time, specially on the fast worlds since the simulator runs at a tighter schedule. To prevent this the save action is now locked when the simulator is accessing critical data. Not all simulations will lock the save action so hopefully this won’t be an inconvenience for the user. During critical simulations the countdown clock will be replaced by a flashing “Simulating”. During this time almost all save buttons will in inactivated. All pages are still readable. The buttons will automatically be activated once the simulation finishes. Note that some non critical save actions, such as change player number, will be enabled even during these simulations.