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    Mattti0 reacted to jusatin in v1.3.2   
    Have you taken a look at the game reports if the players getting injured are showing any signs of fatigue? I've set training on easy for all of my players so they don't get any tired. Only had a few injuries this season.
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    Mattti0 reacted to ColoKrabatt in Injuries...   
    Hi another little suggestion about injuries. Why we get message just about recover of affiliated players? I don't know he's injured till I get report obout recovery. There could be message of injury just like for regular team player. 
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    Mattti0 reacted to ColoKrabatt in Rejecting trade offers...   
    Hi, there could be option to write message while rejecting trade offer. Or there should be more options. The answers when you're rejecting offer are so banal, too general and you have just few choices. It'll give us little bit more chance to continue with negotiation. And It's easier than write personal message.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in Staff of GPHM - Need help, advice or any other support?   
    There are three different roles of the GPHM staff; Moderator, Advisor and Support team member. You're always welcome to contact any staff member at any time. Check the role descriptions below to know who is best suited to assist you.
    Moderators main task is to help users find information on the forum and moderate posts and topics.
    Current moderators (hover names for more info)
    A moderator’s role include:
    Help users find information on the forum Moderate forum posts, for example:- Move topics that may have been created in the wrong section- Merge duplicate topics- Lock or delete offensive or inappropriate topics and posts Help keep discussions healthy and constructive Notify the support team with any urgent problem that have not been reported or already tended to Move, lock or delete bug reports that have been stated not being an actual bug  
    Advisors main task is to help users with game related questions and contribute to the help files.
    Current advisors (hover names for more info)
    An advisor’s role include:
    Help new users (if asked) to get going with the game basics Answer any game related question asked on the forum (if not already answered) Contribute to the Help files section of the forum. Specially for frequently asked questions. Help sort out if a reported bug is actually a bug Suggest and prioritise most wanted features for future development Notify the developer if any feature or game aspect isn’t working  out as intended or is flawed (not bugged).  
    Support team
    Support team members main task is to take action against cheaters and help users with urgent problems.
    Current support team (hover names for more info)
    NOTE! Please send an email to [email protected] to get in contact with the support team.
    A support team members role include:
    User account management Investigate reported cheating suspicions Help users with any other urgent problems
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    Mattti0 reacted to HurjaHerra in Anders What's With All the Untouchables on CPU Teams?   
    Maybe the young there before stars is they key word and I do have to admit that idk what kind of roster your talking about, but afaik 90+ players are star players. Game just generated them more than what was intended.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in Anders What's With All the Untouchables on CPU Teams?   
    There has actually been an update where computer teams will protect their young stars, making them untouchable for trades. This is an attempt to further improve the computer trading AI. I will evaluate this the upcoming days and make adjustments if needed.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in v1.3.2   
    Great feedback everyone!
    I understand that it's frustrating to see changes in player development (and in other vital parts of the game) while trying to find your strategies and building your teams. I really do. That's why I'm trying to do as little impact as possible with every update, but it's hard to get the balance just right and as mentioned above it takes 5-10 seasons to really see the effect of changes made. 
    Instead of quoting and answering each and everyone I'll try to make a few comments that hopefully will shed some more light regarding the latest changes and player development in general.
    The latest change of player development will actually not make players develop slower, it will only prevent them from continue developing too much after they reached their potential value. In other words, the hidden potential value will have bigger impact of on how far the player might develop. This should help to make a more realistic distribute of star players. It should also still be worthwhile finding talent regardless of league level. In general, player development will also go slower the higher the rating (this is not new, it's like it has always been), i.e. it will go faster for a player to develop from 70->71 than from 80->81. Regardless of potential. So it's only natural that the players development rate slow down when reaching elite values. There is also a bug that have been around for quite some time where the player's development graph doesn't show progress even if the players develops. This may be one source of confusion when trying to decide if the player has developed or not. I'm having a hard time finding the cause of this bug, but I'll continue trying to fix it of course. However, the bar chart should still show correct values of the current development progress. I also have plans to open one new Slow game world and one new Normal game world soon. This might be an option for those of you that want a fresh start with the new player development. I'm not a big fan of resetting worlds since I know how attached you can be of your team. But at the same time it can be necessary from time to time when making big changes to the game. But before these new worlds can be launched I need make some adjustments, there were some issues when opening Game World Dangles a few weeks ago.
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    Mattti0 reacted to IneffableLeafs in Remove 3rd Round Picks   
    Okay, so this may be a bit weird of me suggesting this, but there is plenty of reason behind removing 3rd rounders.
    One, a third round pick always has players that are meant to be drafted to the next lowest league. For example, a BHL third rounder could be useful as an IHL pick.
    Second, they seem to cause a lot of confusion at the draft table. It would be a lot simpler is the format was: (GHL 1st, GHL 2nd, SHL 1st, SHL 2nd, and so on and so forth).
    Third, there are currently 240 picks, which means that you could say, roughly every season, at least 240 players are generated, and will eventually be drafted. But you also have to take into account that the game randomly generates players around the conclusion of the season (those new players on the FA list with no history? Yeah, that's them). Further, every time someone mismanages their team and a player is "signed in the last minute before the game", those players are newly generated as well. But then looking at the prospect rankings, there are almost 290 ranked prospects. So in total, you have almost 400 players generated every season, and roughly 100 retire per season (using Fishbowl data here). Statistically speaking, that means that the net players generated per season is about +300. Now, I don't know how databases work, but based on Anders' wishes for a new server, this ahould undoubtedly be causing server strain and the game to be slower, which I know a lot of us hate. Think about this long term though, it's only 80 less players generated per season, but let's assume that drafted players play till they're 37. About 19 season in the human competition. In the span of one generation, that's about 1500 3rd rounders, many of which will never turn out, at least for the team that drafted them (which is the whole point of drafting players, right? To have them turn out for your team!). I'd say that's a pretty big waste of 1500 draft picks, and space in the database, which I'm guessing would make the game faster.
    To sum up the above: GPHM is generating a lot of players, which is contributing to a slower server, and removing third round picks in all 7 leagues (I'm including Mitts as part of the 7) would drastically help make GPHM faster. Based on the facts and figures, every season in every game world, the game adds roughly 2100 players to the database, which logically speaking, should be slowing down the game.
    Fourth, this is more personal experience, but I've never had a 3rd round pick pan out for me. The best 3rd round pick I ever made (I believe at SHL level) peaked at a 77 rating... On a BHL team. By the time I checked, my team is already in the GHL. Making that pick (and all other 3rd rounders before it) useless.
    Fifth, if you remove all 3rd round picks, it may not have the biggest impact on higher leagues, but it would make lower leagues MUCH more appealing. I'll try to explain this point below:
    Here is the current draft structure, and average ratings of the players ranked in that round in square brackets (again Fishbowl data):
    GHL 1st round -> 1st - 16th [85]
    GHL 2nd round -> 17th - 32th [81]
    SHL 1st round -> 33th - 48th [76]
    GHL 3rd round -> 49th - 64th [72]
    SHL 2nd round -> 65th - 80th [70]
    BHL 1st round -> 81th - 96th [66]
    SHL 3rd round -> 97th - 112th [63]
    BHL 2nd round -> 113th - 128th [62]
    IHL 1st round -> 129th - 144th [60]
    BHL 3rd round -> 145th - 160th [58]
    IHL 2nd round -> 161th - 176th [55]
    LIHL 1st round -> 177th - 192th [59]
    IHL 3rd round -> 193th - 208th [53]
    LIHL 2nd round -> 209th - 224th [55]
    LIHL 3rd round -> 225th - 240th [52]
    I didn't bother counting the other 23 players.
    Now, as you can see, a 72 overall will not be of use in the GHL, A 63 overall will not be of use in the SHL, and so on. Now, remove 3rd rounders from the equation:
    GHL 1st round -> 1st - 16th [85]
    GHL 2nd round -> 17th - 32th [81]
    SHL 1st round -> 33th - 48th [76]
    SHL 2nd round -> 49th - 64th [72]
    BHL 1st round -> 65th - 80th [70]
    BHL 2nd round -> 81th - 96th [66]
    IHL 1st round -> 97th - 112th [63]
    IHL 2nd round -> 113th - 128th [62]
    LIHL 1st round -> 129th - 144th [60]
    LIHL 2nd round -> 145th - 160th [58]
    Gone (But you could leave a few) -> 161th - 240th
    Now, you won't see much difference from the tops of both tables, but look at the bottom.
    A BHL 1st rounder goes from 66 OVR to 70.
    An IHL 2nd rounder goes from 55 OVR to 62.
    A LIHL 2nd rounder goes from 55 OVR to 58.
    You can read the data how you want, but for lower league managers, this is huge. They are getting players that are 4 times better than they would have with 3 picks. This way, in any league, almost all teams would be able to sign and play their first round picks in at least a small role.
    Now, those are all the reasons I can think of for removing the 3rd rounder. If anyone can think of a reason for not removing 3rd rounders, I want to see some feedback.
    Anyways, I think this was my longest post ever, hope you all take this into consideration.
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    Mattti0 reacted to Erzac in Make trade lock period prevent affiliate assignment & remove trade lock from entry level contracts.   
    "Make trade lock period prevent affiliate assignment & remove trade lock from entry level contracts."
    To prevent handing FA's big two-way contracts and immediately hiding them into affiliates, making it possible to keep offering such contracts in great numbers.
    One could still assign these player into affiliates after the 20-day period, but it would prevent, or at least hinder, "hoarding" players at the beginning of a season.
    The second part would allow you to still assign your own prospects to affiliates as soon as they're signed. (And entry level contracts don't really need a trade lock anyways.)
    This would be a partial, temporary solution using existing mechanics (thus would hopefully be easier to implement).
    A better solution would of course be something like a waiver system, as discussed here
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    Mattti0 got a reaction from xZhou in Small UI issues   
    There's some issues and nice to have features:
    Remove player info popup in match stats when using mobile phone - doesn't work - instead use direct link to player page Remove team info popup in player stats when using mobile phone - doesn't work - instead use direct link to team page Add space between team name and league in "Next game" box on team page (appears only when promotion/relegation/friendly(?)) Enable collapsing when using mobile phone on Team page - it would be nice if I can collapse those boxes e.g. "Team leaders" ( Add "Injuries" box to Team page - Show injuries if any active Fix "Player stats" sorting by performance ( (1.3.3) Combine player ordering - in roster page players are ordered by number but training, edit role and edit lineup uses some random ordering Rating ordering - ratings order in "Rating" page and in "Development" dropbox isn't using same ordering I was browsing game log on iPad and noticed that stats column and player name columns are not in sync (stats column row height doesn't match first column) Mixed normal text and CamelCase notations (e.g. in Transfer status and Tactics view) Add "User on holiday" marking to standings (e.g. change blue dot after team name to yellow)  
    I continue filling more details when I found/remember some but there's couple small "issues" what I found. Feel free to add your own UI/UX issues.
    (*Mobile phone = I'm using Chrome on Huawei P10)
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    Mattti0 reacted to TheWizard in Announcement! New game world   
    I'm excited to see what the new world will be named!  What letter are we up to?  N?
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    Mattti0 reacted to Erzac in Promotion impact   
    Can't help you with the first one, I'm curious about that myself.
    As for the second question.
    Answer to the first part is yes, contracts without a promotion clause will count as "Lower league contracts", and can be released without cap penalty.
    For the second part, quoting from help files:
    "A *promotion contract* clause will increase the player’s salary if his team is promoted to a higher league. The new salary is calculated so that the player will keep the same percentage salary cap impact. E.g. if the player’s salary was 10% of the cap limit in the previous league his new salary will be 10% of the new league’s salary cap. However, if the new salary exceeds the base salary of the new league level the raise will instead become a 25% raise." The same thread mentions this:The typical salaries for the different leagues are:* Golden Hockey League (GHL) - $2.000.000* Silver Hockey League (SHL) -   $500.000* Bronze Hockey League (BHL) -   $150.000* Iron Hockey League (IHL) -    $50.000* Lower Iron Hockey League (LIHL) -    $25.000 Then again, I'm not sure if these "typical salaries" equal the mentioned "base salary".
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in v1.3.2   
    New All Star feature
    All Star managers may now edit their affiliate teams as often as they like. All customisation, including usage of logotypes, of affiliate teams is now an All Star feature. However, all previous customisations by non All Star managers will be kept until the current manager resigns.  Bug fixes and improvementsWorld info and countdown is now clickable to reveal more detailed info regarding upcoming events. When world is simulating (flashing SIMULATING) more info regarding estimated finish is available when clicked (Note that it can take a few days before the estimated finish is displayed properly). Announcements (inbox message and countdowns) of trading deadline and when transfers are once again allowed. Youth draft has been moved to a later time (on same day) in order to allow last minute trading. The time of the youth draft is also announced as a countdown clock (see first bullet of this list). More detailed team finances/salary cap info on team page Improved and more individualistic player regression Improved player injuries with higher risks of injury if exhausted. Also small general increase of goalie injures. Adjustment of fatigue penalties. Increased for exhausted players. Decreased for healthy and high endurance players. Adjustment of player development rates to prevent unrealistic ratings for non top prospects.
      Computer teams now assign and recall players to/from affiliate teams. Small update on non playable team’s (including affiliate teams) color mascot, now displaying first letter on team’s name. Display of player stats on non playable teams (including affiliate teams). Player development will slow down if assigned to too low affiliate level. Player may be unhappy if assigned to affiliate even if on two way contract. Possibility to move players directly between affiliates teams.
      Fixed bug where team standings could be become unsync Fixed bug where manager name was displayed as Computer on team history Fixed bug where salary cap wasn't updated correctly when trading for affiliate assigned players Fixed bug where goalie stats wasn't correctly updated when assigned to affiliate Fixed bug where injured players still could be auto assigned to lineup in games Fixed bug where players could play games for more than one team at once Fixed bug where player stats could not be sorted on BKS (Blocked shots) Fixed bug where a player wasn't rewarded a league achievement if released before season end  Fixed small typo Fixed bug where game analysis could not be loaded Fixed bug where over aged players could be offered an entry level contract Fixed bug where date for offered contracts always showed “today” Fixed bug where cancel pending contract could crash Fixed bug where trade offers containing old draft picks was not canceled. Fixed bug where players was not auto recalled when signing a one way contract Fixed bug where eligible affiliate levels where not auto added or removed when team was promoted or relegated. Fixed bug where email was not sent to managers when put on holiday or fired  NotesAffiliates have now been auto added to those teams who was currently missing affiliate teams at any level.
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    Mattti0 reacted to ColoKrabatt in Statistics in affiliate team   
    Hi, I suggest stats window for players in affiliate teams. Now you must see players' profile to know how's he doing when he's affiliated. How I see it: on the affiliate team screen, there could be stats button just like on your teams' home page, describing your affiliated players. To make easier to know your prospects and how are their performances.  It's just suggestion, please don't crucify me. 
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    Mattti0 reacted to Glawing in [SOLVED] 20 yrs old prospect have pending entry level contract   
    Sorry for the delay!
    This bug is now fixed with next release and we sorted your situation.
    You have to offer a new contract though!
    Thanks for reporting the bug. Keep enjoying the game and keep reporting!
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    Mattti0 reacted to Paul T in 4 Goalies Start Every Game & Multiple Teams Owned   
    Like Matt, I don't think it's that big of an issue either.  Personally I would rather the game coding enforce this instead of managers having to agree to gentleman's rules.
    I have already shared my opinion above, but if I had it my way, goalies would perform as outlined below.  I have added general ranges since their are multiple levels of health (Fit can be green or blue, Tired can be blue or orange, etc...)
    Stay Fit for 2-3 games at a time, depending upon their Endurance rating and training intensity.
    Get Tired after 3-4 games in a row, depending upon Endurance/training.
    Get Exhausted after 4-5 games in a row (endurance/training, yada yada).
    Fit goalies play at 97-100%
    Tired goalies play at 90-95%
    Exhausted goalies play at 70-80%
    If your 80 OVR goalie is in the early stages of exhaustion, he will play at a 64 OVR level (80%).  If your backup is a healthy 70 OVR, it makes sense to start him instead.
    If you own a goalie with a 99 Endurance and train him on Easy, there's no reason why he shouldn't be able to stay Fit for 4 starts in a row, then start to tire after that.
    Recovery should also be measured on Endurance rating, his health level when you rest him and training intensity.  If your starter is Tired (orange) and you immediately rest him and his training is Easy, he should fully recover after 1 game off.  If you let your starter become exhausted and he has been training on Hard, then it might take 2 games to fully recover, etc.
    I'm interested to hear other suggestions on this topic.
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    Mattti0 reacted to Erzac in Cutting a player   
    The current free space in the ongoing and next season assumes the roster and assignments remain the same. Buyout is however calculated from the full contract value, and as stated, leaves you actually paying more than when keeping the player assigned.
    In this case the numbers:
    Full contract cap charge $29,000
    Assigned cap charge $2,900
    Buyout cap charge $14,500
    So you released an assigned player, who was counting $2,900 against the cap. After releasing, the buyout counts as $14,500 against the cap. Thus, after releasing, you've $11,600 less to spend next season, compared to when he was assigned.
    E: Yes, the process is a bit confusing. If you want to see the real cap situation for buyout, you've to bring the player up first.
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    Mattti0 reacted to Wick Schozen in Assign affiliate players positions   
    I now have both my affiliates stocked with drafted prospects. I've created a system for myself to try and maximize how they get ice time, but I am worried that their development will be shorted because of how the affiliate teams utilise players. I have my top two center prospects on my AAHL team, but only one is being used as a center and the other is a forward. I imagine it is like this because they are the top two players on the team so the affiliate is loading up the top line. But when a player isn't taking faceoffs they won't develop their faceoff skill. This also throws my other assigned players out of whack because I now have a forward player filling in for the second line player. It just creates sloppy and unrealistic development.

    If we could assign them to a position we would have more control over their development and it would be more like a real life affiliate system where to top team sends down a player and they want them to develop in a certain role or position. We still wouldn't be able to allocate where they are in the lineup, that would be on the affiliate but we would be able to make sure that they are training in their position nonetheless.  
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in Pre release v1.3.2   
    The past few weeks I have made a numerous releases to the UAT, since there have been mostly bug fixes and behind the scenes improvements I haven't released any info regarding its contents. But in today's release there has been a small UI change of the world info worth mentioning. So here's the complete change log so far.
    World info and countdown is now clickable to reveal more detailed info regarding upcoming events When world is simulating (flashing SIMULATING) more info regarding estimated finish is available when clicked More detailed team finances/salary cap info Player development will slow down if assigned to too low affiliate level Player may be unhappy if assigned to affiliate even if on two way contract Improved and more individualistic player regression Fixed bug where team standings could be become unsync Fixed bug where manager name was displayed as Computer on team history Fixed bug where salary cap wasn't updated correctly when trading for affiliate assigned players Fixed bug where goalie stats wasn't correctly updated when assigned to affiliate Fixed bug where injured players still could be auto assigned to lineup in games Fixed bug where players could play games for more than one team at once Fixed bug where player stats could not be sorted on BKS (Blocked shots) Fixed bug where a player wasn't rewarded a league achievement if released before season end  Fixed small typo Note. This is not the complete list for the upcoming v1.3.2. There's still a few more things planned. I'm aiming for a release to the official game worlds in early October.
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    Mattti0 reacted to Paul T in Home Ice Advantage   
    I'm sure it is already common knowledge that teams get a boost when playing at home.  I decided to do some quick research into how much of an advantage the home crowd gives their team. I know there are many variables that could affect this such as injuries, starting goalies, etc - but my results seemed directionally consistent.
    First, I took a look at home winning percentages for all GHL, SHL & BHL teams.  For the purpose of a percentage, I considered OT/SO win a win and OT/SO loss a loss.  The average home record and win percentages are below.
    GHL:  11 - 2 - 2 - 8 = 56%
    SHL:  12 - 2 - 1 - 7 = 63%
    BHL:  12 - 1 - 1 - 9 = 56%
    Second, I took a look at my own team's history to determine how my home record compared to my overall record.  For example, my Win % this year is 80%.  My home Win & is 83%.  An advantage of 3%.  Last year, my Win % was 72% and my home Win % was 83%.  An advantage of 11%.  When averaged out from Season 1 - 11, my average home ice advantage was 6%.  This falls in line with the GHL/BHL results above where home ice seems to add a 6% advantage.  SHL seems to be the outlier.
    Finally, I tallied all goals scored in BHL this year (I did BHL since that's the league I'm in).  On average, the home team is scoring 3.8 goals per game, while the visiting team is scoring 3.3 goals per game.  The home team is scoring 53% of the goals.  I did the same for GHL and the results were 2.66 Home for 2.27 Away.  The home team is scoring 54% of the goals.  These numbers seem a bit lower than the first two sets of results. 
    For now, until I have a chance to do more research and understanding that there are many variables that could sway these numbers, I will conclude that the home team gains a roughly 5% advantage.
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    Mattti0 reacted to MattBerserkers in Buyout cap penalty   
    Should the buyout cap penalty be adjusted? Right now it's pretty pointless as it is a lot cheaper just to hide players in your minors for 10% of their salary versus the 50% cost it would take to buy them out for an equal number of years. I do think it should stay a little more expensive as some teams might be forced to buy out guys to give younger players some ice time, maybe 15%-25% would be a better range.
    This change should only affect 2-way guys as 1-way guys can't be hidden in the minors for a cheaper cost.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in GHL trade freeze buffer   
    Yes, the computer trading has been discussed for a long time now. And there have actually been quite many improvements made over the last year. A computer team will demand more quality players in return, they will reject most trades involving too many players and they will not make too many trades each season.
    Computer teams actually do put players on the untouchable list from time to time, however this logic can be improved further and is something I will look closer into for the upcoming release. Maybe that would solve future scenarios like the one you're describing.
    Thanks for your feedback!
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    Mattti0 reacted to Wick Schozen in GHL trade freeze buffer   
    So there is a team in GHL Howitzer that has just shifted to being run by a computer. The team has a stud centerman that every team would be interested in acquiring. Full disclosure, I have submitted an offer as well, I'm not trying to yell to the masses on my high horse, I'm just as tainted as every other manager that is trying to acquire this player. 
    The way I view this situation is that it is possible right now to acquire this player. I don't think any manager is submitting an offer with the intent of circumvent the rules of this game or cheat the game, myself included. It's purely that this player is going to be moved and in a competitive sense everyone would like to be on the receiving end of this transaction as opposed to seeing him go to someone they are competing with.
    Now that being said I had conversations with the previous manager about what it would take to create a deal for this player and he flat out said he would never move him. So in that respect you could put this player's true value as immovable, so really we are all cheating by trying to acquiring because we feel we could make this deal go through because it is with a computer instead of an actual person managing this team.
    I am fully aware that everything written above is a transparent attempt to try and validate myself making a deal for a player that would never be moved. I would sell my soul for a 20 year old franchise centerman. With that being the case, I don't like what this situation has created in terms of a bunch of managers whom we all communicate amongst each other, I haven't seen any of the other managers cheat the game, nor have I intentionally tried to. But we are all human and at our core we will cut down a neighbor's tree if we can get some more sunlight in our own yard. 
    So my idea is for some form of a trade lock on computer GHL teams. These are teams that generally have a strong core, maybe a few prospects and those holy grail esque GHL draft picks. If there was a trade lock on GHL teams it would leave them open for experienced managers, maybe from a different game world, maybe managers looking for a new job or challenge, to come in and take control. At the very least maybe give a team like a twenty day (game world day) trade lock buffer after becoming a CPU so maybe a new manager can step in to acquire a team that is a true GHL team and not the carcass of what it once was.
    **Few side notes, if you made it the whole way through, I'm sorry for my rambling. I didn't want my point or purpose to be misconstrued. Also I know the topic of computer trades is a hot debate, I am not trying to spark up another pissing match, I just thought that this particular situation should be addressed.**
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    Mattti0 reacted to cliffjones33 in Line Settings   
    There is a description when you first open up the lineup as long as you have the "HINTS" option checked on. You can check this by going to the MANAGER page and then after clicking the ACTION tab on the MANAGER page, click SETTINGS and you will see an option that says "HINTS" and you can choose to display hints or hide them. Once you have confirmed that the hints are being displayed, go to the TEAM page and then after clicking the ACTION tab on the TEAM page, click LINEUP. Wait for a little bit for the page to load and a black box that says Lineup Hints will appear under it says Edit Lineup. If you continue to click next it will show you info on the different lineup settings as well as how to use the LINEUP page. 
    In order to help you out, I copy and pasted the info below for what you were looking for 
    The checking line is responsible to get under the skin of and agitate the opponents scoring line. They will focus on defensive duties and you´ll need players that can backcheck hard, deliver body checks and play tough.
    The energy line usually don´t have a lot of ice time but when they take the ice they will create a lot of momentum by hard forechecking and delivering body checks. Perfect for waking your team out of a slump. You´ll need speedy players with a lot of spirit.
    The defensive match line focus means that depending on which line the defencemen plays with they will try to adapt to the lines focus. This will demand a lot of the defensemen and they will need to master all areas of the game. Basically means the D will try to match the focus of the Offensive line they are playing with at the time
    The dynamic focus will tell the defensemen to attack when the opportunities arises but never at the expense of risking their defensive duties. Basically a Two Way for Dmen. 
    Think I answered everything.
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    Mattti0 got a reaction from Brettbot in [SOLVED] Game World Paused   
    Salries and contracts already on next season so it's normal