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    Mattti0 reacted to Jack Reacher in How's Communication in Your World?   
    Well Marque, many people saw my post on Howitzer forums about the GHL trade block and now teams in the GHL and SHL have been contacting me since my posts on there. There are some managers who like using messages so they don't offer some stupid trade and get themselves ignored for a while. I want to keep an open relationship with all managers, but if they don't consult me before an offer for a high rated player, I will just ignore their trade. If they do message me, I'm more inclined to accept the trade because both managers would have a back and forth negotiations going on. Just recently I have had about 3-4 conversations that have gone back and forth more than 5 times about a trade(Gator Raid, John Smith, Alexander Rasputin). I try and have at least one message to every team per season, even if it is to just talk about their team and their success and not a trade offer. I have asked many managers about their opinion on a player and that has helped me with the learning process when I first joined the game and so I want to continue it to more managers if they need any advice or anything like that. And managers like Wick (New Castle-GHL) have really improved communication in the game. He has a poll every season about the league and its players. It's fun to see what other managers think and it opens up your eyes to the possibility of learning something from veteran managers.
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    Mattti0 reacted to Jack Reacher in How's Communication in Your World?   
    The GHL in Howitzer is very communicative, but there are a few managers who have gone off the radar in some instances. They do log onto the game but just dont bother to read any of the private messages sent to them. I think SHL is also like the GHL, except there are more beginners in that league and most are asking for my help or some other GHL manager's help. I guess overall communication in GHL and SHL Howitzer is great, i dont know about lower leagues though.
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    Mattti0 reacted to ET2018 in How's Communication in Your World?   
    Ummm...some people want more engagement. It makes things fun and interactive. If you don't like interacting or roleplaying, just ignore it.
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    Mattti0 reacted to Paul T in Trade Deadline earlier in the season   
    For possible fall release... I think having a trade deadline earlier in the season would be beneficial for a few reasons.  I will use Days 55 as an example (which falls around Game 50). 
    Also to go along with this suggestion, I would also recommend that those players who are "happy with their current contract", be open to re-negotiating or flat our refusing to re-sign around Day 45 (around Game 40).
    1) First, I think it would add some excitement to the game mid-season, giving managers another milestone to look forward to.  Preparing for the draft is exciting.  Silly season/free agency is exciting.  The playoff race toward the end of season is exciting + actual playoffs.  Why not add something in the middle for managers to look forward to?
    Around Day 45, players are either willing to re-sign with your team or refuse to re-sign.  You then have 10 days to get your trades in before Day 55.  Personally, I think it would be an exciting 10 days of managers trying to wheel and deal before the deadline hits.  Then all managers must live with their decisions for the remaining 10 regular season games and through the playoffs.
    2) Second, it would require managers to be proactive and take calculated risks based on their expected finish.  It would eliminate teams from making those final day trades to stack their teams for relegation - and would also not allow managers to trade expiring contracts on the final day of the season, which caused an issue this past season.
    3) Finally, this is how professional sports are run - and I know that as a fan, I get really excited around the trade deadline every year in anticipation of what trades will be made.
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    Mattti0 reacted to Glawing in How's Communication in Your World?   
    We (developers) are very much aware of this situation. We hope to bring you a new chat/inbox system that will help this issue and also we have some ideas to help out with this inactive problems.
    All the work are in progress right now.
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    Mattti0 reacted to Jezzé Bibz in Old Guys   
    Got a man named John Grill on my GHL team in Lumber, he's 42 years old and still going strong with a 97 overall and putting 15-20 pts per year while being on the 3rd or 4th line. He played in GHL is whole career, maybe one for the HOF!
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    Mattti0 reacted to Paul T in Player salaries & cap (bug?)   
    I totally agree with everything you said.  Just would be great if it was consistent across leagues.  I think a GHL cap reduction would help... and also something I've been harping on for a few months is when players are traded down from GHL to SHL, the salary shouldn't be 25%.  It should be at least 50% (I suggested the salary should stay the same, but other managers tore me up ).  Otherwise we are going to run into a scenario where it won't make sense for SHL teams to try and re-sign their own players or in free agency because the asking price will be too much and they will just attempt to build their team via trades with GHL.
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    Mattti0 reacted to MattBerserkers in String of continuous injuries   
    It's just bad luck when you get a bunch of injuries like that. My worst luck was when I lost my 4 starting centers and half my d-men over a few day for multiple games and a couple have-season injuries.
    What I find works to prevent injuries is to ensure my players are only playing when they are fully fit. For something more pro-active, I try is to build a team around non-injury-prone players. In my experience, when you check a players home page, look at his current headlines. Injury-prone players will generally have multiple injuries listed over multiple seasons. Though injury-prone studs can hide their past injuries by getting player of the week/stars of the game. I've read somewhere on this forum before that injury-likeliness (durability?) is a hidden stat in this game, but you can sort of guess what it would be just by seeing how often a player gets injured. (I think when this game was first being developed durability was actually a visible stat.) Unfortunately I don't think age has anything to do with injury rates as I've had a bunch of old veterans on my team the past few seasons and none of them have been injured. 
    TL;DR: It's definitely not a bug.
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    Mattti0 got a reaction from Jack Reacher in Add "Recall player" to player popup   
    Add recall / assign actions to player popup for 2w contracted players like there is shortlist/remove from shortlist actions

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    Mattti0 reacted to Gator Raid in Overall Data   
    I collect data of all the teams top 20 players (12 forwards, 6 defensemen, 2 goalies), add them all up and compare what the league is looking like every year. This year I thought I’d share my data (players on waivers were NOT counted even if they were better than some players dressed, I DID include players on IR if they were better than a dressed player at their same position, I DID NOT include players in the minors).
    -number before team name is total team overall
    -number in parentheses to the left of the team is their ranking in terms of overall
    -list is in order of league position at the time when data was collected
    - +/- number to the right of team name is how many overall points away from the average total overall they are
    -number to the right in parentheses is teams average overall
    (8) 1845 Pittsboro +3.3 (92.25)
    (2) 1877 Stony Brooke +35.3 (93.85)
    (1) 1903 Unity +61.3 (95.15)
    (4) 1856 New Castle +14.3 (92.8)
    (7) 1848 Burnside +6.3 (92.4)
    (5) 1853 Forest Park +11.3 (92.65)
    (12) 1819 Mountain Lakes -22.7 (90.95)
    (3) 1862 Palm Harbour +20.3 (93.1)
    (6) 1851 Nottingham +9.3 (92.55)
    (10) 1838 Parkland -3.7 (91.9)
    (9) 1840 Victoria -1.7 (92)
    (7) 1848 Goderich +6.3 (92.4)
    (14) 1799 Wyoming -42.7 (89.95)
    (14) 1799 Tahsis -42.7 (89.95)
    (11) 1820 North Atlanta -21.7 (91)
    (13) 1809 Northdale -32.7 (90.45)
    Total overalls: 29,467
    Average: 1841.6875
    320 players
    Average overall: 92.0
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    Mattti0 reacted to Paul T in Adding more tactics?   
    I meant to respond to this post when it was first made, then forgot about it.  I think more tactical options (or anything that adds more depth to the game) is a great thing.  My suggestion here was going to be allowing teams to pick a different tactic for each line.  A smaller faster line for transition rushes... a bigger physical line who can crash the net, etc.  I think it would allow managers to get more creative with their lines.  Even if teams were only fully familiar with 2 tactics instead of all 4 to keep some sort of identity.  Just some ideas...
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    Mattti0 got a reaction from Jack Reacher in GHL Tradeblock   
    Wanted: playmaker with two-way ability center and top-line (for league low-end) forward to the big role.
    I'm manager of Northdale Wild, currently placed 15th. If you found your players from description plese contact me and help my team to climb some positions. Feel free to offer any kind of trade offer.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in v1.3.4   
    Bug fixes and improvements
    Fixed bug where waiver claims could be stuck even after the player transfered to his new team Fixed bug where a player didn’t receive scratched status when injured or assigned to minor league. Fixed bug where draft picks couldn't be removed from a trade offer (when countering an offer). Fixed bug where the "Find player filter" (Transfer page) didn’t load the correct results. Fixed bug where player confidence could be shown in green even if the label said “Uncomfortable”. Fixed bug where total ice time on lineup could be below 100%.
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    Mattti0 got a reaction from bouncer in Add "Recall player" to player popup   
    Add recall / assign actions to player popup for 2w contracted players like there is shortlist/remove from shortlist actions

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    Mattti0 reacted to Jack Reacher in Introduce yourself   
    Hey, just saw this post. I'm Jack, and I am the manager of the Palm Harbor Legends. I have been in game world Howitzer since its BETA days. I really enjoy how the game has evovled and meeting the new managers is great; in the beginning no other manages talked to each other a lot, but with new and great managers like Wick(New Castle, GHL)  and Gator(Unity, GHL), and Jusu(Stony,GHL) the in game communication has improved and has been amazing....
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    Mattti0 reacted to Wick Schozen in GHL Manager Poll - Season 23   
    Player Awards:
    Top Forward: Pasi Eskola - Forest Park Lumberjacks (4)
    The leagues leading point scorer with 62 points takes out this seasons top forward award. Eskola with four votes beat out last years winner of the award Alexandr Gavrikov who came in second with two votes. Season 23 saw Pasi Eskola set a new career high in both goals and points. An achievement even more impressive when done on a non-playoff team.
    Top Defensemen: Pedar Andreasen - Burnside Bombers (5)
    Pedar Andreasen was the talk of the year for the first half of the season. Andreasen’s breakout year had him lead all defensemen in points and finish 6th in overall league scoring. With five votes Andreasen takes home the top defensemen award handedly over last years recipient Dalibor Kosegi who finished with two votes. 
    Top Goaltender: Thor Landstrom - Stony Brook Steel (5)
    There’s no split decision this year. After sharing the award in season 22 Thor Landstrom wins the Top Goaltender award for the second straight season. Landstrom's save percentage of .929 was second in the league even with the second largest workload of any goaltender playing 2674 minutes. This is also while receiving the fifth most shots against, there is no doubting that Landstrom had his work cut out for him to retain Top Goaltender.
    Most Outstanding Player: Pedar Andreasen - Burnside Bombers (5)
    Along with receiving Top Defensemen honours, Pedar Andreasen was voted the Most Outstanding Player of Season 23.  One of three new categories to the ballot this year, Andreasen is crowned with the most impressive performance of all players for this year. The hulking 6’7 defender, taken outside of the top 10 at 11th overall at the season 18 draft has developed in a game breaker for the Burnside Bombers. Spending most of the year leading all players in points, it wasn’t until the last quarter of the season that forwards were able to catch up to his production. 
    Most Desirable Player To Build A Team Around: Anir Vigneault - Newcastle Fighters (3)
    Goaltender Anir Vigneault takes out the Cornerstone Award for season 23, narrowly edging out the emerging star center Filips Birznieks. Vigneault, 24 years old, has consistently finished in the top 5 for save percentage since entering the league in season 17. Finishing 5th in save percentage this season and having the leagues best save percentage in Season 20, Vigneault’s size, age and intangibles endeared him to voters this  season.  
    Best Under 21: Artem Belyakov - Pittsboro Predators (3)
    Artem Belyakov is the first recipient of the Best Under 21 award. With the intent of highlighting the top up and coming player the first overall pick from the Season 20 draft helped guide the Pittsboro Predators to their second consecutive appearance in the GHL playoffs posting 36 points from the blueline. While this is his last year of eligibility of the award his previous performances of 40 points as an 18 year old and 35 at 19 years of age could have seen him sweep this award since his debut into the league. Belyakov with have to settle with being the inaugural recipient of the award before he ages out of contention. 
    First Overall Consensus of Previous Draft: Dylan Diop - Goderich Goblins (6)
    There was little deliberation with who the top choice of last season draft was. Dylan Diop who was selected first overall retains that opinion at the end of his first season in the league. The 18 year old centerman transitioned into the GHL well putting up 28 points. At 6’4 and displaying maturity beyond his years Diop looks like the real deal as he looks to be the cornerstone of the Goderich Goblins who narrowly missed the playoffs this year in only their second season in the GHL.
    Manager Opinions:
    Most Important Position: Goaltender (4)
    Goaltending is still the most valued position by the GHL managers receiving the highest number of votes for the second straight season. Only one team got into the playoffs without a goaltender ranked in the top 8 for save percentage and the play of Daniel Crapper almost propelling Goderich into the playoffs, there is a clear correlation between team success and the performance of their goaltender.
    What Team Will Win The Most Cups Over The Next 10 Seasons? Stony Brook (4)
    Stony Brook again is considered to be the best contending team for the next 10 Seasons. Stony Brook is chasing down their third consecutive GHL cup and fourth in five seasons. Unless Stony Brooks is hit with a flood, the GHL cup doesn’t look to be in any hurry to leave the grips of that town.
    What Team Will Need To Rebuild In The Next 5 Seasons? Burnside (3)
    The Burnside Bombers have enjoyed at healthy run in the GHL with either a 4th or 5th place finish for the last seven seasons. The voting managers in the GHL believe that health is on it’s last legs as Burnside is this years recipient of the rebuild kiss of death. Last years ‘winner’ Palm Harbor Legends saw there team regress this season to an 8th place finish, just narrowly holding onto a playoff spot.
    What Team Do You Not Want To Meet In The Playoffs? Stony Brook (6)
    It’s no surprise if your considered to be the most dominant team for the next decade you’ll be the most feared in the playoffs. Stony Brook received almost a unanimous decision for the second straight season. This comes on the eve of just stamping their ticket to the second round after defeating Palm Harbor in games one and two of the first round. Regardless of the regular season workload, Landstrom will likely gets lots of opportunities to familiarise himself with the bench in meaningless game three during the playoffs.
    Are You Satisfied With The Current Playoff Format? No (6)
    A new question presented to the managers this year and dissatisfaction with the current playoff format was almost a unanimous decision. Ranging from a desire for an extended series to wanting meaningless games eliminated after qualifying for the next round, a playoff reform looks to be a hot topic moving forward. 
    Thank you to all managers that participated in the second annual GHL managers poll. We saw submissions from a couple new faces this season but failed to receive ballots from returning managers, we’ll place the blame on the postal service and hope for more engagement next season. Best of luck to the teams in the playoffs and all teams in their preparations for next season. 
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in [SOLVED] Game World Paused   
    World is up and running again.
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    Mattti0 reacted to suomyyra in Is it overwhelming being GM of multiple teams?   
    It depends on how you play the game i guess. I spend a lot of time daily in biscuit. For me the second team didnt work out since i like to dive deep in the gameworld where im putting my time in. If you are not too interested in other leagues, teams and worldwide player stats, you will be fine with two teams. Just not my thing.
    Best of luck.
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    Mattti0 got a reaction from MattBerserkers in Add "Recall player" to player popup   
    Add recall / assign actions to player popup for 2w contracted players like there is shortlist/remove from shortlist actions

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    Mattti0 got a reaction from littleb in Add "Recall player" to player popup   
    Add recall / assign actions to player popup for 2w contracted players like there is shortlist/remove from shortlist actions

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    Mattti0 got a reaction from Wick Schozen in Add "Recall player" to player popup   
    Add recall / assign actions to player popup for 2w contracted players like there is shortlist/remove from shortlist actions

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    Mattti0 got a reaction from ColoKrabatt in Add "Recall player" to player popup   
    Add recall / assign actions to player popup for 2w contracted players like there is shortlist/remove from shortlist actions

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    Mattti0 reacted to Glawing in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    EDIT by Anders August 7, 2018
    I have now finally finished a new blog post that will hopefully shed some light over the upcoming release this fall. 
    The blog post is divided into two parts:
    Part 1 - The features
    Part 2 - The business
    And here's a sneak peak of the new design (work in progress). (Also available in the blog post)
    ORIGINAL post by Tobias April 28, 2018
    Hi all of you!

    Right now we are a bit quiet here on the forums and in general.

    That’s because we working with a lot of things in the backgrounds. Not generally things you notice in game but performance and future plans are in the making.

    We recently received some new hardware so the game will run smoother/faster and more stable.

    We are reading as much reports and suggestions as possible. Because we want your opinion in developing.

    Keep enjoying the game and be fair and nice to eachother!

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    Mattti0 got a reaction from ColoKrabatt in Communication (in GHL)   
    side note of an side note but probably some Google Forms or SurveyMonkey could be used next time
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    Mattti0 reacted to Wick Schozen in Communication (in GHL)   
    On a side note, but still relevant to GHL communication. Voting is closed at the end of the weekend, takes all of two minutes to get your votes in.