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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to canucks in Pre release v1.3.0 - Affiliate teams   
    Also, would it make sense to make it such that players who've spent majority of their careers in the affiliate teams will be much more likely to continue to sign 2-way contracts? Not sure if that's already a thing? It'd be for players who usually play in the minors and get called up here and there for injury replacements.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to legendsport in Historical Simon T Hockey League forming   
    I'm recruiting for a Simon T hockey league I'm running on my site @ The league is called Behind the Bench and is based on the 1972-73 season with the plans being for an open evolution going forward. Meaning the teams and leagues will progress organically based on how the GM does. There's no reason a good GM couldn't keep the California Golden Seals going or take the WHA's Ottawa Nationals into the merger. It might not be easy, but it's possible. 
    If you're interested - the GM client for this game is 100% free so there's no cost to play as a GM - head over to see the background, rules, etc. You can message me here or use the Info link on my website to send me an email.
    Right now there are eight available teams - 3 NHL (California, Minnesota and St. Louis) and 5 WHA (Alberta, Cleveland, Minnesota, Ottawa and Philadelphia).
    Thanks for checking it out!
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to Big-Bobby Clobber in Let picks and prospects be untouchable or on trade block   
    Agreed with both of you.
       A manager should be able to make his picks unavailable.  This would help alleviate some of the useless AI trade-offers.  
    I often play in leagues with few real players, and mostly AI teams.  Once had 45 trade offers in the first 4 days of a new season, and the stupid AI always seems to offer you a prospect that they drafted, below the prospect you chose and drafted!  It's a ridiculous waste of time. 
      Would also be more fair for all if the AI teams didn't trade at all. 
       Will take a look at those trades from Clapper, and report them if it feels unfair.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to IneffableLeafs in Let picks and prospects be untouchable or on trade block   
    This is something that is really getting on my nerves.
    I'm 1st in the SHL currently, which is a very controversial spot.
    I've literally been spammed with offers from about half of the GHL for my 1st round pick, because there is an 86 rated goalie propsect in the draft class, which I obviously want.
    All I'm asking is that you can set your picks and prospects to be untouchable or on the trade block, because I've literally rejected like 15 offers in the last 10 days.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to IneffableLeafs in Winner Insticnt?   
    Add arrogant and cocky players to your team.
    Also add heroic and determined players.
    Having too many nervous players will screw your winner instinct over. I try to build my team around impressive, heroic players, and try to avoid nervous players at all costs, though 2-3 won't hurt.