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  1. I think this could really really help the new world stay competitive, as leagues can start to get bland when every single computer team is raided. It's also a good way to keep new players interested if they could start with good teams.
  2. MNLK

    Season 1

    I'm pretty confident my team will place top 5 in SHL, as I can roll 3 of my 4 forward lines almost interchangeably with the last one being not too far behind. My defense is the top in my league I think however I haven't had the time to check every team. Also, my goalies are pretty good already and should improve a lot in the next few seasons. Plus my chemistry and team dynamic is great. This will be a fun season for sure!
  3. MNLK


    Im liking the update so far. Any update on affiliate teams?
  4. The other team they got a pick from was through me. The trade is the only reason I got promoted so I'm happy.
  5. What if we started the new game world with a draft on day 1, with no players on everyone's teams so they would have to sign. You could also make computer teams really aggresive in bidding for players so they don't get undermatched
  6. At first I didn't care what happened reset or not, but what's occuring now is everyone is getting super worked up about the decision and it isn't healthy for the game's community. I play this game mostly because it has an amazing community aspect to it and I would hate to lose it over some decision over a reset. People are starting to fill the chat with arguments and I know a lot of players might quit or get extremely upset about a reset. That's why I think it's best for everyone if we just leave it be.
  7. I spend way too much time on GPHM, and I consider it to be the greatest game I have ever played. The problem is it's so clean it that it ruined other games for me. Now I'm looking for another free game with a clean interface. (Any Sport) Online games would be better but doesn't matter too much.
  8. I like the history too. Would there be an option to keep a "league history"? Also, I think maybe keeping lumber and making another new world might be best
  9. To me it's just that I don't want to miss what I built over the past five seasons. I'm fine with starting from scratch though. Just don't want newer players who aren't ok with it to feel like their opinions aren't valid because they havent been around as long.h Also, if there was a reset would you guys start in GHL, LIHL or where else?
  10. +1!! I often spend a while negotiating deals to make them perfect and this would help a ton.
  11. I'm down for a reset, but in a few more seasons. Hoping it gets reset at the start of august because I'm gonna be away from the game all of July lol. That gives people a chance to develop their teams into win now mode and it all gets really competive towards the end. (Maybe 3 more seasons) Then we would start Lumber 2.0 (maybe with affiliation teams by that time???)