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  1. Anyone needs a salary dump I have 30 million I couldn't do anything with I'm with Europe on Metric system, but whoever thought replacing the decimal with a comma should be shot, what do you do if there are 3 places after the decimal spot?
  2. Could we get the draft announcement message the game day before the draft. I had just gotten eliminated from the playoffs and was not expecting the draft to be that day.
  3. I'm still around. I am moving to a new house and it has become a long drawn out process. Looks like September before most of this mess is over. I'm still checking the teams everyday just not much chit chat time. Although Antti your in my conference and the regular season is not the playoffs , sucks that only one from 3 former GHLs on this side can make it back.
  4. Cage flipped to day 1 season 2, but I just got a trade request for a season 1 draft pick that has already been used. Season 1 picks are still listed on the team roster pages.
  5. He cleared up but it seems like when the season ends there should be a number of days burned. If a guy gets a major 50 day Inj at seasons end he could start the next season with 40 day INJ
  6. Had a guy get injured the last game of the cup. Season 2 day one and he is still day to day.
  7. Fangowolf

    GHL any 1W

    Monday any 1W on the Wolf Trap Claws are up for trade Looking for picks or young non 1W's or low 80's non1W's Waiting till Monday cause I have a few trades still up in the air before it goes firehouse sale.
  8. I'll go COL STL NYI BOS My Stars will have chances but Bishop has to be superhuman to get them through I was not impressed with SJ def maybe it was just LV making them look bad but way to many own zone turnovers
  9. If you work real hard and sign up at the exact right time you're given one of the best teams
  10. Yes Ander's team was a pain and may have tired me out to much to compete in the first cup game.
  11. Yes I agree with what you have said Richard. The other unsaid thing is it was their Captain, and they tend to over penalize penalties effecting them. Sticks are being used to much on players these days. It can also forces a lot of the more talented teams out early, look at all the 1 seeds falling this year.
  12. Yea baby Still think we should be in the east Final. That finishing 1st is a good advantage.
  13. Yea Peek I thought we would meet in the Eastern finals :)3 I looked it over and it looks like the first round didn't display correctly. The west side had 4 v 5 where East displayed 2 v 7
  14. He is now declining hard. This season he went from 1st line to third. He still has one of my best +- however.
  15. This one is still going. +25 and 16 points in 79 games
  16. I"ll start. The first american captain to get the cup Derian Hatcher. Jersey pic or you don't care lol
  17. Another thing that can frustrate a player is changing his player role to something he doesn't like. I have fixed a couple of frustrated players by changing their role.
  18. Mine did the same, 10 straight to get to first then 5 straight losses.
  19. My guys actually figured out there IS a net on the other side of the ice.
  20. gmta i guess, there were times in the past when you could look at one guy on a search result and go back to the search results. That was nice but I'm sure a resource drain. Not sure if caching the search parameters would be feasible, but that would save some time as well.
  21. This is a quote from Rainsilent: That said I have quickly run into a nightmare of a problem. The player search function when in lower leagues. I know there was talk about addressing it in the past but the only way to get it to work currently is to sort by position+age if you want to look at most of the players actually available to you. I found this difficult as well. If you had 2 more search boxes for min and max ovr I think it would solve most of it. You usually know what ovr you can't afford and the ovr that couldn't possibly help you.
  22. Just an observation that Resign button is awfully close to the select button on the "Your Career" screen.
  23. I'm sure they have discussed it at length in focus, I just can't remember the password and don't go in. Around the 40th work password and all the others just don't stick. Doubt I'd go slow on the second account without a quick playoff. Um From Boston and has Def Leopard (good band) instead of Boston graphics???
  24. Slapshot - fast Wrister - normal Drag - Slow Gloveside 5Hole Stickside Chiclets Bucket Cheese Octopus Chirp Hoser YardSale