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    junior1129 reacted to GamePlanHockey in [SOLVED] Game World Paused   
    The restore is now finished and simulation will continue from late day 76. The last playoff game in GHL needs to be replayed, but as far as I can see the Fire Dogs has already won the cup title. Day 77 with youth draft will simulate later today.
    Thanks for you patience regarding this restore.
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    junior1129 reacted to GamePlanHockey in How about a real guide for this game?   
    A guide for the game would be a great idea! Love what Royalty tried to make but understand it's quite much of work to put together. I'm happy for all help I can get! I will try to focus on creating more help files but it won't be as thorough as a user guide.
    Let me know if I can help in any ways by answering any questions or such. 
    Thumbs up!
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    junior1129 reacted to Nicolas Senet in Unofficial user guide (for newbies and others)   
    Hi everyone,
    A special welcome to all new players and to all players that contribute to make this game better just by playing it.  This post will be dedicated to try to explain larger and specific aspects of this game and try to bring your game at the next level.
    For all new players, I had great fun to learn how to play this game by myself and I would recommand that you give it a try without reading this guide right from the start.  But, it's really up to you.
    This is not my guide.  I know the game pretty well, but I'm far from being an expert in every aspects of this game and I hope other players will join me to try to answer your questions.  I would recommand that we wait at least 48 hours before starting a new subject, so it will give enough time for players to ask questions about the topic and answers to be given.  So this guide stays user-friendly, try to ask questions related to the topic, but any question will be answered, even with a really approximative answer. 
    As you may know already, English isn't my first language.   I'll do my best to be understood but may not be as clear as I which once a while.  Sorry about it and feel free to report it so I can try otherwise.
    So let's start
    Topic: Having a good start with your new team (sorry for more experience players but it seems like the first topic to start with): 1) How to choose your players.
    You just got your new team.  If your a newbie, you are in BHL or even lower leagues if you're really looking for a challenge.  Your team looks like ... a bunch of guys from the "Slap Shot" movie.  Not being relegated will be your first challenge in year one.  You have to take a look at your salary cap to know how much money you have left (Team, team info, free space) and to look at your roster to know what are your needs in term of players.  The minimum number of players needed to start a game is, I think, 18 (3 centers, 6 wingers, 6 defensemen, 2 goalies and an extra player) but it's better to go with 20 players (4 centers, 8 wingers, 6 defensemen and 2 goalies).  If I have to make a choice for one or the other, I would choose goalie first, defenseman second, center third and wingers.  Goalies are important even if they usually play 2 games out of 3 (if you don't want them to get tired), because they play 100% of 2/3 so 66.67% of the time.  4 defensemen out of 6 will play on PP and PK, maybe both.  Every defensemen play for an average of 33.33% of the time.  Center takes faceoffs.  I would choose a left winger over a right winger because of PK.
    When you know what you are looking for, you have two options: free agents or trade.  To trade, you need good players, which you probably don't have right from the start.  An interesting option is to try to trade with a player from the league above yours for players they would like to get rid of.  Higher leagues may release players from lower leagues without a penalty, which isn't totally useless.  You have to be careful not to be stuck with a long term horrible contract, but it's an option.  Your second option is free agents.  If you get your team at the beginning of the season (lucky you), you should be able to find interesting players.  But chances are that you won't, so try not to sign for over a year so you will have the funds to buy the best free agents next year.  But, there is one good thing about that: you can buy cheap.  When you negociate with a free agent, your first offer should be about 30% lower that what he is asking for.  He will probably refuse and say something like "Are you kidding me?" or else.  If you are under 1 000 000$ (option A), rise by 25 000$, if you are over a 1 000 000 (option , rise by 250 000$, until you get the message "it's close, but I have to refuse".  After that message, rise by 10 000$ for option A and by 25 000$ for option B.  Yes, every penny counts when you have a salary cap.  It may take a few days to get an answer and sometimes the player will refuse your offer, but you can try over and over again.  If you get a 1 year contract, you will choose at the end of the season if you keep or not this player.  Be careful how you spend your money, a bad contract can hurt you for years.
    Signing free agents at the beginning of the season is a hole different thing.  If you are looking at the top players, you may have to pay 15%, 20% even 30% more than the salary he is asking for to beat other players offers.  Computer teams may pay 10% to 15% more than what the player is asking, but usually about the same salary that the player is asking.  A good way to know how popular is a player is to look on the player's page in the transfer section.  You will see the teams that have made an offer.  Good players wait until the last minute to make an offer.  You can get an idea of the offer that as been made by looking on the team's page the salary cap available.  Be careful, the amount you have to keep in mind is the "total salary cap" - "salaries" - "free space" amount.  The other team may have made more than an offer, but it will give you an idea.  Using the shortlist is also usefull.
    Player's profile is important and will help you to build your lines.  It will be very usefull to have 1 scoring line and 1 two-way line because of PP and PK.  Chances are your two first lines will play on PP and PK.  Again, left wingers are a little more important because of PK.  Scoring lines need snipers (shoot and puckhandling) and playmakers (pass and puckhandling).  Some use 2 snipers with 1 playmaker, others use 1 sniper with 2 playmakers.  Some players use all kind of players (two-ways and powerforwards), but I wouldn't recommand it when you start.  Keep things easy.  Two-ways lines needs two-way players (defense) but it might be hard to find 3 good two-ways players.  You may use 1 powerforward (two-way defensive) or 1 playmaker (two-way offensive) to make it easier.  Center is my personnal choice for those profiles.  One or two checking lines is usefull.  You are looking for powerforwards (physical and size).  I'll come back to lines and tactics next time.
    Ratings:  Skating is important.  Faceoffs isn't except for centers.  Since players rating affect their salary, try to keep faceoffs as low as possible for wingers and defenseman.  It also affects their developpment but just take my word for it right now.  Size doesn't cost anything so the bigger the better.  I do have a hard time to develop bigger players but it might be just me.  Some players will tell you that their is some ratings more important for goalies than others.  Puckcontrol and puckhandling may be a little less important, but not significant.  Dirty isn't revelant for goalies because they don't get penalities.
    Player traits: Ego and ambition for developing players, even more important for young players.  Big games for playoffs (try not to get nervous and dirty players if you don't like PK).  You need 1 captain and 2 assistants with leadership (true leader), or at least 1 true leader and 2 role models.
    Seems like a good start.  Next topic: player roles, line tactics and game tactics