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  1. No way. So against this. Just like in the NHL you get rid of cap space by finding a taker. It how Scott Gomez got traded by the NYR to Mon for then unknown and not thought of Def Mcdonough. If you did this there would be NO TRADING what so ever.
  2. junior1129


    what team are you?
  3. Wow I love my draft results center David Chovan (round 1, 85th pick) rated legendary forward Edgar Shustelyov (round 2, 118th pick) rated legendary forward Eerik Perttula (round 3, 152th pick) rated legendary defender Aappo Nevalainen (round 3, 197th pick).rated superstar I will take it!!!! You need to build from within. How did you do in your draft and WHO IS READY TO TRADE????
  4. Oh ok the 3 days before i guess
  5. I agree. While my team was far removed from the playoffs why not have 1 vs 2 for the champions of the league they are leaving
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    I am looking to trade with either of my two teams send request or message me....lets do this
  7. Is there a time before the regular season ends and the draft? I 'd like to make trades but the regular season just ended. Season 17. Playoffs to start today.
  8. opening this room to have a place we can talk trades, etc
  9. Hi , newbie owner, just joined this wee 1/20/17. 46yo man. NY Rangers fan. I LOVE to TRADE Msg me anytime,
  10. junior1129

    Season 17

    just picked up a team this week. always free to talk definitely love trading (like em young)
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    Mentor? How so?