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  1. Hey guys its me again and i sort of got this idea from Canucks any ways lets get right into it So guys what are your goals for this year any projected endings? looking to make some trades to improve your team discuss it here! Thanks, -Fist
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    GHL - Wildwood Wolf Pack - Trade Block (SHL team eligible players) Blake Hochu (19) {71} Fwd Ivan Ryabkin (27) {75} Fwd Oliver Pentti (27) {75} Dman Antonio Barbosa (18) {72} Dman [Rights] P.S. Maksim Fitzsimmons and Braden Janvry-Belair may also be available Send me picks and prospects -Fist
  3. its the 20th anniversary of the Lumber world We should get some kind of a nice little update
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    Hey Canucks i would be interested in moving som eplayer (Hit me up with offers)
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    Trading away all Prospect PM me if interested! (mainly BHL teams )
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    I've got a few guys who i can trade (BTW IM Pelee island tigers in SHL) Available-----> Thomas-Gabriel Mckenny Hayden Aboud Avgust Kopitar and Vincent Cross Send me PM ASAP (i will keep u guys updated!) Thanks, Fist
  7. Hi all i'm back again, and i have a few ideas (some have been mentioned by others) about the new update a lot of people have been mentioning the Scouts in the game and they say Anders is working on it so lets get to the list: 1. Scouts. I think that scouts would be a great new addition to the game because then you don't have to go and add all those random players to your shortlist when your drafting the scout could send you a message about a player that cought his attention and you can view the player profile 2. Filters. I have a few ideas of new filters as we all know its hard to find the right free agent who is cheap and good so the filter could be salary filtering. How it would work: A filter for Max Salary and minimum salary and so you don't go looking at people who are too expensive and waste your bloody time doing nothing! 3. Quick Action. Sort of merged into the recent topic it is where you click on the players name and there is a little blue action box and it has the choices so in case you were on the special filtering it doesn't reset it Thanks, FightingFistFight P.S. Good Luck in the new season
  8. Welcome bhandsome08 and get ready for a challenging yet excitingly fun game!\ BTW all those who now me as NorthShoreMavericks, or AxemenOfPrinceRupert i am owner of the Palos Hills Strike Force and got promoted to the GHL this year!!!!!!!! Sooooo excited an di need a lot of tips and help Thanks, Fist
  9. i just wanted to ask Anders if he could please have a multi delete notifications button and you select the ones you want to delete Thanks!
  10. My first full season is doing GREAT couldn't get better i got first in BHL and i got my second line out-performing my first liine XD
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    Hi im a bit of a noob but my team is insane... I have recently changed the Swansea Mutants into the Prince Rupert Axeman and now they are the Wildwood Wolfpack Anyway if you've made a trade or if you've signed a player why not post it here! Regards, David
  12. My Team is doing quite well we are 1st in the bhl 4 points above second (2nd is a tie between Silver Streak and Rangers) and we have been able to see some players come and go
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    i need a good solid IHL first line lvl forward i got this EXC trade value prospect to trade
  14. I have a similar difficulty for instance i try to edit my Tactics or sign a player it just displays a white bar and nothing on it