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  1. Waltzing retired now at the age of 49. I have another player Schavlav who is 43. Also a first ballot hall of famer; over 1000 points in reg season ghl; 8 golden cups. Been with my ghl team since he was an 18 yr old and now I'm sending him to aahl.
  2. I guess if i don't re sign him he will retire. I just don't want someone else to sign him in free agency for whatever reason. Since hes been with my franchise his whole career.
  3. He's been with my franchise since I drafted him. Doesn't want to retire
  4. Yeah, Waltzing is 49 now. Lol
  5. Izack Waltzing is now 46 yrs old and still playing. Although is nothing more than a aahl player now. Rating was 65 last time I checked. He just doesn't want to retire from my team. GHL Lumber Valleyview Brownbears.
  6. I remember John Grill. He was a great player. Played on my team in his mid 30s.
  7. I have a player who is a first ballot hall of famer "Izack Waltzing". Currently is 44 yrs old. Is a dman. Been playing in GHL Lumber since he was drafted 3rd ovr as a 18 yr old. Played whole GHL career with Valleyview Brown Bears. http://www.gameplanhockey.com/player?gpid=18623 Highlights: 6 Golden Cups 998 points in 1489 reg season games, plus 407 103 pts in 144 playoff games, plus 34
  8. Hi, the lumber ghl league page standings does not show some teams. Like the actual 1st place team is not on the top 4 in the league page. TOP TEAMS TEAM RECORD PTS 1West Chicago Wild 24-2-2-11 78 2Parkville Kingsmen 20-3-7-9 73 3Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds 21-1-4-13 69 4Southside Stealth 12-3-5-19 47 Actual Standings: 1 Valleyview Brown Bears 39 24 2 6 7 82 135 86 2 West Chicago Wild 39 24 2 2 11 78 124 87 3 Wellsboro Settlers 39 22 5 1 11 77 127 95 4 Cascade Locks Hound Dogs 39 25 1 0 13 77 129 99
  9. PCK

    S24 Trade Talk

    I would have traded with you but im in bhl. Too bad we cant trade 2 levels down
  10. Agreed. Imo, there are ways to improve your team without having to rip off computer teams. Try offering fair trades to human teams. Look at their rosters and needs etc. Trade from your positions of strength. Ive made plenty of trades with human teams.