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  1. Washington agrees to this trade. We think Marshall has a chance to improve our bullpen. The other guys are risky, but could pay off. We don't really have plans for Hartle and Borbon and won't miss them.
  2. TRADE EDITED TO ACCOUNT FOR MARSHALL NOT ABLE TO BE TRADED UNTIL JULY 1 Nationals send 3B Anthony Rendon, AAA P Erik Miller and AAA P BJ Sharp to Chicago for ML OF Y Puig, ML RP Brett Marshall, AA 2B Taylor Davis and AA 1B Connor Phillips Nats and Rendon do not have a future together and Rendon's lack of offense in 2022 has become unbearable. Marshall will be used in the pen but can also move into the rotation in the event of an injury. It is likely that Bill Wells will be the casualty to make room for Puig who will be a bench player. We believe Davis has a future and Phillips will be promoted to AAA.
  3. The Tigers and Nationals have reached agreement on a trade. Tigers will send Chris Villaman (AA SP) to the Nats for Edgardo Cortez (ML SS). Nats are not intending to keep Cortez on the ML roster in 2022 and would like a young pitcher to fill in the lower ML ranks.
  4. Nats agree. Catcher was clogged up with Palmer holding down the lion's share of the starts. We could have used Lewis at 1B, but we have Loren Rogers there and Matthew Grace who we are really excited about right on Rogers' heels. Nats think Robles will play a great OF and hit for high average. Nice dealing with you, Jim, as always.
  5. The Nats agree to this trade. We do feel a little bad about taking the community dog groomer, German instructor and grocery Carter, but we really need the relief pitching depth right now. Jim White will not be missed. We believe he regularly spent half of his salary on booze, blow and hookers. We don't know what he did with the other half, but we suspect he just wasted it. Jim did ask what the rent was at the house next door to Eddie's aunt so we will be eager to see how that works out.
  6. Nats agree to this trade. I think we need to bolster the hitting in the outfield and that means Rymer needs to take a seat and be replaced by someone who will hit for better average. Koyama fits that bill. However, he likely will not play the field as well as Rymer. Here is a little more thinking. If Rymer has to ride the bench, he might become unhappy and opt out of his contract. This would free up a LOT of dollars for the Washington payroll. The Wild Card race is tight and I think to make the playoffs, we have to wind the division...
  7. The Rays and Nats have agreed to a trade. Rays send OF Roberto Lopez (ML) and 3B TJ Snow (AAA) to the Nats for 3B Oneil Cruz (AA) Nats think we can compete this season and would like a hitter to bat lead off. Lopez could be that guy. Tough to part with Cruz as we think he will be a good one and the heir apparent to Rendon. But, we will need to find another future 3B.
  8. Nats approve this trade. We have cash and can spend a bit to get some minor league depth. One of these guys might emerge as a solid bench player down the road.
  9. Nats send CF Enrique Bradfield to the Tigers for LF Fernando Zapata -- Bradfield is likely to be a solid defensive CF and a baserunning threat. We like Zapata for his potential power the ability to contribute sooner that Bradfield will. Thanks, Jim!
  10. Nats agree. It is tough to part with Allen, but the return of Cortez and Rendon sets us up with a nice left side of the infield. Harris is going to be good but the acquisition of Roach makes letting him go tolerable. Thanks, Scott!
  11. Nats send $500K to the Reds for P Brad Smith Smith was available in the auction for $500K. I didn't take him, but after considering it, I reached out to Jason and offered him the amount from the auction and he accepted.
  12. Nats and Cubs have agreed to a trade after Ben Revere failed to move at auction. Nats send CF Ben Revere to the Cubs - retaining 50% of salary for AA 2B Luis De La Rosa and AA SP Chris Roach Nats are seeking to clear some room in the outfield for some younger talent. De La Rosa and Roach can settle at AAA for the Nats and will have opportunities to fill in for injuries or if our young talent falters. Good dealing with you, Jabs.
  13. Nats agree to this trade. Paek can be some insurance for Revere in case of injury or if he does not bounce back. Then we would want to manage his plate appearances a little more so to manage his vesting option.
  14. Nats agree to this trade. Peoples likely doesn't have a future role at the ML level for the Nats. Rosado is interesting. He appears to punch above his weight / ratings a bit. He might turn into a solid ML pitcher. It is worth a shot.