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  1. Nats send SP Jud Graham to the Rockies for AAA RP Teobaldo Tavaco, AAA RF Roy McKenzie, A+ SP Drake Fellows and R LF Steven O'Toole Rationale - This boosts our farm and I don't see Graham in our long term pitching plans so maybe he can help Eddie out here down the stretch. O'Toole and Fellow are a bit away from ready, but they could bloom into contributors. McKenzie and Tavaco could contribute sooner. Pleasure doing business with you, Eddie. As always...
  2. Nats agree to this deal. We plucked Adames off of waivers when Allen was struggling so we did not have to send Allen down. Hensley looks like he could be a good addition to our bullpen through which has been blowing games for us all season. Thanks, Jim, for an easy deal.
  3. Thanks, Eddie. Nats agree to this trade. I think these guys are fringe ML players. They might have some utility down the road and will likely offer an upgrade at my AA or AAA level for now.
  4. Thanks, Eddie. Nats approve. Punentac is young and we need some immediate bullpen help. Vizcaino might benefit from our bigger park and heavier air. I can put Agramonte right into my pen also. Always fun doing business with Ed.
  5. The Nats send SP Blaine Knight (A+) and $1M cash to the Rockies for LF Julio Solis (AAA) and RP Stuart Kennedy (AA) Blaine Knight is going to be a solid pitcher, but there is not a ton of room for him to make it to the bigs any time soon. Solis could help this season in the event of another outfielder going down after Revere and Kennedy looks like he has some promise also in the bullpen. Thanks, Eddie!
  6. Nats agree to this trade. Ramirez is a good looking prospect but he is a long way away. Meanwhile, Silva is a guy we could have on the bench behind Allen and Childs in the not too distant future. Good luck with Ramirez, Soze!
  7. The Astros send RP Victor Payano to the Nats for 1B Logan Wyatt. The Nats had their eye on Payano at the auction. Unfortunately, the team's contingent arrived late to the auction and missed the opportunity to bid on Payano. Special thanks to Matt for working something out.
  8. Nats send Marlon Vance (SP), Dustin Pedroia (2B, retain 30%) and Eddie Rosario (LF) to the Jays for Blaine Knight (AA, SP), Nick Pickett (SP) and Michael Fiers (AAA, SP). Rationale - with the addition of Justin Upton via free agency, the Nats outfield is getting crowded. Also, the emergence of Alex Childs at 2B and the opportunity to get a little younger there reduces the need for Pedroia. I also want to get Matthew Ryan some playing time at the MLB level. Nick Pickett looks to be a solid SP who can hold down the 3 or 4 spot. It gives me the opportunity to consider putting Trevail into the pen, maybe even as a closer, with his control.
  9. Nats send Figueroa (retaining $5M) and Beach to the Twins for Gorski, Bell and Turpin. We believe that we can use the money by freeing up Figueroa's salary and we can make room for Nick Allen who is tearing up the Winter League and ready to go.
  10. Nats agree to this trade. As good as Chappy is, we can really use the money his contract relief frees up. We also get a legit outfielder in Jim White.
  11. The Nats agree. Very difficult to part with our Cy Young Award winner. We got him in the trade for Strasburg some years back. But the offer from the Rockies was too much to pass up. Jud Graham is a solid pitcher and can slot in behind Davies. We wait for Cartwright and Jon Simpson (at my AAA) to be ready. The other guys are all solid prospects. I think they will make a difference for me down the road.
  12. The Washington Nationals and Toronto Blue Jays have agreed to a trade. The Nats will send Edwin Rodgers (CF) and Raynel Velette (SP) to the Jays for Cole Swanson (SP) and Rymer Liriano (LF) and Adrian Hernandez (1B A+). The Nats are reluctant to part with Velette. We got him in the Strasburg deal way back. We also planned to start Rodgers in 2019. That being said, Liriano brings us a big bat and Swanson is a quality starter. We believe Liriano's bat is a difference maker for our team and we had to give up a future Cy Young winner to get him. Thanks to Mitch for a nice negotiation!
  13. The Nats agree. Giving up Chapman is a big loss for us. But, Hensley can fit into the rotation if we need him. Matty Ice is a nice pick up for us, though. We are intrigued by the many positions he can play and, as he develops, we will watch for his specialty. We also might spin off a football team and we would have an instant franchise QB (albeit a choker...).
  14. The Nats send ML RP Josh Spence to the Reds for ML RF Augusto Garcia and AAA SP Wes Martin. With the recent signing of Aroldis Chapman, Spence becomes dispensable. While Garcia is coming of ACL surgery, he is relatively young and has demonstrated a propensity to hit for average. Our outfield is certainly crowded right now, but we will clear that up through the remainder of the winter and spring. Wes Martin is someone who our scouting department has been keeping an eye on for some time. We see him as a potential back of the rotation starter. Thanks Scott! Good luck in 2019.
  15. Washington confirms. We have no plans for Santos. Our scout likes Cedeno...