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  1. I just took over the team today, so maybe the name isn't updated. The old team name was the Monticello Cobras.
  2. I'm manager of the Quail Ridge Jayhawks (BHL). I've got quite a few good players on the trade block. Vuorela - 79 overall C Haugland - 75 overall G Branconier - 74 overall G Wilkinson - 73 overall D Fleischer - 72 overall F Vedeneyev - 71 overall D Pribylov -70 overall D For Vuorela I'm looking for a package of BHL level F/C with a green/blue big games trait. For the rest of them I am open to any kind of deal. Send me a trade proposal or a PM if interested.
  3. Living up to your expectations? Any surprised or disasters? Right now I'm battling for promotion in the IHL. I'm in second, but my lead on 3rd and 4th us not as big as I would've hoped. I still have one game against each of the those teams so I could easily drop down to 3rd or 4th. These last few days sgould be entertaining!
  4. I was wondering what to do to improve winner instict. I had the most talented team in the LIHL last year and everything looked good except winner instinct. I ended up getting 3rd and not being promoted. How do I improve this?
  5. Can't access any of my teams do to an error in server / application. Is this happening to anyone else?