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  1. I got my start playing sports sims quite a while later than the rest of the folks in the thread, mostly because I am quite a bit younger then them (I am not quite 19). A diehard sports fan since the Mariners historic 2001 season, my first sports video game was NBA Live '05, but they didn't consume me until MLB 2K7. After playing out the first month of the season and having every one of my regulars with 40 HR, I decided to sim into the future. All I can remember is that I reached the 2070s and the best player in league history was a fellow named Ichiro Pujols. My real love was baseball statistics and a desire to run a ballclub. I was beyond excited for MLB Front Office Manager, and beyond disappointed when I tried to play the incredibly broken game. After a few months I ventured back out and looked on the internet for a game that could satisfy my desire, and I found two, Baseball Mogul and OOTP. After browsing through screenshots, I decided to give the Baseball Mogul demo a try, I was actually turned off of OOTP because if its prettier graphics, perhaps mistrust from Front Office Manager. Baseball Mogul didn't have the Mariners roster right and I disagreed with the player ratings, so I decided to give OOTP a shot. I fell in love. I bought OOTPX and have purchased every version since, including OOTP 15, which has consumed the last few days of my life. I also play Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2 which I picked up early last year and PFS, which I have been playing since 2010. I eagerly await BTS.
  2. It sounds like you and I want to play the game the same way. With the minor league system I will often let the AI run it now that there is an option to disable the AI's ability to promote and demote specific players. This allows you to let the AI run the minors, but you can manage your top prospects. Regarding the draft, the system can be overwhelming and the game in general has a steep learning curve. I find that it is manageable if I simply rank them by overall ratings and select from the 5-10 players with the highest potential (according to my scout). I don't remember if this was around in 2010, it might have been added a year later, but even when you don't have feeder leagues, draft eligible players will still have a season of high school or college statistics generated. I usually let the AI draft after the 10th round, because all the players are similar and unlikely to reach the majors at that point (much like real life), and when I do draft past then I tend to target specific skills (draft the fastest guy left or the guy with the best velocity). I don't play historical sims, so I can't comment on that, but if you are unhappy with the talent changes, you can easily modify the talent change randomness so that players fall more in line with their projections. Also, there is a natural fog of war created by scouting and if your scout is not very good he could be identifying mediocre prospects as top prospects, this can also be disabled if you prefer to play without it. In short, I would highly recommend OOTP. It has a very steep learning curve and can be very confusing at first, but there is a very strong community at the OOTP forums (and hopefully here in the future), that will happily guide you along. Almost everything in the game is customizable, and it can be as difficult or easy as you want.
  3. I think the Texans trade with the Browns and Cleveland takes Manziel. I think the Texans want Bortles, of course they could just go with Clowney, who is going to be better than any of the QBs. Some interesting measurements so far, LSU WR Odell Beckham Jr. has 10 inch hands at 5-11 and Tenn OT Antonio Richardson did 36 reps on bench with 35 inch arms, that is incredible.
  4. This is pretty cool, much more than I was expecting. Some of the interface is a little confusing, I can't figure out how to view my roster's full stats.
  5. Hi all, my name is Fletcher and I am looking forward to adding to this community. I play OOTP (extensively), PFS, and DDSCB2. I am a big fan of the Mariners, Seahawks, Pistons, and Gonzaga basketball.