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  1. Kansas City sends: RF Jason Hayward, retains 80% of contract Arizona sends: RP Jack White (AAA) Whilest celebrating 'Bobby Bonilla Day', we were informed of an injury to our right fielder -- following a series where RF Hayward went 6-9 against us -- so we immediately made an offer for him. As a rental Hayward fits well for us. While P Jack White has potential, he's not ready to help us this season so he was the price we were willing to pay. Thanks to Chappy for the quick and easy negotiations.
  2. Arizona confirms. Arizona addresses a need in the bullpen, at the cost of one of its top bullpen prospects. Lockwood might come back to haunt us, but we feel that Torres can help us now and has a few years of team control remaining as well. Thanks for the straightforward negotiations, Chappy.
  3. Arizona trades: SP Jarrod Parker (ML DFA) retaining 100% salary Seattle trades: P Graham Mertz (A- Everett) Parker just didn't have it for us; we're better off giving others a chance at this point. Hopefully the coaches in Seattle can get through to him. In return, we get a promising rookie pitcher with the potential to help us out in a few years. Thanks and good luck, Soze.
  4. Chicago (AL) sends ... SP Ethan Hankins (A+) SP Jarrod Parker (ML) Arizona sends ... RP Dawrin Frias (ML) RP Matthew Summers (ML) SP Alfred Johnson (A) C Josh Breaux (R) Arizona clears some space in a crowded bullpen and gains a prospect in Hankins who could help us down the road. Really liked what we saw in Frias last year, but someone had to go eventually so might as well get something in return. Parker was odd man out for Chicago, something of a salary relief, and could help bridge the gap for us at the back end of the rotation this year. Johnson and Breaux have potential to contribute in the future, but we have the depth to make the move. Thanks for the straightforward negotiations, Jonathan.
  5. Arizona confirms. Yeah, prospects-for-prospects are tricky. We really liked Ellis' versatility but we too have others who hopefully can fill that role when called upon. Moving older prospects for younger ones made sense for us, given that so many of our prospects will come of age in the next year or two. Thanks Matt for the thoughtful negotiations.
  6. Arizona confirms. We really like the upside of all three of the players heading to Tampa Bay, but gaining a solid major league outfielder in Carroll Curtis in return hopefully makes us a better team in the short term.
  7. Arizona requests ... Avg L: 1.15 Avg R: 1.15 2B: 1.05 current 3B: 1.12 current HR L: 1.15 HR R: 1.15
  8. Arizona trades: SP Michael Wacha (ML) LF Brent Bowman (AAA) Cincinnati trades: CF Bill Harrison (R-Billings) SS Jake McClure (R-Goodyear) A difficult move for both sides, but the potential to help both teams is clearly there. Wacha and Bowman jump into a pennant race with Cincinnati, while we get a solid prospect in Harrison and a lottery ticket in McClure. Thanks for the thorough negotiations and good luck!
  9. Looking for rookie-league type prospects, not on the 40-man roster. AA 1B/3B Alex Santana AAA SP/RP Zach Rivera - lefty AAA SP/RP Jose Jose - lefty AAA RP Joel Lima ML RP/SP Erik Cordier - fan fave ML RP/SP Robert Carson - lefty ML RP/SP David Perez - groundball righty
  10. The Diamondbacks agree to sell Dwight Child's rights. We wish him all the best in the future.
  11. Diamondbacks concur. DeShields was blocked in our organization, and Buice provides someone who might develop into a possible backup in a few years.
  12. Arizona is looking for 1-2 quality major league ready bullpen arms, no matter what you call them: closer/setup/stopper/LOOGY/whatever. Otherwise, we are looking for rookie-ball players with years/options intact. The following players could be moved in the right deal: RH SP Carl Deer: Rated top-100 prospect by OSA, second round draft pick in 2016, currently at double-A, Deer is almost ready for the majors. 4 pitches, decent gas, groundball mechanics. RH RP Conner Sadzeck (ML) -- might benefit from a change of scenery. SS/2B Daniel Santana (ML): solid glove off the bench. 1B/2B Alfredo Zavala (ML) -- bench bat, decent glove, good baserunner. RH SP/RP David Perez (ML) -- three pitches, groundball pitcher.
  13. Arizona sends: RP Michael Blake (AAA/waivers) Chicago White Sox sends: P Gregg Marmaro ® The retooling continues, as we exchange a reliever who is almost ready now for one who is a few years away. Both have a shot at a major league career, but with the season ending this was an opportunity to build depth for the future. Thanks for the quick/easy negotiations, Jonathan.