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  1. Diamondbacks confirm. Despite recovering from a slow start last season, Hanson is odd man out due to finances and having two minor league catchers who appear to be ready-enough for The Show. Thanks for the easy, fruitful negotiations, Mitch.
  2. The way I see this working for the Diamondbacks is as follows: Mgr Kenny Faulk - Missoula (Pioneer-R) moves to Kane County (A) PCoach Phil Hughes - Missoula (Pioneer-R) moves to Kane County (A) HCoach Bobby Moore - Missoula (Pioneer-R) moves to Scottsdale (AZ-R) Scottsdale (AZ-R) retains Mgr Gregg Ritchie and PCoach Drew Smyly Hillsboro (A-): Mgr is vacant, PCoach and HCoach can be let go. New rookie league coaching staff should be vacant
  3. Pioneer League championship series is going on for up to one more week (Oct 18 at the latest, barring rain/snow-outs?).
  4. While the re-injury to Shohei Ohtani may appear to have made this deal necessary, the fact is that we had already been seeking an impact starting pitcher. Ryan Copeland has the experience to hopefully lead us into the post-season. While the price is hefty (no pun-intended to Garret), we're comfortable with where the deal positions us. We're also confident that the pitching prospects we give up will haunt us someday. Thanks KC, and good luck to the Royals!
  5. Diamondbacks send: P Grant Ford (A) P Quinn Priester (A+) P Paul Hardy (A+) P Graham Mertz (AA) P Joel Machado (AA) Padres send: P Michael Matuella (IL) The Diamondbacks continue to shore up their pitching, acquiring now-former-nemesis P Michael Matuella. Matuella is currently on the IL, but we're hoping he might be available should we play meaningful games in October. Otherwise he'll be in the rotation for next season. We're hoping we won't be haunted in-division by the young pitchers we're giving up, but all of them have the potential to do so. Thanks Sean for the straightforward negotiations.
  6. Arizona approves this deal. We've been interested in Dixon for a while, so when he became available we decided to go for it. We can never have too many bullpen arms, it would seem. Thanks Cole for the productive negotiations.
  7. Kansas City sends: SP Casey Mize (ML) SP Gavin Beerup (A) RP Justin Worrell (AA) CF Kona Moore (R) Arizona sends: CF Daz Cameron (ML) Arizona moves 4-time Gold Glove CF Daz Cameron for some much-needed ML pitching help in Casey Mize. We see this as a gamble for both teams, as neither player is guaranteed to rebound in the short run, but at this point in the season that is where we are. The prospects we receive help balance things out for moving a position player who has superior defensive value while also giving us some pieces for the future. Good luck the rest of the way, Chappy!
  8. Arizona sends … RP Orlando Dias (ML) SP Travis Banks (A+) SP Carson Beck (A+ IL) SP Deuce Hogan (A) SP Kade Wells (A) Chicago Cubs send … RP Orlando Garcia (ML) w/ 100% retention CL Tommy Doyle (A+) The Diamondbacks roll the dice on improving the bullpen with proven veteran Orlando Garcia. In return, we send out several hopeful arms which we feel give the Cubs depth to draw on in the future. Orlando Dias would be odd man out in the current bullpen, so he was sent along to even things up. Thanks for the straightforward negotiations, Justin.
  9. Arizona sends: RP Mauro Davila (ML) Minnesota sends: P Kade Wells (R) Davila is the odd man out in our bullpen, and with other players available to step in he became available. We like Wells' potential to develop into a potential ML piece in 3-4 years. Thanks Rocky for the easy negotiations.
  10. Arizona confirms. This is a full-roster/budgetary move for us, rather than any comment on Schlereth's abilities. We have another lefty we can slot into the specialist role as needed. Cecconi is a couple years away and adds to our stable of pitching hopefuls. Thanks for the quick negotiations Soze!
  11. Wild Card Round Best of Three: Blue Jays Astros Braves Dodgers LDS Best of Five: Angels Twins Cardinals Diamondbacks LCS Best of Seven: ALCS: Angels NLCS: Diamondbacks World Series Best of Seven Diamondbacks in 7 games
  12. Arizona sends: SP Mason Feole (SA) San Francisco sends: C Matt Weiters (ML) Our catchers-of-the-future aren't catchers-of-the-present just yet, so Weiters gets the task of backup catcher down the stretch. Feole gets a chance at revenge within the division in a couple years.
  13. Arizona sends: RF Yusneil Diaz (AAA) SP Kevin Gowdy (AA) SP Triston Casas (AA) RP Reed Jones (A+) SP Matthew Danielson (A) Miami sends: SP Lance McCullers (ML) SP Victor Lizzaraga (Intl) We've been interested in McCullers for years now, but with recent injuries to our pitching staff we decided to make a more concerted effort. Diaz was on the short list for an outfield assignment next season, but we'll come up with other options. Lizzaraga helps offset the large amount of pitching depth we're moving, but we still have some arms to work from going forward. Thanks to Josh for the productive negotiations!
  14. Arizona sends: RP Pat Crosby (MLB) SS Logan Davidson (AA) SP Max Johnson (A-) San Francisco sends: SP Juan Ibarra (MLB) $500,000 cash money Arizona approves. This is a calculated risk, given Ibarra's return from injury as well as moving talented prospects Davidson and Johnson to a division rival. Crosby, like Hauck before him, is simply odd man out. We're hoping that Ibarra can give us quality innings out of the pen this season and into the future. Thanks for the quick and easy negotiations, GM Heinz!
  15. Arizona sends: P Bill Hauck (ML) Chicago White Sox send: SP Matthew Danielson (R-GFA) Arizona confirms. Bill Hauck is simply odd man out for our rotation plans and isn't well suited for our bullpen. His no hitter as a rookie heralded the start of our turnaround from our rebuild, but our team has evolved and it was time to move on. Danielson gives us a prospect with an opportunity to hopefully contribute in a few years. Thanks for the negotiations and good luck Jonathan.