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    chowderhead9 got a reaction from Paul T in NFL Football   
    While there is no question that Drew Brees is a future HoF, it is difficult to see how he would ever be rated ahead of Tom Brady.
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    chowderhead9 got a reaction from Chris in BBCF 2015 and Beyond   
    Week 4: Top 25 Media Poll
    The Week 4 poll is out and what a wild week it was. Penn State (4-0) remains in control of the top spot, but the Wisconsin Badgers (3-1) dropped from the #2 spot due to their lose to Michigan State. Filling the void at the #2 spot is Oklahoma (3-1), followed by LSU (3-0), Ohio State (4-0), and USC (2-1). The Washington State Cougars fell out of the Top 25 poll, with the UAB Blazers moving up from #38 to #24 following their shocking win over the Miami Hurricanes. There are three games between ranked teams in Week 5, led by a match-up between Penn State and Michigan State.

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    chowderhead9 got a reaction from Chris in BBCF 2015 and Beyond   
    Was a tough year and playing the game simply didn't crack the priority list. Just fired up the game for the first time in 7 months, so I will see if I get drawn back into playing.
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    chowderhead9 reacted to Chris in My College Football Simulation [BBCF]   
    You assume it's more active but you've had no replies there and almost 5-6 here lol
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    chowderhead9 reacted to drummerJ99 in Buzz City | A Charlotte Hornets Dynasty (DDS:PB21)   
    The Charlotte Hornets have not won more then 36 games since they won 48 in the 2015-2016 season. And they have not reached the playoffs since that season, and have only finished with a winning percentage better then .450 one season since then.
    The Charlotte Hornets announced today they have parted ways with Mitch Kupchak, who to be fair has only been in that position since April 8th 2018. In his place they have agreed to terms with 40 year old Indiana native Sam Fisher. Fisher played college ball at Indiana State before playing 2 years over in Europe.
    “I’m excited for the opportunity” said Fisher at the press conference today, “I have lofty expectations for myself. I want and expect to win to bring Charlotte their first championship.” Fisher wasn’t brave enough to guarantee or promise how soon that will happen. When asked what his first order of business was, he said “getting ready for the draft coming up.”

    The pretty much unknown Fisher The Charlotte Hornets will have the 3rd pick in the upcoming draft. The WSSN mock draft has them taking 19 year old SG Anthony Edwards from Georgia.

    The mock draft ended up being right, as the Charlotte Hornets selected SG Anthony Edwards with the 3rd pick in the 1st round. Edwards will fill a hole the Hornets have at SG, as the Hornets only had 22 year old Malik Monk on the roster. With the 2nd round pick the Hornets selected PF Tyler Bey from Georgia and with the final pick the Hornets selected PF Yoeli Childs from BYU.
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    chowderhead9 reacted to Chris in (Score 9.1 / 10) "Draft Day Sports Pro Football 2020 Review - Customization is King" (Windows PC) NFL Manager Game   
    Wolverine Studios tackles the complicated game of American football with flexibility and poise.

    The game of American football is complicated. Anyone who has dipped their toes into a management game that revolves around football knows just how complex it can be. Designing a game that touches all aspects of football in a way that works is even harder. Still, Wolverine Studios has managed to do enough right to pull together a complete simulation that captures the magic and complexity of American football.
    This game includes all of the following features: full rosters, practice squad, trades, free agency, the draft, scouting, injuries, a custom play editor, the ability to design and use custom playbooks, the ability to generate custom leagues and league formats, realistic simulation with box scores and post-game analysis. And more.
    Once you open the game and start playing around with the options, you remember how complicated American football truly is, and the fact that Wolverine Studios managed to get all of the essential pieces of the sport into the game is impressive. Better yet, they made it look great while doing it.
    To read the full review
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    chowderhead9 reacted to jdsonline in BBCF 2015 and Beyond   
    This has always been such a great game. Wish they still updated it.
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    chowderhead9 reacted to AlexanderRasputin in From Hell: The rise of the Vermilion Black Devils   
    SEASON 1: 
    The First Circle
    (60-6-3-11, 1st place)
    Rasputin brings in two Russians to fill key roles on the team - angry powerforward Viktor Sabitov and goaltender Dennis Sabantsev. Sabitov will play on the 1st line with Bergland and German veteran C Akram Janjic, who joins the squad through a Twitter job posting. Sabantsev will start in net. Bure runs the first weeks of practices behind closed doors, with players sleeping and eating at the arena. Occasionally, the players run out of the building in a line carrying what looks like bodybags over their shoulders, and head into the old clay mine where they are seen swinging pickaxes and chopping wood on the surrounding countryside. Rock music blares out of the arena, and bonfires and strange chants cover the perimeter as a vaguely Orthodox-looking priest does laps around the building with an incense burner.
    When the public is finally allowed in, they see a different team. The Black Devils are fast and aggressive, and hit hard. Inter-squad scrimmages devolve into adrenaline-fueled shoving matches. The players are focused. Where they lack natural skill, they are physically prepared to play a fast, aggressive game. Bure routinely steps onto the ice to show them mere grains of his talent, still exponentially better than anything they can offer, but for now, it is enough. 
    The drastic change in cohesiveness causes the unbelievers in the local media to put out a hit story on the team. “Local team’s miraculous transformation powered by ‘Russian gas’” whines the headline. In a calculated PR move, Rasputin invites WADA experts in to test his players. They follow them into bathrooms and crawl up to their beds to take blood samples during sleep. At one point, the WADA team bursts on the ice in the middle of a practice and demands urine tests on the spot. The players call the WADA rep “Gollum” for the way he always creeps behind them, muttering to himself, just out of sight. But the results are negative.
    Opening night has an audience of 750. Someone throws a sack of potatoes on the ice and boos. The players pick them up - no sense to waste good food. 
    The first season goes by quickly, powered by excitement, adrenaline, and the novelty of professional hockey. The still mostly-empty stadium is slowly attracting fans, but the team is a financial black hole. Rasputin streams games on social media, inviting YouTubers and amateur sportscasters to call the games and build up a younger fanbase. He holds NHL tournaments in the arena, giving out cash prizes and season tickets left and right. #BlackDevilHockey and #RussianSpies is trending on Twitter.
    True to their namesake, the Black Devils rip through the competition, finishing with a 60-6-3-11 record and a +195 goal differential. Bergland and Sabitov finish with 81 and 72 points, Sabitov with over 200 hits, and the team’s 2nd D-pair of Jesse Betiol and Aadam Richer-Louveteau, local boys, are +94 and +93 respectively. Calgarian Cedric Lepage is the team’s top goal-scorer with 39.

    A championship banner is lifted at The Chasm, and one flame is lit under the demon statue in front of the stadium. The Five-Year Plan is underway.
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    chowderhead9 got a reaction from Walter A. Donaldson in From Hell: The rise of the Vermilion Black Devils   
    What an interesting write-up -- it already has me hooked. I am really looking forward to seeing how this develops.
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    chowderhead9 got a reaction from AlexanderRasputin in From Hell: The rise of the Vermilion Black Devils   
    What an interesting write-up -- it already has me hooked. I am really looking forward to seeing how this develops.
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    chowderhead9 got a reaction from Chris in From Hell: The rise of the Vermilion Black Devils   
    What an interesting write-up -- it already has me hooked. I am really looking forward to seeing how this develops.
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    chowderhead9 reacted to AlexanderRasputin in From Hell: The rise of the Vermilion Black Devils   
    When a convoy of toned black BMWs rolls into the quiet Alberta town of Vermilion on an early spring morning in 2019, the locals have every right to be surprised. No one recalls an official visit to the town since it was formally inaugurated in 1906, a century ago, let alone a convoy flying the Russian imperial eagle.
    As the door of the lead BMW opens and an enigmatic figure in a leather jacket, jeans, and aviators strolls out and walks straight for the town hall, flanked by two prototypical burly ex-prison ZEKs, the locals’ confusion turns to a sense of palpable danger. The town mechanic, who had seen Eastern Promises many times, swears that the Russians have KGB tattoos and someone needs to call Trudeau right away lest the country become overrun by Putin, starting from this sleepy mining town. Of course, no one does anything. But when 15 minutes later the Russian walks out, now flanked by only one of his bodyguards, gets into the driver’s seat of the 7-Series, and drives away without a word or ceremony, the convoy sending rising clouds of red clay dust well into the morning sun - the fear turns to curiosity.
    This curiosity turns to bewilderment, when the mayor calls a town hall meeting that very afternoon. Beside her stands 190 cm, 100 kg of Fedor - “just Fedor”, as he says firmly - in a leather jacket, the prototypical Russian mafia thug, and as he stares ahead, stone-faced, the mayor explains that a young Russian by the name of Rasputin, with authorization from the government of Canada, has just bought a $20 million stake in the town. Before the crowd has a chance to process this figure, she adds that Vermilion is now the home of a professional hockey team, the Black Devils, with a new 13,000 seat arena and associated businesses to begin construction imminently.

    Autumn 2019, in the hero-city of Volgograd, Russia. It’s cold, unglamorous, and foreboding. Alexander Rasputin stands before a throng of international journalists, his customary aviators down. ITAR-TASS is here, as well as TSN. His goal is simple. “I want to conquer North American hockey. We start from the bottom. We take no prisoners. We give no room for “BUT”. We start from the lowest league, LIHL, we win every year. We move to the top. And then we win there. A war, to prove our strength. A true challenge, like the Summit series. My challenge to North American hockey”, he grins. To get to the GHL is one Five-Year Plan. To win in the GHL is the other.
    There are laughs that slowly die down, then shocked silence among the media. No team has ever accomplished the trek from the LIHL to the GHL in 5 seasons. The logistics behind such a feat are...improbable at best, a vodka-fueled daydream. No team in the billion-dollar NA professional sports has ever done this. The skill gap between the levels is massive. The roster turnover will be crippling. The financial weight, more so. The competition from established teams and the brutal 80-game season with a minimum time to build chemistry and team identity, thrice that.
    But Alexander comes from Volgograd, where the siege held in 1942, and carries with him the shadowy weight of the Rasputin name. Rumours fly that Alexander has a connection to the same wild sorcery that powered Grigory, the same sorcery that set in motion events that toppled an empire. Certainly, his reputation in the elite circles is not good. He is volatile, uncouth. He listens to Scandinavian metal. He wears jeans, leather jackets, and long hair like he is some kind of Peter Steele wannabe. He drinks too much, even for a Russian, and isn’t respectful of Orthodox beliefs. There are whispers of cults, women, and pagan rituals. Most write him off as one of a thousand spoiled degenerates living out opium dreams on the money of previous generations. But this opinion will change.

    A month later, Alexander again stands in front of nearly all of the 4,000 strong population of the town of Vermilion. “We are here to win at all costs” is his clear and slightly ominous message. Like most small Canadian towns, Vermilion is also a hockey town with a solid junior program, but this is on an entirely different level. There are misgivings. Alexander’s involvement is not trusted. Someone demands to know why he chose their community, of all places. 
     “During the war, my great-grandfather stood shoulder to shoulder with a Canadian soldier,” begins Rasputin. “This man had come to the Eastern Front to deliver supplies, and stayed to deliver the invaders from our land. Him and my great-grandfather survived Stalingrad together.” He pauses for emphasis, looks over the crowd. “And for that I owe him - and your town, his birthplace, much gratitude.” There is silence, then scattered applause which eventually overtakes the entire crowd. For the time being, at least, Alexander is one of them. 
    On the financial front, the new Russian owner delivers. Vermilion Black Devils are officially inaugurated as a professional hockey club in late 2019. A modern arena is built, the design strangely gothic, what some might claim as occult symbols decorating its hallways and a massive 10-metre basalt and crimson steel statue of a grinning, winged demon decorating its front gates. Colloquially known as “The Chasm”, Vermilion Park quickly fills with the sounds of skates hitting the ice and pucks hitting the net. Gold and black jerseys are paraded on hundreds of citizens, and despite the town’s name, these two colours are dominant on every storefront. Rallies take place on the streets, and a brand-new hockey academy is receiving hundreds of talented young prospects from around the province. The city, at least for now, has bought into Alexander’s vision. 
    But there is much work to be done. Alexander assumes the GM role, and Fedor the meaningful title of “Personnel Manager”. As a foundation for the team, the Black Devils franchise co-opts a struggling amateur regional hockey club. At practices, they are barely able to elevate the puck, and their skating is abysmal. Alexander spits, slams doors and spends a lot of his time growling at his iPhone, occasionally taking the ice himself. Fedor menacingly points at the underperforming players and cracks his knuckles. The season is a few short weeks away, and the team cannot decide if they are hockey players or sunflower seed farmers. The lone bright spot is the first Vermilion team captain, a Swedish teenager named Fritiof Bergland. His linemate, German prospect Nico Habib, also shows potential.

    After the first week of practices yield few results, Alexander flies to Russia, returning in 3 days with a familiar figure at his side, whose presence only seems to reinforce his backdoor connections. NHL legend Pavel Bure steps out of the black 7-Series, his mouth a hard line as he sees the backwater Canadian town with a shiny new arena and so far, nothing to show for it. But he looks at Alexander, who waits expectantly, and nods. That evening, Bure is announced as the club’s head coach and ambassador of its direct, Soviet-school offensive playstyle.

    Responding to the local reporters’ questions of whether the team’s goals can be achieved, he says laconically - “We will see.”
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    chowderhead9 reacted to PointGuard in The Tournament That Wasn't   
    South Region--Sweet 16

    Iowa's upset of #1 seed Florida State was the biggest news coming from the South Regional. #2 seed Creighton took care of business, but #3 seed Oregon and #4 seed Maryland both were defeated. The BYU-Maryland game was close and exciting throughout and the victory up in the air until the final few seconds.

    Dynasty Threads:
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    chowderhead9 reacted to ragincajun in DDSCB2020: A Journeyman Style Save   
    So I was asked by Chris to come back and contribute a dynasty type save for one of the Wolverine Studios games.  I actually downloaded DDSCB2020 today so thought I'd oblige him.  I have been involved in sim leagues (text based mostly) since BBCF debuted back in 2005 and currently run four teams as GM in a couple of leagues.  I am also in my third year with a small You Tube channel with a focus on Football Manager with daily content (Mon-Sat). 
    Anyway, if you are unfamiliar, a "journeyman" is where you start off with a small team and effort to work your way up the ladder to the big time programs; much like a real career path would occur.  So with that in mind I am firing up the game for the first time and will see what transpires.  I won't be playing this daily as it's a "third choice" option for me with my other stuff I'm involved in but we'll give it a whirl for you guys here at GM Games.
    Here's the league setup if you are curious...I am running the College Mod Version 1.10 found on the developer's website under the mods section on the forums.
    EP0: Game Discussion, How to Import Real Schools Mod, Pre Dynasty Setup
    "This first episode is just a general episode discussing and walking through the league setup and a discussion on the Real World mod available at Wolverine Studios. We setup our coach for the series and give a brief discussion on what the goals of the series are. This will be a “journeyman” style save where we start off as a brand new coach and attempt to have a career where we develop as a coach, build our skills up and progress to new jobs at higher prestige schools."
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    chowderhead9 got a reaction from Chris in TV Shows   
    Loved watching Merlin. In fact, have watched it several time through. I find myself going back to watch shows that have already run its course.  Currently watching Psych and Monk all over again. 
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    chowderhead9 got a reaction from Paul T in NFL Football   
    Yep, agreed.
    While clearly not an elite level QB any longer, he is still a player that likely every other team would want leading them.
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    chowderhead9 reacted to PointGuard in The Tournament That Wasn't   
    Round 1 is COMPLETE!

    11 of the 32 teams advancing to the round of 32 are from non-power conferences. Now the challenge for them is to continue moving forward as the competition stiffens.

    Only 2 teams that were lower seeds won in the 32 games in round 1. One of those wins was a #9 beating a #8 and the only real upset was by #12 Wright State.

    So the tournament committee’s seedings were pretty much least for the first round.

    Top Individual Performances in Round 1:

    Tyler Payne, PF, Oregon—29 points
    Diego Moore, SG, St. Louis—28 points
    Zack Hayes, SG, Maryland—27 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals, 3 blocks
    Lee Hahn, PF, Colorado—23 points, 7 rebounds
    Mike Hollins, PF, Kentucky—21 points, 12 rebounds
    Marcus Holmes, SF, Illlinois—20 points, 11 rebounds
    Andre Sampson, PF, Arizona—19 points, 11 rebounds, 9 blocks
    Kendric Pugh, SG, Wright State—17 points, 6 rebounds, 2 steals, 5 blocks
    Joe Bush, SF, Baylor—16 points, 13 rebounds
    Mike Grant, PF, Michigan State—16 points, 13 rebounds
    Alvin Griffin, C, Colorado—18 points, 8 rebounds in 18 minutes
    Copley Robertson, C, UC Irvine—18 points, 5 rebounds in 19 minutes
    Renaldo Miller, PF, Duke—17 points, 5 rebounds in 18 minutes
    Travis Murray, SG, Oregon—11 points, 9 assists, 3 blocks
    Trenton Sarchet, SG, Colorado—7 points, 10 assists
    Jeffrey Gardiner, PG, Duke—11 points, 8 assists
    Rasual Crowley, PG, Southern California—8 points, 8 assists
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    chowderhead9 reacted to PointGuard in The Tournament That Wasn't   
    Muchas Gracias!  Figured you'd like the  Creighton game, at least.  We'll soon see who they have to go up against in Round 2.
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    chowderhead9 reacted to GM Games in [OOTP Developments] Out of the Park Baseball 21 is available now!   
    OOTP 21 features smart new guided experiences,  an all new 3D Ballpark Construction Kit, reimagined scouting and drafting, all the new 2020 rosters, gameplay and roster rules, completely refreshed Perfect Team, and much more! We are proud to announce that Out of the Park Baseball 21 is officially available worldwide. The 21st version of the […]
    View the full article
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    chowderhead9 reacted to Blackbeard in NFL Football   
    At lest tell us why Tom Brady sucks. It might be prudent that admin not count this posting for ryanstan when counting the 2 posts needed to leach a game. His posting is garbage... (There it was said. When making a statement such as that evidence needs to be included.)
    With that said, along with what the above guys wrote. Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game and his induction in to the pro football hall of fame will prove just that when he retires, whenever that maybe nobody knows.
    Love him or hate him it can not be disputed that he is one of the greatest if not the greatest there ever was!
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    chowderhead9 reacted to Truck_Turner in USFL 2K | FBPro98   
    2002 2KFL BOWL
    Michigan 28 -- Denver 24 Mile High Stadium 44 degrees, sunny Denver wind N 17 mph, humidity 50% Michigan Panthers (7-5) 10 7 3 8 -- 28 Denver Gold (9-3) 7 7 7 3 -- 24 First Quarter Michigan - Becht 8 pass from Brooks (Lindell kick), 3:43 Denver - Enis 6 pass from Griese (Brown kick), 7:34 Michigan - Lindell 47 FG, 13:18 Second Quarter Michigan - Bryson 12 run (Lindell kick), 11:03 Denver - Faulk 3 pass from Griese (Brown kick), 14:03 Third Quarter Michigan - Lindell 18 FG, 5:34 Denver - Thomas 1 run (Brown kick), 10:01 Fourth Quarter Denver - Brown 30 FG, 2:58 Michigan - Bryson 8 run (Looker pass from Brooks), 11:50 2KFL Bowl MVP - Michigan WR Antwaan Randle-El With 5:17 left in the fourth quarter and Denver leading 24-20 from their own 26 yard line on 3rd and 18,  Denver QB Brian Griese throws a crushing interception into double coverage to Michigan CB Fakhir Brown, who returns the ball to the Denver 35 yard line.  Griese had WR Brandon Stokely matched up one-on-one going down the seam and he had FB Rock Cartwright in the flat wide open, yet he makes the awful decision to throw to a double-covered WR Dane Looker and it cost his team the title. 
    In the ensuing drive, Michigan HB Shawn Bryson, a game day starter when HB Shaun Alexander was a late game day scratch due to his injury, was able to punch the ball in from the Denver 8 yard line for the game winning touchdown, on the road in Denver, for the 2KFL Bowl championship.  3 Denver turnovers (2 int, 1 fum) were really the difference in the game as everything else was really evenly matched (Michigan gained 319 yard in total offense, Denver gained 317 yards in total offense, Michigan was 5/13 on 3rd downs, Denver was 6/13, etc.).
    Denver should be very disappointed in their loss, but those 2 late season loses, after a 9-1 start, was foreshadowing their weaknesses.  The Denver safeties in their secondary will need to be address for this team to stay strong.
    Congratulations are in order for the Michigan Panthers.  They were a study in perseverance as their up and down season showed.  To go on the road twice and beat heavily favored home teams was a testament to their ability to rise to the challenge and fight through to the end.  Michigan has a strong offensive roster and a good defensive roster but they need consistency in order to defend their title next year.
    Passing Cmp Att Yds %% TD INT QB1 Aaron Brooks 23 34 276 67.6 1 1 Rushing Att Yds Avg TD Fmb HB1 Shawn Bryson 15 61 4.1 2 0 FB1 Cecil Martin 2 7 3.5 0 0 HB2 Kevan Barlow 1 0 0.0 0 0 QB1 Aaron Brooks 5 -4 -0.8 0 0 Receiving Rec Yds Avg TD Fmb Trgt WR2 Antwaan Randle-El 6 130 21.7 0 0 6 WR3 Dane Looker  2 48 24.0 0 0 4 WR1 Peerless Price 5 46 9.2 0 0 9 TE2 Anthony Becht 2 20 10.0 1 0 2 TE1 Jim Kleinsasser 2 15 7.5 0 0 2 HB1 Shawn Bryson 3 10 3.3 0 0 5 WR4 Steve Smith 1 5 5.0 0 0 3 HB2 Kevan Barlow 2 2 1.0 0 0 2 Defense Tck Sck Int Fmb TD Knk Saf S1 Will Allen 10 1 0 0 0 0 0 CB4 Jimmy Williams 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 CB2 Fakhir Brown  5 0 1 0 0 0 0 LB1 Joey Porter 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 CB3 Renaldo Hill 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 CB1 David Macklin 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 LB4 Warrick Holdman 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 DE2 Andre Wadsworth 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 S2 Earl Little  2 0 0 0 0 0 0 DT2 Roderick Coleman 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 S3 Antuan Edwards 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 LB2 Sam Cowart 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 DT1 Anthony McFarland 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 LB3 Greg Favors 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 DE1 Brandon Whiting 1 0 0 0 0 0 0  
    Passing Cmp Att Yds %% TD INT QB1 Brian Griese 16 30 154 53.3 2 2 Rushing Att Yds Avg TD Fmb HB1 Kevin Faulk 20 134 6.7 0 0 FB1 Rock Cartwright 2 19 9.5 0 0 HB2 Curtis Enis 3 14 4.7 0 0 HB3 Anthony Thomas 3 8 2.7 1 0 Receiving Rec Yds Avg TD Fmb Trgt WR1 Brandon Stokley 2 40 20.0 0 0 6 WR3 Drew Bennett 3 37 12.3 0 0 5 HB1 Kevin Faulk 3 30 10.0 1 0 4 WR2 Jerry Porter 4 22 5.5 0 0 6 WR4 Patrick Johnson 1 11 11.0 0 0 4 HB2 Curtis Enis 2 10 5.0 1 0 2 HB3 Anthony Thomas 1 4 4.0 0 0 1 Defense Tck Sck Int Fmb TD Knk Saf LB1 Brian Urlacher 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 CB2 Daylon McCutcheon 6 0 1 0 0 1 0 S1 Tony Parrish 5 0 0 0 0 1 0 S2 Jerry Azumah 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 CB4 Shaunard Harts 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 S3 Ralph Brown 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 CB3 Artrell Hawkins 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 LB2 Rosevelt Colvin 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 DT1 Kelly Gregg 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 CB1 Corey Chavous 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 LB4 Travian Smith 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 DT2 Josh Williams 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 S4 Anthony Henry 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 DE2 Justin Smith 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 LB3 Ed Hartwell 1 0 0 0 0 0 0  
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    chowderhead9 got a reaction from Chris in BBCF 2015 and Beyond   
    I first picked up a copy of BBCF many years ago.  I really enjoyed the game and played it as often as family, work, and grad school demands permitted.  Fast forward to this past Holiday season and I found myself with some vacation time, good bowl games to watch, and an urge to start up BBCF again.  As a long-time member of the OOTP boards, I have been posting my ongoing "career" of leading the San Jose State Spartans . While I enjoy the OOTP game and its community, I didn't think it was appropriate for me to continue to post in a forum for what is sure to be at some-point an amazing FOF / OOTP collaboration. So with that said, I hope this community finds some enjoyment in following along with my San Jose State Spartans.

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    chowderhead9 got a reaction from Chris in BBCF 2015 and Beyond   
    San Diego State 31 --- San Jose State 3 Wow, total domination by San Diego State (7-5). The Aztecs jumped out to a quick lead and never were threatened in this one. In getting the 31 to 3 win over San Jose State (5-5), the Aztecs held the Spartans to just 214 net yards on the day and a dismal 9 first downs. QB Tony Lima was a pathetic 9 for 41 on passing, and RB Juan Moreno could only eek out 52 rushing yards on 20 carries. What a disappointing effort by the Spartans! #onestepforwardtwostepsback

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    chowderhead9 got a reaction from Chris in The Town Crier   
    This thread had a nice run  -- you were very committed to it. Hopefully it makes a reappearance at some point.
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    chowderhead9 reacted to Chris in BBCF 2015 and Beyond   
    Looking forward to this!