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  1. The Giants are sending: Zach Greinke SP (MLB) (Giants are retaining the remainder are the 2020 seasons salary) A's are sending: Francisco Gonzalez 3B (AA) The Giants are to far out this season with too many injuries to compete for a championship so this is a move to help us in the near future with financial flexibility as well as a solid infielder we see on on MLB club in a couple years. Thanks to Scott and the A's org for these negotiations.
  2. The Giants agree to this deal, while we loved what Carosi has brought to our team the past few seasons we have decided that this is not our year and with an expiring contract we thought it prudent to move him for a guy that we see great potential in Mathews. Thank you to Arizona for the easy negotiations and good luck
  3. The Giants confirm this trade it was hard to part with young crop of talent but that's a record indicate it was evident that we made a transaction to help our chances of making the playoffs thanks 2 Rhett for another great deal between our two clubs
  4. The Giants are sending : Gabriel Gonzales (RF)(AAA) Yankees send : Javier Baez (SS)(AAA) This deal is a portion of the deal that was denied, we are looking for some infield help and had some extra outfield depth to trade from. Thanks to Rhett once again and good luck!
  5. The Giants Confirm this trade, we have been struggling a little offensively and defensively and our outfield mix needed an adjustment. What really made this trade come together for us was Baez with Castro on the DL and banged up for a couple weeks Baez should be able to help our infield immediately. We Feel adding these 2 quality players will help us now with an influx of talent on both sides of the ball as well as future financial flexibility. This deal kind of just materialized and were grateful that this looks like a win for both teams. Thanks Rhett for another solid trade between the Yankees and the Giants and hopefully more mutually beneficial trades between our two teams in the future.
  6. The Giants are sending : George Olsen SP (A) Salvador Moreno SP (A) The Royals are sending: James Paxton SP (MLB) 7 million cash This move is something the giants have been looking to make for a while, It helps shore up our rotation in the competitive NL West, The loss of two promising young arms in Olsen and Moreno certainly stings we believe we have a a great team and wanted to give them the best chance to win now! Thanks to Chappy for getting this done quickly and best wishes on the upcoming season
  7. The Giants Send: Craig Pollard 2B (R) White Sox Send: Gabriel Gonzalez RF (MLB) The Giants are looking to add some outfield depth against left handed pitching and someone to audition as out 5th outfielder and were hoping Gonzalez can fill that role for us. A big thanks to Johnathan for getting this deal done. Ryan
  8. The Giants agree to this trade although it was a hard one to make as we really hate to see Maybin and his dynamic game leave, we had a need of a solid starter with some injury setbacks to our projected rotation and we feel that Chavez adds a little power to our lineup. There was a lot of negotiating to get this done, thank you Scott.
  9. The Giants agree to the trade, while we really like Rosado a lot and have high expectations for him we feel this move was needed to solidify our infield and insert a bit more power into our lineup. I want to thank chappy for the quick responses in making the deal come together!
  10. The Giants agree to this trade, it is also a depth move for us as we are a little thin at catching in the minors and Russo will add some depth to our org. Thanks to Matt for smooth transaction.
  11. The Giants accept the terms of the agreement. Give up Anthony Hale will be a big blow, as players like him Come around very often, hi will be sorely missed. The additions of ibarra and fulmer will give our staff More flexibility. While dropping latos contract will bring our team back to financial good standing. We believe Eloy Jimenez can play the corner of for while he continues to develop into one of the games premier hitters. Thanks to jack for a good back and forth and locking this in quickly.
  12. The Giants are entertaining offers for Cameron Maybin (CF), Brandon Crawford (INF), P. Carosi (CL), Jeurys Famillia (SP/RP) , Matt Latos (SP) (on DL for season)
  13. The Yankees Send: Robert Paullus CL (MLB) 3 million cash The Giants Send: Max Fried SP (MLB) Kyler Murray CF (A) (Augusta) Brandon Soleimani (A) (Augusta) Its no secret that Giants bullpen was a strength last season but this year has been lack luster. With the division be hunted by several teams the Giants thought it prudent to bolster the pen ahead of a pennant race and divisional competition. We really like Max Fried and think he will do great with New York. Kyler Murray our 4th round pick this season was exciting to watch the start of his career and we will continue to watch from afar. Thanks to Rhett for the great negotiations!
  14. If you baseball and all the glorious numbers that come along with every facet of the game, then in my opinion OOTP is the best I've played. And on top of that MLBPro an OOTP daily league is the best league in the game at 8 years running, being hosted here on GM Games.
  15. The Giants are sending: Guy Edmonds C/1B (AAA) Enrique LLaque (P) (ARL, R) Arturo Gomez (CF) (ARL, R) Marcos Bustamente (SS) (A+) The Twinds are sending: Jack Duffey (RP) (DFA) The Giants have been struggling to find somewhere to play Edmond and give him a shot and this trade might be just what Edmonds needs to get a shot at some real playing time in the american league with the DH. We were looking to replace the loss of the Lefty Pomeranz from our bullpen and we are hoping Duffey can fill that role for us this year. Thanks to Rocky for some quick negotiations to get this in during this busy time as an MLBPro GM.