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  1. TucsonJay

    Season 17

    Come and get your players from SHL Slaughterville Ninja. Come one come all. http://gameplanhockey.com/team?gpid=13
  2. Not a terrible game 1. If I could score on the PP I'd have been in it.
  3. I see. Good luck and enjoy your super sexy draft picks.
  4. What if you BOTH get relegated...then you're screwed. HA JK. Good luck either way!
  5. Yeah, that's gonna suck. I finished 6th so I presume I'll be playing Grand Lake since they finished ahead of you. Either way I don't think i stand a chance.
  6. BOOOM. Two game sweep of the Valks. Bring on the GHL team!
  7. While you get your precious promotion. My boys tanked and finished 6th. I get to take on said Valkyries in the playoff. :angry: Congrats though! Good luck staying up there and hopefully we will pull something out of our arse and join you.
  8. My boys just helped your PK%. Going 0/11 on the advantage...ouch! Need to shore that up.
  9. In my first season in SHL (Slaughterville Ninjas) i've fought my way into the top 5. I can't believe the disparity in points between the 1-3 place teams. What a huge drop off. Anyway, i'm fighting for a playoff spot and feel good about at least making the GHL playoff.
  10. To give you something to complain about...
  11. You'll have to search the boards. There is plenty of help but we are all you opppostion. Tips aren't free. Good luck.
  12. I'm down with whatever. I'm going to preface this with a statement that I have no idea on programming, databases, etc. I wonder if some of the issues can be traced back to the short sim time in lightning world. I don't know the technical name, but the time the clock is orange. It seems to me that the longer the world tile. The longer the sim time. Maybe the lightning worlds need a longer time to get the database all updated. To that same line of thinking. Maybe reduce the expanse of the lightning worlds. Either by eliminating the LIHL or the non playable leagues. Maybe that'll put less strain.
  13. I haven't looked at all teams but came across this one. The team has many duplicate players and is well over the cap. http://uat.gameplanhockey.com/team?gpid=19
  14. TucsonJay


    Refresh the screen. That happens to me once in a while. I think the "team" page didn't load all of the way.
  15. I tried this in a previous season. My experience was as one tactic increases another decreases. I believe you can be 100% in 1 tactice or 25% in four.