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  1. Oakland confirms. The prospect collateral lost stings because of our already depleted system, but it was necessary. Our desire to upgrade at 2B is well known, as was our desire to move on from Sonny Gray. This trade accomplishes both those objectives. Thanks Brenton, and good luck with the prospects.
  2. Oakland has been searching for bats to upgrade at key positions this offseason, DH being one of them. With the $5M salary commitment and the one year duration of the contract, Darnell seems like a safe bet to produce for us. Donaldson could make for an intriguing UT option down the line, but he was buried on our minor league depth chart by better options.
  3. Oakland confirms. Need to keep building. This accomplishes that.
  4. Oakland sends: OF Avery Barnes (MLB) RP Ben Landoni (MLB) OF Kevin Jones (AAA) SP Jacob Clark (A) SS Matt Jenkins (AA) Milwaukee sends: SP Shelby Miller (MLB) Here's the deal. I hate to see the guys in front of me continually get better and better. This was purely a defensive move to stop the rich from getting richer. Also, Miller is a nice asset to have. He's cost controlled. He'll slot in nicely behind Buehler in the rotation. Thanks for the negotiations, Cole.
  5. Oakland confirms. Henry has been on the block for a while. This will free up space to give Nick Plummer his shot. Bryant will slot in nicely on the second wave of OF depth we're developing in the minors.
  6. Oakland sends: LF Khris Davis (MLB) Cleveland sends: 3B Jeremy Eierman (A+ - Injured List) OF Tristen Lutz (A) I've been pretty vocal about wanting to move some of my vets to make room for the kids. This trade moves Lucas Edgar back to his natural position of LF and opens CF up so that Aaron Phillips can audition for the job. Thanks to Ayden for a quick and painless negotiation. Good luck!
  7. Oakland confirms. I think it's pretty obvious why I'd want someone like Buehler to anchor my staff. I have a deep system, and I'm sick of losing, so this was a no-brainer from my perspective. Thanks to Ryan for a quick and easy negotiation, and good luck to the kids, especially Acuna.
  8. Confirmed. We like nothing. We think nothing will help us make it to the next level. We hope Laz makes it and all that, but we are really, really excited about nothing.
  9. Oakland confirms. I have been in desperate need to fill out my bullpen all season long, rotating prospects, has-beens, and retreads hoping to find something that sticks. Boyd fills that role and also has the potential to start if one of my guys goes down or begins to falter. Rolison, Jefferies, and Bond all move from a position of depth for me, especially since I'm thrilled with the 2019 arms I've been able to add to the system. Thanks for sticking with the negotiations, Hodges, and good luck to your prospect development team.
  10. Moore and prospects have been dealt. My focus shifts to starters in RF and CF and 8th/9th inning RP. Still also willing to move the above pieces for prospects
  11. This is the next logical move in a series of moves meant to improve my franchise in the short term and long term. Adell hurts to lose, but I'm very deep in OF prospects. The mid-tier guys represent depth, so it was nice to turn them into the need. It is a rare occasion when I can add a front end starter and move salary in the same deal, but this worked out. Moore isn't dead weight, but he didn't have a clear path to contributing this year, and I'd rather have the cash flexibility than keep more out there every five starts. Oramas will slot in nicely behind C-Mart, and adds a second veteran presence who is cost-controlled for a few more seasons.
  12. I've got a lot of depth, but would like to consolidate some roster spots ahead of Spring Training. Here's who's available: Starting Pitchers: Tyler AndersonRyan HafnerTyrell JenkinsMatt MooreCarlos NavarroRelief Pitchers: Raul AlcantaraBrian EdelenJosh EdginTaylor GuerrieriMasakazu HirayamaInfield: 1B Lewis Allen1B Gerardo Rivera2B Steve Lombardozzi2B Corey SpangenbergSS Robert RamirezOutfield: Brian FletcherDavid VargasCurt FranklinDesmond HenryAvery BarnesDavid DahlI am specifically looking for closer-caliber RP (ideally one lefty, one righty), CF, and RF. I am also open to trading any of my prospects (and younger guys on my roster like Luis Seda) if I can get a front-of-the-rotation SP. Otherwise, simply moving some of these guys for prospects who are farther away from the bigs and don't have to be protected for a couple of years would be my preference.
  13. Oakland sends: OF Woody Townsend (AAA - Nashville) Toronto sends: 2B Brett Allen (R - Dunedin) Oakland has a surplus of OF depth and needed more middle infield depth, so this trade makes sense for us. Allen's speed profile should play well in Oakland.
  14. Oakland confirms. This may seem like an odd move for a rebuilding team to make, and I think that it probably is. My major problem is that none of my top three free agent targets this offseason will even negotiate with me. With that unfortunate problem in mind, I wanted some sort of veteran presence on my offense this year, and I had a hole in RF to fill. Barnes' offensive profile should play well in Oakland, and best case scenario is that I'm able to flip him (and his expiring contract) at the deadline for more usable prospects to stash. Estrada and Soto were two of the remaining malcontents on the team, so in that sense I was happy to part with them. Soto was blocked by better and less annoying options, and Estrada leaves me with another hole at catcher, but we'll figure that out as we move through the offseason.