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  1. Rangers GM agrees with the trade. We get another arm that can be SP or RP.
  2. Rangers GM agrees with the trade. need bullpen help.
  3. Rangers GM agrees with the trade, but with Hidalgo's contract 100% retained. We were looking to strengthen our middle infield, so we are happy to acquire Hidalgo.
  4. Rangers trade: 3B Jonathan Erceg (A+) Red Sox trade: RP Daniel Hudson (MLB) 4.5M cash We continue to shore up our bullpen, and Hudson can start a few games if we have injury problems.
  5. Rangers GM agrees with the trade. We continue to try to bolster our pitching staff. This trade also helps us with our budgeting woes.
  6. Texas GM agrees with the trade. We are now in contention for a wild card spot. This deal gives us a pitcher that can be a 5th rotation SP or a quality bullpen guy. And we don't mortgage our future. We still would like to add a legit 3rd rotation SP, but there has not been a lot of options. both prospects have been promoted to Rookie ball.
  7. Texas GM agrees with the trade. Still trying to find the right bullpen pieces.
  8. Rangers trade: C Matt Wieters (MLB) SS Bubba Osborne (AA) CF Manny Magana (A-) RP John Howe (AAA) RP Levi Kelly (A+) Reds trade: C Jonathan Lucroy (MLB) CF Cameron Maybin (MLB) RP Martin Perez (MLB) (100% retained bt the Reds) Rangers are looking to stay in the wild card hunt.
  9. Texas GM agrees with trade. We continue to try to improve our bullpen.
  10. Texas GM agrees with the trade. We are hoping that RP Wilson will help improve the back end of our bullpen as we have the worst pen in the AL. We also are hoping OF Serrano will be able to take over the CF position. Both pitching prospects have some upside and hopefully Rolison will be ready to fill into the back of the rotation in case of injuries.
  11. Rangers GM agrees with the trade. We pick up a solid 4th/5th rotation SP in Jordan Cote and the needed help of Tillman in our bullpen.
  12. Rangers GM agrees with trade. Need RP help.
  13. Rangers GM agrees with trade. We have been pleasantly surprised in how our young starting pitching has performed so far this season, so we have decided to make this deal so we can stay competitive in our division and for the wild card race. We bring in Braun who will take the DH position. With Skole and Akins injury problems of the past, Braun will give us some insurance as back up for our OF. Our team weakness has been our bullpen and hopefully Reed with be our anchor. It was hard to give up this many prospects, but we feel both players will be solid contributors to our team for the next couple of years.
  14. Rangers GM agrees with trade. Rangers pick up a couple of young prospects. Coaching switch was not a major downgrade.
  15. Texas GM agrees to the trade. We have the cash to spend. This trade helps create more depth of our farm system.