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  1. Nats confirm the above. All of you know the reason behind the trade from the Nats perspective Third time a charm for Joe M?
  2. I debated whether or not anyone would pay for Jones and his contract and maybe they would have. At the same time the Nats free up $21.4M in salary over the next 2 years and that buys us a player, or two, on the market. Rhett, Good luck with Jones who just didn't fit in our plans. Hope he does well for you and if he does he at least is doing damage in the other league. :-) Nats confirm. Jones is on the DL
  3. Nats are happy to get acquire 2 legit pitching prospects that with a little development can be successful at the MLB-Pro level. You never know with young players but these two both have the ability to contribute down the road. Cedric Hunter certainly is not without his shortcomings, but he brings speed, athleticism, and puts the ball in play. And, creating a little more salary room never is a bad thing, right? Nats confirm. Good luck Rhett. And, thanks for the flexibility in our negotiations.
  4. confirmed. Just need Mauer to sign off.
  5. One small detail....Pete gets $5M cash in the deal. I rushed out of the house on the way to racquetball and realized I left it off.
  6. Nats send: Joe Mauer Pirates send: maikel Franco AA Carlos Romero AAA, C Kendry Morales, 1B Mark Reynolds, 3B JJ Hardy, SS Washington confirms. EDIT: Nats include $5M in cash to Pirates
  7. Confirm. Mauer is an all star in all facets but his contract was too confining. The pitchers acquired could go either way but hopefully at least one comes through. No matter, we'll have money to work with going forward. Thanks, Rhett, for sticking with the negotiations and good luck with Joe.