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  1. Me also in Fishbowl, player Jose Manuel Onslow , he was in my affiliate team and his contract expired. Now his still in affiliate team but also a free agent. Day one now, all is fine.
  2. Simply add low salary cap to affiliate teams or increase effective salary to more than 10% for players in affilliate teams. I agree that some changes are necessary, but i'm confident that affiliate teams will be a great part of this game.
  3. Thank you very much! I predict a close season, new GHL teams seem extremely competent.
  4. Please do it for Fishbowl!
  5. Just stop trades with computer teams completely is my suggestion. In a perfect world trades with computer teams would be awesome, but it isn't working, AI isn't smart enough and its too easy to exploit the system. I've witnessed a number of trades which really piss me off. Trading one way contract players to teams that are going to get demoted in a matter of days. Manager leaves a team and really soon human managers basically steal players with "quantity over quality" trades. Trading players that have not played a single game in a team. Where is the realism in this? I'm sorry to say but computer trading is the biggest flaw of this game. I have reported managers but nothing happens.
  6. Good additions to the game, but i noticed an error when i made a trade offer. It says : "Salary cap violation This trade can not be accepted since it would put one or both teams over the salary cap. In order to accept this trade more space must be freed under the cap." , even though both teams have enough space in their cap to make this trade.
  7. Up or down voting could work, but i'm pretty sure people wouldn't use it properly. I think it's worth a shot. What i think is important to do before that is to restrict trading players who have just made a contract with your team, it's too easy to sign free agents and trade them instantly. This restriction would also be easier to put into effect than the vote system. How about one season or half a season no trade restriction for newly signed players?
  8. Is this a proven fact? I haven't noticed this myself.
  9. There are no plans to add live matches anytime soon? I think it's important part of these kind of games.
  10. If i'm allowed to answer that question, there is a thread in Game Plan Hockey Manager forum main screen titled Add your manager signature that has all the information you need.
  11. I remember that someone released their players and quit shortly after, probably the same person you already mentioned. Reason why i wanted to do so was that in some games, for example Hattrick, when a manager quits every player on the team ceases to exist. In Hattrick i followed my former players after i sold them and there were some good ones, my own juniors with national team potential amongst them. I would have been very upset if those players disappeared. But now that i think of it, Hockey Dynasty might have had a different system. Maybe someone else would have got my team and players when they started playing, i don't remember. In that case it's better that i didn't release my players. About GPH, i also think that trading with computers should stop. I have done it but i feel bad.
  12. I played Hockey Dynasty for some time and i remember some of you from there. I lost interest and quit, but i liked that game a lot, it was better than Game Plan Hockey Manager in some ways. My only regret is that i dind't release my players before i quit.