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  1. Ever want to be a professional basketball player? Well, we have the perfect simulation league for you! Using Fast Break Basketball 3 Simulator for the pro & College league, The Elite Basketball Association will combine the likes of normal simulation leagues with the likes of reality. In this league, you will be able to pick a certain type of player such as distributor and create a player just like John Stockton or maybe another type of player to be the next LeBron James! This is a Point Task league where you will be able to write Point Tasks or Graphics on your player or anything around the league for points to add to the attributes of your player! You will start out in your favorite college and make your way into being inducted into the Hall-Of-Fame. We have a great community with a lot of well-known members that will be easy to get along with. We hope you join and create your player today! http://ebalive.b1.jcink.com/index.php?act=idx -- Shane Banks (Yugi) With great activity and a dedicated staff we are heading into our first annual all star week! Join now for great opportunities and lots of fun!