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    There is a description when you first open up the lineup as long as you have the "HINTS" option checked on. You can check this by going to the MANAGER page and then after clicking the ACTION tab on the MANAGER page, click SETTINGS and you will see an option that says "HINTS" and you can choose to display hints or hide them. Once you have confirmed that the hints are being displayed, go to the TEAM page and then after clicking the ACTION tab on the TEAM page, click LINEUP. Wait for a little bit for the page to load and a black box that says Lineup Hints will appear under it says Edit Lineup. If you continue to click next it will show you info on the different lineup settings as well as how to use the LINEUP page. 
    In order to help you out, I copy and pasted the info below for what you were looking for 
    The checking line is responsible to get under the skin of and agitate the opponents scoring line. They will focus on defensive duties and you´ll need players that can backcheck hard, deliver body checks and play tough.
    The energy line usually don´t have a lot of ice time but when they take the ice they will create a lot of momentum by hard forechecking and delivering body checks. Perfect for waking your team out of a slump. You´ll need speedy players with a lot of spirit.
    The defensive match line focus means that depending on which line the defencemen plays with they will try to adapt to the lines focus. This will demand a lot of the defensemen and they will need to master all areas of the game. Basically means the D will try to match the focus of the Offensive line they are playing with at the time
    The dynamic focus will tell the defensemen to attack when the opportunities arises but never at the expense of risking their defensive duties. Basically a Two Way for Dmen. 
    Think I answered everything.
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    Yes, you can have multiple accounts, as long as they are in different Worlds. In order to do that, just create another account and join a World
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    TonyAk reacted to TheWizard in Amazing Artwork   
    Just wanted to point out how amazing the artwork is in the game, the team logos especially!  Some of those logos could easily be for a real life team, that's how good the art is!
    In addition to your programming skills, are you an artist too, Anders?
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    TonyAk reacted to GamePlanHockey in Add your manager signature   
    You can now add your manager info and team colours as your forum signature. Just copy this code and paste it into your Signature on your forum profile. Be sure to change [ManagerNo] with your actual manager no which you'll find on your manager page in the game. Also don't forget to remove the brackets. Make sure to enable html mode when editing your profile.
    <iframe src='[ManagerNo]' width='100%' frameborder='0'></iframe>