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  1. The A's agree to this trade. I have always liked Charles, but see him as a bullpen guy in the future. Our current 3b Jake Bentley has struggled in his rookie year to the tune of a .186/.236-.299 slash line through 167 at bats. When TB approached us that DeRemer could be available, we jumped at the opportunity to acquire him. Hopefully Bentley will turn it around in AAA and will come back up to the majors this year to backup 1b/3b/DH. Thank you my broadcast partner Comey for the trade. Maybe we will meet up in the playoffs soon!
  2. The A’s agree to this trade. It has been no secret that we have been looking for another SP. For now we might go with a 6 man rotation, but if starters continue to struggle someone will either move to the bullpen or AAA. Good luck Jonathan, and good luck on your current rebuild!
  3. The A's agree to this trade. We have been looking for an everyday LF for awhile now because we want Robert Bannatyne to play in AAA until we feel he is ready for the majors instead of rushing him. As Chappy said this is an upgrade for speed and defense over Conine. With our ballpark we need that more than the power. We hope this works out well for KC and Conine as well. We have rested Conine for today. Good luck Chappy and KC!
  4. The A’s agree to this trade. Lofton was hard to trade, but since we feel that we are around a .500 club in 2023 we decided to trade an asset now for 2 assets of the future. We are very high in Cameron Jr and Spanarkel. Cameron will join Bannatyne in AA while Spanarkel will start off in A ball for us. We see them both playing roles for us in 2025 and beyond. Thank you Sean for the talks and finishing it off after our podcast tonight!
  5. The A's agree to this trade. As the GM of the Reds I traded for Dickey and thought he could be something special. He has not lived up to that yet, but we decided to take a flyer on him. He will start out backing up this year and hopefully his bat will come alive. We did not see Wood being able to hold down a ML spot when he matures, but he has room to develop. Dickey will help allow Bannatyne to fully develop before being called up. Thank you Jason for the trade and good luck to the Reds in 2023!
  6. The Oakland A's send: RF- Jonathan Drew- MLB- Oakland The Mets send: SP- Jesus Torres $2,900,000 in cash This is a simple 1 for 1 trade with cash to balance out the salaries for 2023. We have been on the lookout for another sp to bridge the gap until Chris Schoeneborn is ready in 2024. Torres had a breakout year for the Mets in 2022 after he was put back into the rotation. He is a groundball pitcher who keeps the ball in the ballpark. We see him sliding into the 3/4 spot in the rotation. We give up Jonathan Drew who was going to be our 5th OF this year. Thank you Bruce for the trade. I wish you luck!
  7. The Oakland A's trade: 2b- Brendan Rodgers- Oakland Sp- Jose Perez- Nashville (AAA) C- Isaac Stephenson- Nashville (AAA) P- Lee Young- Oakland Minnesota Trades: Sp- Ian Anderson- Minnesota Sp- Jim Helms- Rochester (AAA) OF- Griffin Conine- Minnesota $350,000 in cash. The A's do this trade mainly for Ian Anderson and hope that a change of scenery helps him get over his struggles. He will slide into the #4 spot and move Todd Howard to the bullpen to be our long reliever right now. My scout thinks that he can become a 1/2 type of SP, but if eventually he becomes a #3 and sits behine Allard and Strasburg we will be grateful. We see Helms as a useful ML pitcher, if he can limit his walks, and will also use him in the bullpen. Griffin is a wild card. We have lots of outfielders but our scout loves his power potential, we will see if that plays out in the majors or minors this year. He will get a shot to DH, if he wins a spot. We like Rodgers and gave him every opportunity to turn into the player that we hoped when we traded for him, but he has struggled. Maybe a move to Minnesota will help him get his bat back. We see Jose Perez as a reliever and not a starter which made it easier to move him. Isaac Stephenson was someone we acquired from the Twins in the Giolito trade, but now we have four catchers in which we were not sure that he would see a lot of time behind the plate unless he had a couple of injuries to our ML guys. I want to thank Rocky for all the back and forth. It started when I took over the A's, so we have discussed Anderson for a long long time!
  8. WC Round- Toronto, Atlanta, Houston, and Dodgers. LDS- Angels, Twins, Braves, DBacks LCS- Twins, DBacks WS- Twins.
  9. The A's Acquire: SS- Wander Franco- ML Miami The Marlins receive: 3b- Josh Groshans- AAA Nashville SP- Shane Baz- AAA Nashville SS- Tom Lavine- AAA Nashville 2b- Jake Boone- AAA Nashville SP- Chubba Purdy- A+ Stockton The A's make this deal to get the SS they have been looking for! But boy did it cost us a lot in prospect capital. This move is looking forward to 2023 and competing against the AL West. We have gone all in and hope to be competitive. Groshans is blocked by Gill and Randall and we have Bentley that can move up. Baz is the one that will be the toughest to rebound from, but since we just traded for Strasburg and Allard we figured if that is what it took to get Franco we had to jump at it. Josh, I know you were not keen on moving Franco so I had to make an offer to get it done! Good luck on your future.
  10. The A’s agree to this trade. Although we give up Gary we get out from Sandoval’s contract and we restock our bullpen for 2023 and beyond. Larson has been pitching really well but we had a decision to make on who would move to the bullpen (Larson or Howard), so we decided to trade Larson. thank you for the trade Brett and I hope this trade helps you in getting a playoff spot.
  11. The A's trade: 3b Thomas Fidone- A- NY Penn League CF Nathan Mallaandian- AA- Midland Rockhouns RF Joshua Mears- A- Midwest League RP- Yadier Alvarez- AAA- Pacific Coast League The A's receive: SP Stephen Strasbugh- ML- Cleveland (2022 salary retained by Cleveland) The A's make this trade in order to compete in the AL West and the AL in general. This is once again a heavy price to pay, but we have built up our farm system to make these two HUGE trades. Thank you, Andrew for the trade and I hope this helps with your rebuild. Good Luck in the future!
  12. The A's agree to this trade. We fully expect Carlson to turn into a premium hitter, but the chance to get Allard back is the key here for us. We think that we will have the offense, even without Carlson, to help us compete in the AL West and for a playoff spot.The trade that I have always regretted the most in this league is when I traded Allard to Atlanta, and now I have fixed that. I do give up 3 solid bullpen arms, but we have a lot of them in our system. We hope this trade works out for both of us! Thank you Brenton for allowing me to fix my biggest regret in MLB PRO. Good luck on your playoff run!
  13. The A's agree to this trade. When I was the GM in Cincinnati I brought Cole in and he was a solid reliever for us. My hope is that he will take a cheap extension to play in Oakland. We thought that Allison might be someone who could make the majors at some point with some improvement. So we thought it was a fair swap. Thank you Jason, and if you have anymore guys I traded for that you want to move (hint hint Greene), let me know! Good luck on getting a WC spot this year!
  14. Toronto Receives: James Tate- SP- Oakland Oakland Receives: Kyle Wulff- SP- New Hampshire (AA) Joseph Charles- SP- New Hampshire (AA) Travis Wilson- CL- Dunedin (A+) The A's do this trade to continue to build up the staff of the future. We see Wilson becoming a setup/ closer in the future and are excited to see what he will do in 2024. Charles has done a good job advancing through the minor leagues and we will keep him as a starter for now, but think he will ultimately be a solid bullpen piece. We are most excited about Kyle Wulff. He has struggled so far this year, but we expect him to be in the major league rotation at some point in 2023. He will probably get another start or two in AA, but after the All-Star break we will promote him to AAA to see how he does there. If he continues to develop we see him as a #2 SP, if not he will be a 3/4. Thank you Mitch for the trade and he will be on his way to the airport as you leave Oakland for your series in Seattle. Good Luck as you make another playoff run!
  15. The A's agree to this trade. In 2021 Traver helped anchor our bullpen, but in 2022 he has gotten off to a slow start and we are looking forward to the future. We know that Boeheim has struggled since being drafted by the Red Sox, but being 19 years old we see him having a few years to turn things around . In Meador we see Traver's replacement next year or the year after. To me Hernandez was a throw in to balance out the 26 man roster. Thank you, Brett for the trade and lunch. Make sure you tell your wife that you wanted to make sure the restaurant was good before taking her there!!! Good Luck on making the playoffs!