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  1. The Reds agree to this trade. We hope that Mason’s bat comes around To match his defense. I Hope That Ichikawa helps you out this year, Ayden.
  2. Prospects for cash. We like Robinson’s elite speed and defense and think that Lozano could possibly help out. They are worth the $3,000,000 to a rebuilding team. Thanks for the quick trade and good luck in your quest to make the playoffs, Jonathan!
  3. The Reds confirm. Both Murillo and Nixon have some talent so they were worth the gamble for a team rebuilding. Thank you Sam for the quick and easy trade. Good luck in your playoff race.
  4. The Reds confirm this trade. As we continue to rebuild we get two players, Soleimani and Fawkes, who we expect big things from down the road. Bradley is a solid starter, but someone who we could live without. We wish the Yankees well in their pursuit of the Blue Jays. Thank you for the trade and good luck, Rhett.
  5. The Reds agree to this trade. We add a little bit if salary over the next couple of years to add 4 more prospects that I think will help us in the future. Hopefully this helps Texas now and us in the future. Good luck in getting back into the race, Kevin.
  6. The Reds agree to this trade. The goal of getting Hernandez was to flip him. I didn’t expect it to be this fast though. I am still looking for prospects and I like Arellano and Baty. Zach is a gamble and evens out the salaries. Hopefully the Yankees can continue their hot start. Thanks for the quick trade talks.
  7. The Reds agree to this trade. When Jonathan proposed this trade I had to stop and think because we were going to trade pieces individually. Pyke and Hernandez can fill the holes that Koyama and Chester left us. Walker and Cromwell will either fill the back of our rotation or be contributing in the bullpen. Fabian is a wildcard my scout likes him more than I do so he is worth the gamble. This also opens up around $10,000,000 for 2021. Good luck Jonathan, I hope the power rockets you up the standings!
  8. The Reds approve this trade. This is a move looking toward the future. Our pitching staff has been struggling and we need to shake things up. We love Lee and think that he can either start or work in the back end of our bullpen. We also love Anderson's makeup and potiential and hope that he will be able to help us out next year. Thanks for the trade Jonathan and good luck catching Rocky and Ayden this year!
  9. The Reds agree to this trade. We wish Allard and the Braves all the luck, except when they play the Reds! We came into the year with a very good rotation that just hasn't put it together yet. Beachy is on a rehab start and should be back soon. We see Malone as a future #2 in the rotation and Thompson as a #4, a 3 if his control develops. But this should set my right side of the infield for years to come. We see Lewis as a star and the possibility of a superstar to man 3b for the next 10+ years. Leguizamo will hold down the ss position starting in 2022 or 2023 (the timetable as of right now). We hope this is the right decision in the long run! Thanks Brenton for the trade!
  10. The Reds agree to this trade. This does 2 things for the reds: 1. Saves us $6,000,000 in salary for this year and next, AND 2. It allows us to call up Joe Gray. Thank you Hodges for the quick deal. GOOD LUCK!
  11. The Reds agree to this trade. Thanks for the quick deal! Scott Reds
  12. The Reds approve this trade. We have been looking for a 2b after the season was over because our 2b went into FA looking for a HUGE contract. We welcome Dustin back and hopefully he can play stellar defense and get key hits for us. Thank you Mitch for all of the trade talks all throughout 2019.
  13. The Cincinnati Reds trade: SP Albert Suarez- ML- Cincinnati CF Ivan Chavez- ML- Cincinnati The Reds retain 25% of Chavez's contract. The SF Giants send: SP George Arnold AAA- Sacramento CF- Cameron Maybin ML $1,750,000 in cash, and The Giants retain 30% of Maybin's contract. The Reds agree to this trade because we have been looking for a leadoff hitter and Maybin fits what we have been looking for. We had an extra starter and we figured to deal from our strength. This was a lot of back and forth, but we finally got it done. This is a great New Year's gift for both teams. Scott Reds
  14. The Reds agree to this trade. We are hoping that Gray will help our bullpen. Thank you Jonathan for the trade. Good luck catching Rocky this year! Scott
  15. The Reds agree to this trade. Ray is a DH and belongs in the AL. Hopefully he can help the White Sox with their win it all now mentality. Thank you Jonathan for the trade. Good luck!