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  1. The A's agree to this trade. In 2021 Traver helped anchor our bullpen, but in 2022 he has gotten off to a slow start and we are looking forward to the future. We know that Boeheim has struggled since being drafted by the Red Sox, but being 19 years old we see him having a few years to turn things around . In Meador we see Traver's replacement next year or the year after. To me Hernandez was a throw in to balance out the 26 man roster. Thank you, Brett for the trade and lunch. Make sure you tell your wife that you wanted to make sure the restaurant was good before taking her there!!! Good Luck on making the playoffs!
  2. The A’s agree to this trade. Our bullpen has been struggling and we have been on a losing streak. We will decide if he will stay in the bullpen or try starting. We like Espinoza but we have a lot of similar relievers in our system.
  3. The A's agree to this trade. We traded for White to see if he could produce in the majors and so far he has not. We signed Miggy to DH for us and he have high hopes for Cam Randall at 1b and we have Gill in AAA who can play both 1b and 3b. We get two relief pitchers in return and think that Cornelio will develop into a setup guy. Laffe was more of a gamble because of his control issues. We hope that he will figure that out and become a solid relief pitcher down the road. The A’s agree to cover White’s 2022 salary I appreciate Justin reaching out and asking about White. We wish Seattle good luck, until our rebuild is done at least!
  4. The A’s agree to this trade. We were looking for a 4th outfielder so that Drew and Lofton could finish developing in the minors. We appreciate the quick trade from KC. Hopefully this will benefit both of us as time goes on. Good luck, Chappy!
  5. The A’s agree to this trade. We trade Scott, who is in the last year of his contract, for 3 prospects. Alvarez is the guy we think will make a good contribution to the ML team sometime in 2022 or 2023. Crum and Boone are more of a project but we think they can improve enough to make the majors in the future. Thank you for the trade, Sam and good luck to the Dodgers!
  6. The Oakland A's trade: SS Cadyn Grenier- AAA (Nashville) The Cincinnati Reds Trade: Sp Brandon Beachy- ML (Reds) CF Robert Bannatyne- A (Dayton Dragons) RP Cameron Jones- AA (Pensacola Blue Wahoos) The A's do this trade to acquire two more prospects for taking on Beachy's contract. We see Jones as a future setup/closer type once he fully develops. Bannatyne was a guy I targeted in the first round a couple of years ago in the draft and have been trying to acquire him since taking over the A's. I think he fits the mold that we are trying to create, good defense and he can run and hit. When he fully develops we see him as a true leadoff type and we hope that he continues to develop. We hope to see him in the big leagues sometime in 2023 to get his feet wet. We hope that the salary relief will help the Reds as they continue to move forward in an attempt to compete in the much improved NL Central.
  7. The Oakland A's trade: SP Zack Greinke (Oakland) The Milwaukee Brewers trade: SP George Smith (A+ Florida Fire Frogs) SP Nick McDermott (AAA Colorado Sky Sox) This is another deal in which the A's send out a veteran for prospects. We think highly of both Smith and McDermott and will give the later a chance to start in AAA in 2022. We see him as a starter and will stretch him out this year. As for Smith, he is a longer term investment but think that he will continue to improve and will one day fill a spot in our big league rotation. Thank you Cole for the trade and I hope that Greinke helps you as you try and capture the NL Central division.
  8. The A's agree to this trade. There is no secret that the A's are rebuilding and we were looking to clear salary. Rizzo did his job for us last year holding down first base. When KC put White on the block this morning we made this offer to KC. The trade happened in 5 minutes, just the type that I like. White will have a chance to play in Oakland. But we were eyeing Zachary in last nights rule v draft, but passed on him in the 2nd round for Jacobs. Thankfully we were able to get him in this trade and not have to protect him in 2022. This will give him another year to develop because we see him being better in the bullpen. Thanks for the quick trade, Chappy!
  9. The A’s agree to this trade. We feel like there is no downside to Tillman in 2022. We do not plan on competing so if he does well we can resign him, if he doesn’t he becomes a FA. Aylward was stuck in AAA and now will get a chance in KC. Musgrave is a major bonus, even though we have a crowded outfield, he will compete with Powell for our open position. We liked Bryant, but he was going to be a 4th outfielder most likely. This will give him a chance to play regularly and see if he can produce. Thank you for the trade, Chappy. Good Luck with competing in the AL Central.
  10. The A’s agree to this trade. Kay has good ratings, but his stats don’t show it. This clears a spot on our 40 man roster. We are going to give Tatum a shot at pitching in 2022. Thank you Jonathan for the trade!
  11. The A’s agree to this trade. We have been eyeing Monken for awhile and are excited to get him in this trade. The A’s had extra money to spend and we are stockpiling prospects for the future. Thank you for the trade, Sam and good luck to the Dodgers in the future.
  12. The A's agree to this trade and continue the rebuild. We are excited to get a trio of pitchers for Leon. He will be greatly missed, but we decided to get value for him as we prepare for the future. Thank you Heinz for the quick and productive talks.
  13. The A's send: Sp- Walker Buehler (ML) The Braves send: SS- Brendan Rodgers (ML) SP- Jose Perez (A- Rome) 3b- Jordan Groshans (AA- Mississippi) 2b- Michael Gorset (A+- Carolina) SP- Brody Matthews (AAA- Gwinnett) The A's do this trade to continue their rebuild. We get Rodgers who we think will hold down a ML job somewhere in the infield. We also think that Groshans and Gorset will compete for their respective positions in the infield in a year or two, and we are excited about Perez and Matthews joining the ML pitching staff. We think that with our recent trades we will be able to compete in 2023 or 2024. I hope to make as bold of a move as the Astros have made this year. Good luck Brenton with making the playoffs this year!
  14. The A's send: SP- Shelby Miller (ML) $3,400,000 in cash TB sends: SP- Jeff Wallace (ML) 1b- Cam Randall (AA- Montgomery) The A's continue their firesale of ML pieces to get minor league prospects. We see Randall as the 1b of the future in Oakland. Thank you, Heinz for the quick trade!
  15. The A's decided to go into a full rebuild and moving Giolito for a slew of very good prospects will help the rebuild. We hated to move Giolito but we see this package as a vital part of the rebuild. Our scout thinks that Stephenson will be a very good catcher and that Baz should be a #2 at worst. We think that Pirdy, Winn, and Lofton will be big league starters in the future also. Thank you Rocky for the trade and good luck as you try and win your 2nd championship!