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  1. The A’s approve this trade. We needed bullpen arms to compete in the AL West and we feel that this trade will help us in that pursuit. Thanks, Hodges for the trade!
  2. The A’s agree to this trade. We found our 1b and a good solid RP. We hope that this continues to close the gap between the A’s and the rest of the West. Thank you Ayden for the trade.
  3. The A’s approve this trade. We see Reyes as a good right fielder who can move to DH next year after Francisco leaves. We see this as another player to help us compete against the Angels and Seattle in 2021. We gave up some good pieces, but we think it will be worth it in the long run. Thank you Rocky for the trade.
  4. The A's agree to this trade. We have been looking for a better bat behind the plate so Bailey could have at least another half a year of development in AAA where he struggled last year. Lopez was expendable because he has not improved his defense to an average level yet. Thanks for the trade Chappy and I hope it works out for both of us.
  5. The A's trade: 1b- Lewis Allen- ML Oakland RF- Corey Ray- ML Oakland Twins trade: 2b- Chad Scott- ML Minnesota $7,000,000 in cash to cover Scott's arbitration estimate The A's do this trade to get their second baseman. We hate to lose Ray as he was a captain, but we got a captain back when we traded for Story. We see Scott as a major upgrade and a leader in the clubhouse. Allen had fell out of favor with our staff because of his questionable work habits. We will miss his power, but we thought it would be easier to find a first baseman either via a trade or in the FA market instead of a second baseman. THANK YOU ROCKY for the trade.
  6. The Oakland A's trade: C- Doug Smith- AA Midland CF- Joshua Lowe- A+ Stockton SS- Nonie Williams- A Beloit The Braves trade: 3b- Trevor Story- ML Atlanta (100% retained for 2021) The A's do this trade to get the 3b we have been searching for. While we hate to lose Doug Smith we saw him as a backup catcher at the big league level in the future so we figured it was worth moving him to upgrade our major league team. Thank you Brenton for the trade!
  7. The A’s agree to this trade. We have been searching for another sp and we found him in Tate. We are sad to see Sparks and Mass go, but we feel we can compete in the AL West now. Thanks Brenton for the trade.
  8. The A's send: Sp- Ed Petty AAA- Nashville CF- John O'Herlihy A- New York Penn The Marlins send 1b- Juan Francisco ML- Miami (contract 100% retained) The A's have been looking for a BIG bat to anchor this team. Getting Francisco and his contract fully retained makes this trade hard to pass up. We hate to see Petty go, but with our rotation he was not going to get an opportunity in the majors. O'Herlihy was never going to crack our outfield with the prospects we have coming up. Thank you Ryan for the trade and good luck moving forward!
  9. The A’s agree to this trade. We have been looking for another sp to compete with the rest of the AL West. Thank you Ryan for the trade!
  10. The A's send: C- Richardo Moreno (Oakland MLB) 1b- Jeimer Candelario (Nashville AAA) Cf- Kevin Morrison (Midland AA) Lf- Josh Stowers (Beloit A) Pittsburgh sends: Cf- Alfredo Perez (Indianapolis AAA) 2b- Francisco Gonzalez (Altoona AA) The A's do this trade to open a spot on their major league team for newly acquired C McAteer and to work on upgrading our farm system. We are looking for good fast defensive outfielders to roam our spacious park. We are also trying to work on getting more players to improve our on base percentage and we are hoping that both Perez and Gonzalez will help us out. Thank you Greg for the talks and we wish you well on beating the Cardinals in 2020 and beyond!
  11. The A's agree to this trade. We are not in a place to compete in 2020 so we have traded the two players with expiring contracts (Felix and Mauer) and got prospects in return. We need to restock our hitting prospects as we have a good pitching staff heading into 2021. I was looking through the available personal and didn't really see anyone that could help my team relate to the younger guys. We hoping adding two hitting coaches to our system that can do that will help, if not it was worth getting them thrown into this trade. Thank you, Eddie for the long drawn out talks (which they always are) and I wish you the best!
  12. The A’s agree to this trade. While we hate to lose Mauer’s leadership, we need to build our system up. We see Mena as a long term project that has the potential to start for us one day. We also think that Young could fill a spot in the backend of our rotation or a long relief role. Thank you Rhett for the trade and good luck on your playoff run.
  13. Colorado needed some extra catching prospects, we need some corner infield depth. So this was a pretty easy and quick trade. Thank you Eddie for the quick trade.
  14. The Reds agree to this trade. We are excited to bring in more pitching prospects and look forward to seeing Ware continue to develop in AAA and are very excited for Johnson and Espino develop into rotation pieces in the future. We think this will make us a better team into the future. We are also excited about Beltran to help develop all of our pitchers we have traded for over the last few weeks. We wish you luck, Jonathan to continue your run to win your division!
  15. The Reds agree to this trade. While we hat to see Martinez go, we really like what we are getting in return. We are excited to see what Pearson will do in Cincinnati, we see has as a number 2 or 3 behind Greene. Brown is someone that we think can develop into either the backend of our rotation or long relief in the bullpen. Jones we see as a setup guy with closing potential. We have considered firing Varso for awhile now but have not seen anyone to replace him and we are excited to see how he will help our young talent we have be acquiring. Thank you Eddie for the trade. Good luck in your quest for a World Series title.