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  1. Yellow, Orange. That's the point. Sorry. I put in six trade offers that were overwhelmingly in the CPU team's favor and all were rejected almost immediately. Mix in that many star players are protected now by CPU teams which means that you can't really trade with the CPU. Thus the loss of my support and I'm sure others because as you can see from the first reply, it's really not much fun communicating or playing with some of the human owners. The future of this game will not be in human play in my opinion.
  2. Holiday after lag. Thought I'd see if things improved. Took out a new LIHL team in Lumber. Worked the roster and then proposed six CPU trades, all in favor of the CPU team, IE, yellow on my side and green on theirs. All trades were rejected. I'll try again next year. Have a happy 2018 everyone. Anders it's sad that you've done this to your game which had so much promise.
  3. I just resigned my three teams. Between the slow server speed, having to pay to change player numbers, and not being able to trade it's just not enough to warrant the time invested any longer.
  4. Really? An entire team's defence untouchable? I've purposely made some insane offers. Huge amounts for minor players without trades going through. If we can't trade with CPU teams, which in some leagues are the majority of our competition this game experience will be at an end for owners like myself. Balance is important, but quality of play is too. Right now you can't build a team without trading and in most leagues there's little incentive for human managers to trade when you can get a comparable free agent. Add in the minor league system and rosters are getting clumped up. We need more fun back in this game. If you can't fix this I'll thank you for your good work. There's no crime in going in the direction you're going, but it's not working for managers that like to trade.
  5. Hi Anders, What do we need to do to help you improve server speed? Do you need another server? A better hosting company? Please let us all know as I'm sure just about all of us would like better speed. Thanks!
  6. Was just trying to make a deal and most of the teams have a negative cap total. Anders?
  7. Yes it is silly. Right now if you try to trade with a team that is in a lower level with you they have players which are untouchable which makes it harder to improve their team. I understand why it was done, but a better solution is needed as it's hurting gameplay.
  8. I just did an end around. I withdrew the offer on the player page and then made a new offer which is now showing on the transfer page. Also, the notifications now on the manager page don't specify which player rejected a contract unless you click on the message.
  9. Hi Anders, Player shows that I've already offered a contract. Transfer shows no such offer - I had a message saying not enough cash even though I have over $10M available for next season. Please assist as I really don't want to lose my player. Lumber - Gold.
  10. Anders my understanding was that it was for actual star players with a star designation. Not simply all players rated over 90 which make up most of the rosters on many gold level teams?
  11. I trade with the CPU and have no problem with any trade I've ever made. I don't play my goalies 60 games per season or game draft pick deals. My deals usually are orange on my side and green on the other. Many times it's about trading several assets for one that will improve my team. That being said there sadly are others that are gaming the system. In one gold league I see that Anders or someone has made the best players on a team all untouchable. I think that's wrong. You normally wouldn't see more than three untouchables on any roster historically.
  12. Nope. In an established league. Most of the rosters at the gold level in Lumber.
  13. Hi Anders, Was looking at some rosters this morning on CPU teams and most of their players were listed as Untouchable for trade? That's not common on most human rosters. What's up?
  14. So I'm seeing that as it stands that there is no sense to cut a player who you can send down to your affiliate. That blocks available talent. Add in that we have no waivers before sending a player down and we can see larger blocks of talent on affiliate teams. What if he salary of a player sent down was equal to 50% of their salary? Yes, we'd still send players down who had multi year contracts most likely, but right now it makes no sense to cut a player and eat half the cap space when we can send them down and only eat 10%? If Anders can implement a waiver system the salary would also be 50%. In other words you nab talent at half price thus creating a risk to sending a player down and having a route to help weaker teams and keeping owners honest? If something like this were to be implemented I would also suggest giving one full season's notice so owners could adjust their rosters over a full season. Thoughts?
  15. I also think that there should be a limit to how many affiliate players a team can own.