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  1. I just took a look at your team. Its hard to tell without any definitive information, but from trial and error, i believe you are actually giving Ratay and even Lessart, too much play time. I didnt realize this could have a negative effect but its the only explanation I have other than underwhelming performance. He does have a +8 but your team is #1 so that is inevitable, you are scoring more than opponents. Overall 8 points in 36 games from your second best rated Dman isnt that great. If this were my team, obviously its not so do whatever you feel is best for your team, but: - For Ratay, I would try to limit his minutes to around 18 due to his low endurance (64), 22:30 toi is more than most of my 90 endurance players get. I would also switch his tactics to TWO-WAY which should help improve his offensive skills quicker as well boost his performance numbers. - For Lessart, I would also try limiting minutes to around 20-21 cause even though his endurance is high, 24:00 toi is more than most players get in GHL. His UNC confidence may have more to do with his ANXIOUS and LAZY personality than his toi though. Again this is more my opinion than anything but the best way to figure things out in this game is trial and error.
  2. answered this in the top conversation box, but in case it gets written over, ill answer here. 1) No more than 1 team is allowed per account. 2) Yes, you must use or make a separate email in order to create a new account for another team in a different game world. 3) You must log in and out to switch between accounts. Having your browser save your password makes it easy to switch between them. 4) Starting unemployed allows you to choose a league. Picking an existing team will give you a team at the highest available level(GHL for older accounts before the full release of v1.0.0, BHL for new accounts created after) You can edit team info choosing either option. 5) Games are counted separately due to having 2 different accounts. 6) I don't believe you can use the same name, that could create a bit of confusion if two people chose the same name in different game worlds. So it probably wont combine totals on the manager page. In order to keep it easy, my first account is Cliff Jones and the second is Cliff Jones II. Hope I provided the answers you were looking for.
  3. I think I heard that it has to do with a players expected play time compared to their actual time on ice. If they play less than what they expect, their confidence does not go up by much, sometimes not at all. I believe ego and performance might also have a slight effect on confidence. Typically, my forwards all become PERFECT by the end of season, but that is mostly because I play a 3 line system for my forwards which give them lots of extra play time(The minimum amount of minutes a forward will play in a game for me is 15min). With the normal 4 line system, the 3rd or 4th lines will typically get less (10-15 min) than the amount of play time they want (15-20 min) which will keep their confidence low. As for my defenders, usually my 3rd line will never even become PERFECT even with 15+ min of play time due to more total minutes for D-men(3 lines compared to 4 lines for forwards); Lower rated defenders on this line may get up to GOOD since they dont expect as much play time, but with 88s on my 3rd line in GHL, they usually will be OK and I even had an UNCOMFORTABLE by the end of last season after the player played all but 2 games and well. Hope this helps a bit.
  4. I partially agree and disagree. A higher cap may keep the best teams at the top for a few more seasons, but in about 4 seasons after 4 drafts and some top players retire, we will see thing even out more. I do like the sound of a higher cap, however, because if you take a look at mitts FA in GHL, there are a decent amount of 90s and high 80s that aren't even signed due to no GHL teams having enough cap space to sign any more.
  5. Btw, thanks for coming in 1st in SHL. I was hoping you would stay at the top of the league so that I could get Denga as my pick, and i got him, so thanks again. Also, I'll follow this agreement going forward.
  6. Honestly I have seen teams with all the different offensive playing styles work for different teams so it is all a matter of what your team players skills are. Transitional Rush works best if you have many players with high speed and good puck handling skills, especially defensemen, Dump and Chase requires players that have high speed, spirit, and physical traits. Its best to try the tactics out for a couple games and see how many shots per game you get with them. More shots usually equals more goals so I usually go with whichever tactics seems to get more shots per game. Its worth changing tactics if you think something might work better. if it seems to be working out with a new tactic, you'll be that much better once it reaches 100% and if not you can always change the tactics back after a few games with a minor penalty to team familiarity.
  7. At first I cared about keeping players happy with their contracts, but after most got upset in their first year I decided to see how they would play. I didnt notice any major differences between performance between players who were happy, concerned, frustrated, so on. Ill usually just keep the contract going until I know I want to keep the player for longer and then I'll sign him to a higher salary contract extension when I have the cap space.
  8. I typically go by what my line is best used for. (i.e. line with high DEF players - TWO WAY, line with high offensive skills - SCORING, high SPI skills - ENERGY, high PHY skills - CHECKING). My first line usually has good offensive and DEF skills so Ill switch them from SCORING to TWO WAY when i'm playing a top goal scoring team. For my next two lines (lines 2 and 3), one will be defensive and focus TWO WAY and one will be offensive and focus SCORING, which i feel evens out my team. My last line will go checking or energy depending on if they are more PHY or SPI. Basically, I use players skills primarily to choose my team focus. Who im playing is an extra factor i consider.
  9. If you use an e-mail site like google's gmail or yahoo mail, they allow you to make more than one email account and then you can link them to each other making it quick and easy to sign in between both when needed. I did this in yahoo so i could make a second team in a different game world and its really easy to go back and forth between my main email and secondary one. Most times I dont even need to sign in to the seconday one.
  10. I have played forwards at the center position and centers at the forward position almost every game the last few seasons in mitts and lumber. At the end of last season in mitts and the beginning of this season I played forwards at the defensive spot and they played pretty well. After my defender got injured in the first game of the season, i had no backup picked up yet so i played a forward i just acquired who was an 83 DEF, 89 PHY, 99 SPI with 90 SKA, 88 PAS, and 83 SHO on the offensive end. I set him to TWO WAY and played him on first line or second line in the last 6 games till my injured Dman came back. The forward had 1G and 4A with a 0 +/- and 77 PER rating over the course of those first 6 games he played at D. Not saying you should do this all the time, just if you had to, due to injuries, it doesnt seem to give a penalty.
  11. There is a description when you first open up the lineup as long as you have the "HINTS" option checked on. You can check this by going to the MANAGER page and then after clicking the ACTION tab on the MANAGER page, click SETTINGS and you will see an option that says "HINTS" and you can choose to display hints or hide them. Once you have confirmed that the hints are being displayed, go to the TEAM page and then after clicking the ACTION tab on the TEAM page, click LINEUP. Wait for a little bit for the page to load and a black box that says Lineup Hints will appear under it says Edit Lineup. If you continue to click next it will show you info on the different lineup settings as well as how to use the LINEUP page. In order to help you out, I copy and pasted the info below for what you were looking for The checking line is responsible to get under the skin of and agitate the opponents scoring line. They will focus on defensive duties and youยดll need players that can backcheck hard, deliver body checks and play tough. The energy line usually donยดt have a lot of ice time but when they take the ice they will create a lot of momentum by hard forechecking and delivering body checks. Perfect for waking your team out of a slump. Youยดll need speedy players with a lot of spirit. The defensive match line focus means that depending on which line the defencemen plays with they will try to adapt to the lines focus. This will demand a lot of the defensemen and they will need to master all areas of the game. Basically means the D will try to match the focus of the Offensive line they are playing with at the time The dynamic focus will tell the defensemen to attack when the opportunities arises but never at the expense of risking their defensive duties. Basically a Two Way for Dmen. Think I answered everything.
  12. It seems like a fixed bracket like NCAAB. The winner of 1v8 plays the winner of 4v5 and then the winner of 2v7 will play the winner of 3v6 in the next round.
  13. I would like to be USA. Team USA, All the way!
  14. cliffjones33


    sent you a trade, CC, for Lappala, they are all pretty young and NAT or GIF and AMB. looking to not get relegated so might as well give up some prospects.
  15. Hey, Started playing this game early December 2015, and couldnt agree with you more about how great GPHM is. Sadly, I lost my teams in Gino and Duster with the switch, but joined both new worlds as the Deadwood Outlaws in Mitts and the Tabiona Hurricanes in Lumber (I know the name sucks and that there are no Hurricanes in Utah but clicked join team too fast and didnt edit lol.) I sent you, Wiz, an invitation for a friendly match if you are interested, but either way I look forward to facing you on Opening Day. Good Luck to All!