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  1. Phillies accept. Trading Padilla hurts, but getting rid of Francisco's contract does not. We take Moore back as we think he could have a chance to be useful, but also as someone who is more easily flippable. Varsho adds catching depth to our system that we need, especially after the Logan Moore/Juan Hidalgo trade. Thanks to Soze for the deal.
  2. Phillies accept. Hard to trade Tolleson, but we've been in the market for an elite 2B for a while now and we got our man. Staying salary neutral in this deal was key, and we were able to do so. Thanks to Sam for the negotiations, and sorry to Matt for forgetting to remind Sam that Moore can't be traded for 90 days.
  3. Phillies accept. When you have Josh Magee manning the middle infield, anyone who isn't a moving turnstile on defense is an upgrade. We, like Hodges has done in the past, are trying to get as many middle infielders as possible to see who works, so Jose Ramirez will join us. Gerber is good, but we are willing to sacrifice a potential MR for a good 2B. Thanks to Hodges for a deal that literally had 4 Slack lines of negotiation.
  4. Phillies accept. I have no need for Bortnick, and if anything he clogs playing time from guys like Urias so getting rid of him is good. We had to retain the entire salary, but considering we were on the hook for it no matter what, we may as well get a flier out of him. Thanks to Eddie.
  5. Philadelphia sends: SP Navy Shuler - R Clearwater Cleveland sends: Pitching Coach Arthur Rhodes - AAA Columbus I really dislike Rick Kranitz, in real life and MLB Pro. With Cleveland having Rocky's ex-pitching coach in place for a while, I inquired about the availability of Cleveland's AAA pitching coach. Ayden's been bugging me about Navy Shuler for weeks, so I finally traded him here to get a new major league pitching coach. That's right, Rick Kranitz, you can hit the unemployment line! Thanks to Ayden for the deal, and welcome Arthur Rhodes to the Major Leagues. Let's hope this CLE pitching coach works out better than the last one I traded for (Mariano Rivera. (If it wasn't made clear - Arthur Rhodes will be replacing Rick Kranitz at the ML level, and Kranitz will be shot back into the unemployment market where he belongs.)
  6. Philadelphia sends: CL Juan Ibarra SP Carson Fulmer - IL OF Emilio Martinez SP John Hawkins - A+ Clearwater Assistant GM John Barr $1,690,420 San Francisco sends: OF Anthony Hale SP Mat Latos - IL This was an incredibly hard deal to agree to, but one we think is necessary for the future of the organization. Hale is a player I traded away as Milwaukee GM, and is a player I've coveted ever sense. We've been looking for a true game changer in OF, and we think that with an OF of Bell & Hale, we can make waves. Latos was necessary for salary purposes, but we think he can be a contributor. Ibarra was incredibly hard to give up, but ultimately, he's a relief pitcher. Fulmer is fantastic, but you never know about injuries like that. Emilio is a personal favorite, but oh well, and Hawkins is a nice little spec. Barr going to SF was a pure money dump, for some reason he has a 6.7m salary. That's all. Whew. I'm going to go to bed now. Thanks to Ryan, and I promise we didn't negotiate this deal while Ryan was intoxicated!
  7. Phillies confirm. We like Turner's upside and like clearing a 40-man spot.
  8. Cincinatti sends: SS Luis Urias - AAA Philadelphia sends: $12 + $1 = $13 This is the final piece of the Brandon Beachy deal. The return is $12 (to signify the amount of months Beachy will be on the shelf) + $1 (to signify how many outs Beachy made before he got injured.
  9. Philadelphia sends: SP Mike Montgomery - AAA Lehigh Valley - on rehab assignment SP Brad Peacock - ML San Diego sends: $69,420 This is a pure salary dump. Peacock is an impending FA who wouldn't negotiate with me, and Montgomery is a bad salary this year and next. The Phillies have grand ambitions in the free agency cycle, and this deal will help make that possible. While losing Peacock is disappointing, we believe that slotting Nick Robison into his rotation slot will continue the success we have found. Thanks to Sean for the deal.
  10. Phillies accept. Creath is a guy who we planned on non tendering at end of season, and we like that we were able to get his money off the books so we aren't completely salary crunched out. Lowery will replace Weiz in AAA. Thanks to Brett for the deal.
  11. Chicago sends: SP Cody Ponce - ML 3B Richie Bongiovanni - R Glendale $3 million in cash Philadelphia sends: 3B Santiago Mateo - DFA 1B Rafael Lozano - AAA Lehigh Valley 2B Fabian Weiz - AAA Lehigh Valley SP Francisco Munoz - AA Reading SP Stan Lee - A Lakewood CL Clayton O'Neil - A- Williamsport Well, if there was any doubt before, the Phillies are officially looking to compete this year and beyond. Ponce is a cost-controlled, young starter who will be a great replacement for Brad Peacock. We have a future rotation lined up of Gilmartin-Magana-Ponce-Fulmer-Cole, a rotation that greatly excites us. Bongiovanni is no slouch either, we plan to make him a reliever and see what happens. As for my return, the toughest player to give up was Stan Lee. He has a great name, and closer potential. Fortunately, you don't need closers who are years out when you have multiple in the current ML team. Munoz + O'Neil are also disappointing to give up, but our window starts in 2020, and we don't believe they will be ready til 2021. Lozano is a player we simply have no fit for. He can't play a position other than 1B, and with us not planning on trading Ryobe Kamida anytime soon and with our recent acquisition of Francisco, we have no place for him. We hope he suceeds in Chicago. Weiz is a minor league FA signing who worked out nicely, but oh well. Mateo is a player who has no role on the team, and getting off his money is very nice. This was a surprisingly easy deal to negotiate, thanks to Hodges for the deal (which came together in about 2 hours!)
  12. Chicago sends: 3B Juan Francisco Philadelphia sends: SP Daniel Espino - R Clearwater This was a tough decision to make, but one we feel will bring great benefit to us. We were looking for a significant bat to add to our infield, and while Francisco is pricey, we believe he is the best upgrade we can get at this time. Espino's tough to part with, but he is a couple years out, and we aim to compete next year. Thanks to Hodges for the quick deal.
  13. Philadelphia sends: C Brett Cumberland - AAA Lehigh Valley C George Hall - A Lakewood 2B Flobert Ubbels - R Clearwater Cleveland sends: C William French - AAA Columbus SS Didi Gregorious - AAA Columbus Just a fun swap of catchers. We did this because we have so many catchers, and we wanted to sort of condense them into something better. French is a captain and will take up a leadership role in the ML clubhouse if Mike Murray ends up DFA'd in my endless quest to have competency in the middle infield. Speaking of middle infield, Gregorious is another body to add to that mix with Maruszak, Vitters, Weiz, and all those guys. Thanks to Ayden for the quick deal.
  14. Tampa Bay sends: OF Rainel Rosario - DFA Philadelphia sends: OF Fuller McCullough - A+ (Clearwater?) Kirk Nieuweinheis is out 3-4 months, so we need to replenish the OF depth. JP Ramirez is great but as an everyday option, he scares me. Same with Leandro Castro & Jeffery Walker. We also lack quality AAA OF depth. Thus, we figured we'd bring in Rosario and throw him at the wall to see if he does anything good. McCullough's fine and all, but I worry about his hit tool ever developing due to his advanced age. Thanks to Heinz for the deal.