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    Peekaboo reacted to Antti Hänninen in Season 2 General Chat   
    *Clap, Clap, Clap* :DDDD
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    Peekaboo got a reaction from Deadwing in Season 2 General Chat   
    Here, I talked to assistant to clear some things.
    IP: Hi mate, lets talk about the game yesterday. And some other reports from last week.
    A: Ok.
    IP: We won 5-2 yesterday.
    A: Yes.
    IP: Lets discuss your report.
    A: Ok.
    IP: Team showed no signs of underestimating our opponent.
    A: No, they didn't. They went in the game fierce and furious.
    IP: But the team captains failed to prepare the team on our opponent?
    A: Well, yes...
    IP: How so?
    A: I don't know... maybe they didn't prepare... uhm... maybe they didn't motivate players enough.
    IP: Lets talk about Hoglund. 3 points for 6 minutes of ice time. Awesome.
    A: Yeah, but he wasn't quite happy with his performance. His confidence is dented and he is crying in locker room now.
    IP: How so?
    A: He had 0 hits and 0 takeaways.
    IP: But he scored a goal and had two assists.
    A: No hits, no takeaways...
    IP: Lets talk about Breton. He didn't have best of game, but you said that his bodychecks really boosted his confidence.
    A: Yeah, but he displayed some very weak bodychecks.
    IP: Ok?
    A: Well, he is a player who gets his cofidence boosted only if he does weak bodychecks.
    IP: Oh, ok. I didn't know that. Lets talk about game against Tomahawks, where our goalie got pulled out in first peried after allowing 4 goals from 7 shots. How did he feel after the game?
    A: Great, he was very happy with his performance and it took his game to whole another level.
    IP: I can see that. I see you mentioned that he didn't fit his role good? (Role 30)
    A: Ah, yes. Well, he is a goalie, but naturally he is soccer goalie and being on the ice really makes it hard for him.
    IP: Berthellete had a fine game. You mention that he protected the puck really well in the offensive zone.
    A: Yeah, he was awesome.
    IP: He also had great checking game.
    A: Yes, thats what he does. I gave him 80 for his physical performance.
    IP: But your report states that he failed in physical play getting past the opponent with the puck.
    A: Yeah, he can't handle the puck.
    IP: But he protected the puck really well?
    A: Yeah, when he got the puck he protected him along the boards great, but if he skates with it then he failed.
    IP: Ok. One more thing comes to mind.
    A: Yes?
    IP: You said that Arnesen wasn't affected by fatigue during the game at all.
    A: Nope, he is incredible.
    IP: But you said that he had problems with endurance and failed in recovery. Recovery of what?
    A: I don't know.
    IP: How he wasn't affected by fatigue if he had problems with endurance?
    A: Uhm, maybe he was saving himself for last period and then, I don't know, game finished and he realised that he isn't fatigued at all.
    IP: Ok. Cya tomorrow.
    A: Bye.
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    Peekaboo reacted to Erzac in Season 2 General Chat   
    Hold on to your hats, ladies and gents. The Cats aren't done yet.

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    Peekaboo got a reaction from Erzac in Season 2 General Chat   
    Big game against Leopards today. Last time it was 7-2 for Pauls side, worst defeat in franchise (tho short it is) history. However, many players changed teams from both sides and this will be whole new game...
    Dragons have streak of 8-1-0-1, while Leopards are at 7-1-2-0 coming from a 6-1 win against Tomahawks. Also, both team are using different styles... a true test for my new tactics
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    Peekaboo reacted to GamePlanHockey in About help files (Want to contribute?)   
    Yes, the different player skills/ratings will be explained in the upcoming help files.
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    Peekaboo reacted to rainsilent in My thoughts on endurance   
    I run everyone on my team at hard and just split up the playing time to keep them from getting tired.
    Also, the first injury of the season just happened.
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    Peekaboo got a reaction from Tyrod Gibson in Season 2 General Chat   
    Yeah, SHL cup
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    Peekaboo got a reaction from Erzac in Season 2 General Chat   
    Now you set an even bigger stage for a shocker
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    Peekaboo got a reaction from Erzac in Season 2 General Chat   
    Yeah, SHL cup
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    Peekaboo reacted to GamePlanHockey in Blog Posts and other updates on our site   
    Still in the backlog but no release date for this feature
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    Peekaboo reacted to Paul T in Player reputation [DONE]   
    If I may expand on this list, which includes prospect reputation and a few others (Ranked from High to Low):
    1. Legendary
    2. Superstar, Super Diva
    3. Star, Diva
    4. Well known, Shooting Star
    5. Famous
    6. Renowned, Late bloomer, Up and Coming
    7. Recognized, Promising
    8. Familiar, Hot prospect
    9. Accepted, Decent prospect
    10. Unproven
    11. Unknown
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    Peekaboo reacted to GamePlanHockey in Player reputation [DONE]   
    Updated: October 28, 2019
    ## Player reputation
    Player reputation is measured in the following ranks (from lowest to highest):
    Unknown, Unproven, Accepted (Decent prospect, Finished), Familiar (Hot prospect, Has-been), Recognised (Promising, Declining), Renowned (Up-and-coming, Late-bloomer), Famous (Rising star), Well known (Future star, Shooting star), Star, Superstar (Super diva), Legendary.

    The labels within the parentheses are situational equivalents and may be used from time to time depending on the player's career and profile status.

    Player reputation is categorised in World reputation and League reputation meaning that the player can have two different ranks depending on what's being measured.

    The player reputation will impact the player's experience and leadership values, team culture impact and contract demands.

    Some examples of what make players gain reputation include, but are not limited to, awards, played games, stats leaderboards, prospect rank and draft. The current league level will impact the reputation gained.

    Player reputation is also weighted, meaning that the last couple of season's reputation is impacting the current total reputation more than earlier seasons.
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    Peekaboo got a reaction from AlexanderRasputin in Cage trash talk   
    and Paul, you should have created Buzzer CHL team, you'd find some GHL Cage competition there
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    Peekaboo got a reaction from ColoKrabatt in Picks switching between promoting and demoting teams   
    Also, one more thing - don't overlook this.
    There is no way I am trading any of my players at the moment to any of new promoted teams? Why? Becuase I am 99% sure they will get relegated. So, in a way, they can't trade their picks for players that will actually help them stay up.
    If they would retain their picks, that means they would be able to trade them for 90+ players right now, in a season where they actually need them.
    Just a thought.
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    Peekaboo reacted to GamePlanHockey in Blog Posts and other updates on our site   
    The BIG release - a retrospective
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    Peekaboo got a reaction from GamePlanHockey in Current road map   
    Gratz Anders!!
    And my condolences to the rest of the Gameplaynhockey community. Game over
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    Peekaboo reacted to zinnyzxx in My thoughts on endurance   
    Endurance is a problem with goalies. There's no reason I can only play my starting goalie for 1 game at a time before he's tired.
    This shouldn't be a problem in the upper levels
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    Peekaboo reacted to rainsilent in My thoughts on endurance   
    Yet I am sure it wasn't with a deficient team in passing and scoring. I'm pretty sure those abilities were at least comparable to the rest of the GHL. There is a difference between not emphasizing something and it being useless.
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    Peekaboo reacted to Erzac in S2 GHL Power Rankings   
    Here again for your viewing pleasure!
    Eastern Conference
    1. Deferiet Leopards (Paul T)
    OFF: 89 DEF: 87 SG: 92 OVR: 87,9
    2. Fairbanks Union (Eric T)
    OFF: 86 DEF: 89 SG: 92 OVR: 87,5
    3. Slaughterville Red Tide (Alexander Rasputin)
    OFF: 87 DEF: 87 SG: 92 OVR: 87,5
    4. Lake Viking Bulldogs (Max Mol)
    OFF: 86 DEF: 87 SG: 94 OVR: 87,3
    5. St. Thomas Stray Cats (Erzac Ray)
    OFF: 86 DEF: 87 SG: 96 OVR: 87,3
    6. Sault Ste Marie Battlin Bears (Joe Leconte)
    OFF: 87 DEF: 88 SG: 85 OVR: 87,3
    7. Netherhill Nightmares (Tyrod Gibson)
    OFF: 86 DEF: 88 SG: 91 OVR: 87,2
    8. Sheshegwaning Dragons (Ives Pa)
    OFF: 87 DEF: 87 SG: 87 OVR: 87,2
    9. Mango Duhawks (Dr. Jones)
    OFF: 86 DEF: 88 SG: 90 OVR: 86,9
    10. Cedar Rapids Minutemen (Richard Armour)
    OFF: 86 DEF: 87 SG: 88 OVR: 86,2
    11. Bergland Tigers (Pat Wyson)
    OFF: 86 DEF: 86 SG: 84 OVR: 85,8
    12. Becancour Patriots (Nick Menard)
    OFF: 85 DEF: 84 SG: 86 OVR: 84,8
    13. Bodmin Bangers (Sakari Lindholm)
    OFF: 82 DEF: 86 SG: 85 OVR: 84,0
    14. Mount Airy Savage Storm (Jason New)
    OFF: 81 DEF: 84 SG: 92 OVR: 83,1
    Western Conference
    1. Kegashka Prairie Stars (Ferris Mason)
    OFF: 87 DEF: 91 SG: 94 OVR: 89,1
    2. Ithaca Ricochet (Marc S)
    OFF: 85 DEF: 89 SG: 92 OVR: 87,7
    3. West Chicago Hawks (Richard Feynman)
    OFF: 86 DEF: 88 SG: 94 OVR: 87,6
    4. Brass Castle Berzerkers (Matt H)
    OFF: 86 DEF: 88 SG: 86 OVR: 87,3
    5. Vauban Tomahawks (Ben \)
    OFF: 87 DEF: 87 SG: 92 OVR: 87,3
    6. Enigma Rage (Wendel Clark)
    OFF: 87 DEF: 87 SG: 87 OVR: 87,1
    7. Scandinavia Steelers (J Jono)
    OFF: 86 DEF: 88 SG: 89 OVR: 87,0
    8. Eastern Outlaws (The Champ)
    OFF: 87 DEF: 87 SG: 89 OVR: 86,9
    9. Yonker Wolverines (Jiri Heikkala)
    OFF: 86 DEF: 88 SG: 87 OVR: 86,9
    10. Eldred Elite (Steven Bennett)
    OFF: 85 DEF: 87 SG: 86 OVR: 86,2
    11. Blenheim Pirates (Martin J)
    OFF: 85 DEF: 86 SG: 86 OVR: 85,3
    12. Red River Red Bulls (Marko Vuoto)
    OFF: 82 DEF: 84 SG: 88 OVR: 83,4
    13. Pittsboro Plastic Attack (Makate Naekfor)
    OFF: 82 DEF: 84 SG: 87 OVR: 83,3
    14. Rocky Mountain House Owls (Garry Brodersen)
    OFF: 81 DEF: 80 SG: 83 OVR: 80,8
    Calculated on day 7 of S2, using:
    Team OVR = (OFF + (DEF*2) + (SG*2))/26
    OFF: ovr sum of best 12 centers/forwards
    DEF: ovr sum of best 6 defenders
    SG: ovr of starting goalie
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    Peekaboo reacted to Paul T in Picks switching between promoting and demoting teams   
    I agree with the problem this is trying to solve, but maybe not the proposed solution.  That being said, this topic of inter-league trading has come up a few times in the past and is one that needs active discussion.
    To answer the initial questions:
    Picks switching between promoting and demoting teams.  Uhm, whats the logic behind that?
    As was already stated above, the logic is to reward the lower league team for promoting to an upper league and penalize the relegating teams.  I think this is a good thing.
    Except its super abusable? 
    100% agree and we need to come up with a solution to make it less abusable.
    I mean, shouldn't relegated team (when losing his whole team most of the time)  have something to be happy about? And also something to build upon in the future?  This way most people just quit.
    If people quit because of being relegated or having a bad team, they are missing the point of the game and it's their loss.  I stated in another thread somewhere that the managers I had the most respect for weren't the teams battling it out for the GHL Cup (sure, those managers are competent and deserve praise as well), but rather the managers who were being relegated and stayed with their teams.  Afterall, it's a manager game.  The main object shouldn't be to just win.  The object should be to make your team better and get them to perform well regardless of your starting point.  If you win in the process, cool.  But if I ever get relegated, I will look at that as a new, exciting challenge.  I'm not sure how long I will play this game, but if/when I decide to retire, it will probably be because of real life getting in the way, not because of having a losing team.
    Another thing to mention, unrelated to upper league teams from "abusing" it, is that inter-league trading is also unfair to the lower league teams who don't trade with upper league teams.  I would advise all lower league teams to keep their picks as it will pay off greatly upon promotion, but when other teams are getting stacked around you, I can understand why some teams feel it necessary to do so.
    Now that that is out of the way, what are the possible solutions.
    1) Picks don't change upon promotion/relegation
    Pros:  Upper league teams cannot easily secure top picks.
    Cons:  No reward for recently promoted teams.  Even more difficult for recently promoted teams to compete.
    2) Eliminate trading between leagues (I actually suggested this in the Focus Group).
    Pros:  Upper league teams cannot easily secure top picks.  Lower league teams cannot easily stack their roster.
    Cons:  Less communication/interaction between managers (game needs more, not less).  It will be harder for lower league teams to compete with recently relegated upper league teams that prepared for relegation (hence why I also suggested an earlier trade deadline, but that's another topic).
    3) Hear me out on this one.  What if when a player is traded to a lower league, the player's salary was not adjusted?  So if they were in GHL for 500K on a 2-way contract and got traded to SHL, the contract was STILL 500K, not 125K (or whatever it would be).  I suppose this wouldn't totally solve the problem, but it would make it less abusable because lower league teams would think twice about acquiring players for picks.  As it stands, the lower league teams currently benefit in two ways.  First, they get elite talent for their league level, and second, they get that elite talent at a massive discount vs. what they would have had to pay for signing the player themselves.
    4) Roster limits.  Haven't totally thought this through, but it would prevent managers from stacking 2-way contracts for the sole purpose of trading them.  At the very least, it would limit the number of trades.
    5) Transaction and/or trade limit per season.  I get this would take some of the fun out of the game, but both 4 and 5 would make your moves a little more strategic.  Unlimited trading leads to all sorts of "abuse". 
    Keep the discussion going...
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    Peekaboo got a reaction from AlexanderRasputin in Picks switching between promoting and demoting teams   
    Uhm, whats the logic behind that?
    Except its super abusable?  I am trying to figure out why would that happen? I mean, shouldn't relegated team (when losing his whole team most of the time)  have something to be happy about? And also something to build upon in the future?
    This way most people just quit.
    Not to mention, how easy is to trade some 2w free agents signed by GHL teams with SHL teams and then hope they get promoted and their picks become crazy worth?
    What am I missing here?
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    Peekaboo reacted to Wendel Clark in Picks switching between promoting and demoting teams   
    Yeah, looks like the weakness of the current system is the vulnerability to abuse (which could easily be countered by disabling inter-league trades of picks) and not the switching of the picks itself. The first one to me seems obvious and the latter debatable.
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    Peekaboo reacted to Wick Schozen in Picks switching between promoting and demoting teams   
    I get what your saying and it looks appealing in that outline. The thing I get stuck on with this is once you extrapolate that to five seasons out the GHL is essentially 34 teams with the top 6 teams in the SHL being former GHL teams that have been going up and down and the remaining 22 SHL teams could never possibly accumulate talent to be able to compete with those teams. 
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    Peekaboo reacted to Wick Schozen in Picks switching between promoting and demoting teams   
    The point that Wendel made about prohibiting the trading of picks between leagues is the best solution to the abusable system. Removing the promotion-relegation pick switch is not, because the team relegating has the best chance to return to the GHL. They have the ability to retain a roster of GHL players on two-way deals, there is absolutely no reason to give that team the best prospect entering the game world. What is a reason to award a team with the best prospect entering the game world is the team at the greatest disadvantage which is the team that just succeeded in promoting. Give them the asset so then they can cultivate a team of GHL assets and attempt to stay in the league and if they can't compete then they have to be competent managers and better situate themselves for success further down the line. You cannot incentivise failure in a relegation/promotion league structure by allowing that team to retain a top draft selection because then no team in a lower division has any possibility of breaking through to the top. Eventually the top assets will just be circulated amongst GHL teams and the handful of teams that sit at the top of the SHL promoting and relegating season after season. 
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    Peekaboo reacted to Wick Schozen in Picks switching between promoting and demoting teams   
    The logic on the exchanging of picks is to give the promoting team the best asset that is being inserted into the league by means of one of the top players drafted. If the relegating team were to receive that pick, then the promoting team would not only be coming into a higher league with a constrained roster, but also with a draft selection that no longer offers value to the league they now compete in. It's understandably difficult in implementation because there is no relegation system in any sporting landscape that has a draft, but I think Anders has done quite a good job with this system. 
    The relegating team should not be provided with "something to be happy about" because in a competitive league structure they failed and their position within the league was replaced. Now in fairness they actually do have something to build upon. If the relegating team prepared for the possibility of relegation or they were in a situation where they were guaranteed to relegate they still have a far greater foundation to build upon than any SHL team they will be competing against the next season. And that foundation is a roster of GHL players (we'll use GHL for this example, but this logic will apply to any division for a relegating team) that the team could utilize to trade for assets that can be retained after being relegating. This can be done by acquiring players on two-way deals, prospects or draft picks. Coming from the position of all GHL quality assets, that is a far better position of building for the future than any SHL team, even those promoting that will switch draft selections with the relegating team.
    This part I feel I am well equipped to comment on because I think it might be in reference to what I did. To be clear, it is not easy to gain promotion picks for three reasons. The first is that team that is in a guaranteed position to promote is not going to be interested in acquiring a bunch of players from a GHL team for their certain top pick. They have no incentive to trade their draft pick away for players they will have the ability to sign so almost always those teams would turn down a trade for their 1st or 2nd round picks. The second reason a promotion pick isn't easy to obtain is that the teams that would be willing to trade their potential promotion pick is not guaranteed to promote. So the team from the higher division that trades with that team is gambling that it pays off otherwise they have given up GHL level assets for a late SHL 1st or 2nd round pick. That's bad asset management and if done continuously will deplete a team. Finally the third reason it's not easy to do is SHL managers dictate whether they want to give up the pick. If the manager feels their roster is good enough to promote they will hold onto the picks. If they don't, they have to make the judgement of whether they receive more value in the players they acquire to be able to promote than what they will get out of the promotion picks. 
    So to your question of what are you missing it's the end of your question before that of "their picks become crazy worth". If the team doesn't promote then no one would bat an eye, only the GHL manager would probably know his gamble fell short. The easiness of it is entirely hingent on it actually working out for the team that gave up assets for them. A lot of the times it doesn't. It's reliant on the manager of the SHL team desiring promoting over drafting a top player. Something a lot would not be willing to do. 
    Losing a GHL pick upon relegation is not why most managers quit. Why I think most managers quit (I'll admit this is about to be a very loose assessment) is because they didn't have a long term plan for how they were going to build their team in a promotion/relegation league structure. So when they do relegate because of this they don't find the prospect of trying to rebuild their team to get back to where they were enjoyable.