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    Peekaboo reacted to rainsilent in GHL playoff matchups   
    #1 Cedar Rapids Minutemen vs #8 Netherhill Nightmares.
    45-7-2-26 151pts / 32-10-10-28 126pts
    Regular season stats: Minutemen / Nightmare
    Goals for: 255 (4th) / 237 (13th)
    Goals against: 191 (3rd) / 220 (12th)
    PP: 21.8% (8th) / 21% (11th)
    PK: 86.1% (3rd) / 78.5% (18th)
    Shooting %: 9.8% (1st) / 7.8% (18th)
    Save %: 92.7% (4th) / 92.3% (12th)
    PDO: 1.025 (1st) / 1.002 (12th)
    CF: 1245 (24th) / 1342 (14th)
    CA: 1151 (3rd) / 1321 (13th)
    Corsi %: 52% (8th) / 50.4% (14th)
    Season match up: 3 wins Minutemen, 1 OT win Nightmare.
    Statistically this was a close match up during the regular season with only one game being decided by more than one goal. As a result, I expect this match up to be a lot closer than the statistics may otherwise say. The Nightmare are a solid overall team that aren't to be discounted due to their 8th seed. Combine that with the fact that the Minutemen played well above expectations for the season (especially with a shooting% and PDO so abnormally high when CF is taken into account) and I would give this match up a serious consideration for upset alert.
    #2 Slaughterville Red Tide vs #7 Lake Valley Bulldogs
    46-4-3-27 149pts / 35-10-4-31 129pts
    Regular season stats: Red Tide / Bulldogs
    Goals for: 266 (2nd) / 255 (5th)
    Goals against: 200 (6th) / 245 (21st)
    PP: 19.8% (16th) / 22.8% (5th)
    PK: 79.1% (16th) / 81.1% (12th)
    Shooting %: 9.2% (4th) / 9.7% (2nd)
    Save %: 93.2% (1st) / 91.2% (24th)
    PDO: 1.024 (2nd) / 1.008 (10th)
    CF: 1535 (1st) / 1302 (19th)
    CA: 1202 (7th) / 1420 (21st)
    Corsi %: 56.1% (2nd) / 47.8% (21st)
    Season match up: 3 wins Red Tide, 1 win Bulldogs.
    The season series was notably in favor of the Red Tide as one game was on the verge of a blowout while another was an out right blowout. The Bulldogs are going to have to find a way to improve their 5 on 5 play defensively or this could be a short series. The middle of the pack special teams for the Red Tide could potentially keep the Bulldogs in the series and appears to be the most likely reason for the series to drag on.
    #3 Sheshegwaning Dragons vs #6 Big Delta Stealheads
    44-3-11-22 149pts / 36-7-7-30 129pts
    Regular season stats: Dragons / Stealheads
    Goals for: 263 (3rd) / 239 (12th)
    Goals against: 205 (8th) / 199 (5th)
    PP: 24.9% (2nd) / 16.6% (22nd)
    PK: 86.3% (2nd) / 83.9% (6th)
    Shooting %: 8.9% (7th) / 8.8% (8th)
    Save %: 92.4% (9th) / 92.3% (10th)
    PDO: 1.013 (4th) / 1.012 (5th)
    CF: 1466 (3rd) / 1313 (18th)
    CA: 1261 (9th) / 1098 (2nd)
    Corsi %: 53.8% (4th) / 54.5% (3rd)
    Season match up: 1 win Dragons, 3 wins Stealheads.
    This matchup is my official upset alert for the East. Outside of the poor powerplay of the Stealheads these two teams are statistically near mirror images. The question is if the current goaltending for the Dragons can hold up to the quite potent offense of the Stealheads? The Dragons shipped out the goalie they had as their starter for most of the season. This is going to be either a lopsided series due to poor goaltending or one heck of a close series.
    #4 Sault Ste Marie Battlin Bears vs #5 Mango Duhawks
    43-4-3-30 140pts / 37-7-6-30 131pts
    Regular season stats: Battlin Bears / Duhawks
    Goals for: 232 (14th) / 226 (16th)
    Goals against: 209 (9th) / 216 (11th)
    PP: 19.1% (18th) / 19.8% (17th)
    PK: 85.9% (4th) / 77.1% (23rd)
    Shooting %: 7.9% (16th) / 8.1% (13th)
    Save %: 91.8% (16th) / 92.1% (15th)
    PDO: .997 (17th) / 1.002 (13th)
    CF: 1388 (9th) / 1382 (10th)
    CA: 1293 (10th) / 1323 (14th)
    Corsi %: 51.8% (9th) / 51.1% (10th)
    Season match up: 2 wins Battlin Bears, 2 wins Duhawks.
    This is very likely to be a close series. The regular season games were. Based upon the regular season stats I think it is most likely to be decided by the PK of each team. The Battlin Bears had one of the best. The Duhawks had one of the worst. In every other way these teams are very close statistically. It could be a short series due to the PK difference but the Battlin Bears PP is too iffy for me to fully buy into the poor PK of the Duhawks as being as significant a drawback as it likely should be.
    #1 Kegashka Prairie Stars vs #8 Eastern Outlaws.
    47-11-2-20 165pts / 34-7-7-32 123pts
    Regular season stats: Prairie Stars / Outlaws
    Goals for: 246 (10th) / 214 (18th)
    Goals against: 164 (1st) / 204 (7th)
    PP: 22.3% (7th) / 18.5% (19th)
    PK: 82.6% (8th) / 77.8% (20th)
    Shooting %: 8% (15th) / 7.7% (19th)
    Save %: 93% (3rd) / 93.1% (2nd)
    PDO: 1.010 (7th) / 1.009 (9th)
    CF: 1403 (6th) / 1344 (13th)
    CA: 1223 (8th) / 1181 (5th)
    Corsi %: 53.4% (5th) / 53.2% (6th)
    Season match up: 2 wins and 1 SO win Prairie Stars, 1 wins Outlaws.
    The Outlaws are a solid team with very good goaltending and team play. Everything else about them is below average. On the other side is the Prairie Stars with the best record in the league but rather underwhelming stats for a team that more or less ran away with the best record by 14 points. Almost everything about them is good but only the 5 on 5 goals against is truly great. I would have expected more statistically with such a record. In terms of the match up the big question is can the Outlaws score and can their special teams be better than it was in the regular season? Against the Prairie Stars it is going to be tough as their two wins were big ones over the Outlaws.
    #2 West Chicago Hawks vs #7 Scandinavia Steelers
    42-7-8-23 148pts / 35-9-5-31 128pts
    Regular season stats: Hawks / Steelers
    Goals for: 249 (8th) / 200 (25th)
    Goals against: 183 (2nd) / 194 (4th)
    PP: 24.1% (3rd) / 20.2% (15th)
    PK: 82.5% (9th) / 87.2% (1st)
    Shooting %: 7.6% (20th) / 7.4% (22nd)
    Save %: 92.5% (6th) / 92.5% (7th)
    PDO: 1.001 (14th) / .999 (16th)
    CF: 1448 (5th) / 1184 (25th)
    CA: 1389 (16th) / 1160 (4th)
    Corsi %: 51% (11th) / 50.5% (13th)
    Season match up: 4 wins Hawks.
    The Steelers are a bit of a mystery to me. They have a very good group of forwards but the team struggles mightily offensively. They didn't do well against the Hawks in the regular season because of it losing all four games. On the same token the Hawks offense under performed as well 5 on 5 with a very poor shooting percentage themselves. This could be a series dragged on by the stingy defense of the Steelers facing off against the lackluster 5 on 5 offense of the Hawks but the Steelers have to find a way to score to do it. This series is going to come down to if the Steelers can find some offense or not.
    #3 Enigma Rage vs #6 Vauban Tomahawks
    42-5-5-28 141pts / 36-9-6-29 132pts
    Regular season stats: Rage / Tomahawks
    Goals for: 248 (9th) / 253 (6th)
    Goals against: 230 (15th) / 222 (13th)
    PP: 22.9% (4th) / 17.7% (21st)
    PK: 83.3% (7th) / 81.8% (11th)
    Shooting %: 8.8% (9th) / 9.5% (3rd)
    Save %: 92.1% (14th) / 92.3% (11th)
    PDO: 1.009 (8th) / 1.018 (3rd)
    CF: 1354 (12th) / 1319 (16th)
    CA: 1198 (5th) / 1313 (11th)
    Corsi %: 53.1% (7th) / 50.1% (15th)
    Season match up: 1 win Rage, 2 wins and 1 SO win Tomahawks
    This series is my upset alert for the West. The Rage are a very good statistical team overall. Its one statistical blemish is its 5 on 5 goals against. The Tomahawks are a good team themsleves with one very good strength. 5 on 5 goals for. It is the biggest weakness of one team against the biggest strength of the other team. This has the potential to be a very close series that could also go heavily one way or the other. If the Tomahawks can continue their 5 on 5 excellence it will be trouble for Rage. The Rage have the special teams to otherwise win the series if not keep the games close.
    #4 Ithaca Ricochet vs #5 Yonker Wolverines
    40-7-4-29 138pts / 41-4-3-32 134pts
    Regular season stats: Ricochet / Wolverines
    Goals for: 253 (7th) / 269 (1st)
    Goals against: 213 (10th) / 241 (20th)
    PP: 21% (12th) / 22.8% (6th)
    PK: 80% (14th) / 75.2% (27th)
    Shooting %: 8.4% (11th) / 9.1% (5th)
    Save %: 91.6% (18th) / 90.6% (27th)
    PDO: 1.000 (15th) / .997 (19th)
    CF: 1452 (4th) / 1474 (2nd)
    CA: 1503 (25th) / 1541 (27th)
    Corsi %: 49.1% (17th) / 48.9% (18th)
    Season match up: 3 wins Ricochet, 1 win Wolverines
    This is the series that I am most looking forward to. It has the greatest potential for some wild games. Each of the four games in the regular season was. For one team you can forget about defense. It doesn't exist. Its not a thing. The other team is a team that plays a high tempo style of play given the lot of shots for and against 5 on 5. I'm excited for this series simply because it is very likely going to be a lot of speed, shots and general back and forth, high tempo action. Who is going to win? Who cares? It is going to very likely be one heck of a show.
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    Peekaboo reacted to Paul T in Cage trash talk   
    Good series @Peekaboo
    Good luck in round 2.
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    Peekaboo reacted to Deadwing in Player personalitites   
    I don't know, but a wild guess would be a slight yes. I've noticed a difference between big games traits per line for sure. Have them all nervous and you can count that the line will freeze in the playoffs, but have a heroic, stable and nervous/anxious and it works like a dream. Balance seems to be the key. 3 x heroic doesn't work either.. they just falter and die to put it in an exaggeratingly dramatic form. My guess is that personality traits might and could work in a similar way. I guess the biggest thing is to not be all afraid of red traits. They are needed as well as the greens.
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    Peekaboo reacted to Paul T in Player personalitites   
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    Peekaboo reacted to rainsilent in Advanced stats help   
    Part of the reason my Buzzer team started at the bottom was that it gave me the chance to play with that stuff. From that the conclusion that I have come to is don't bother worrying about it.  Team composition and talent is so much more an important thing. Start of the season for my Cage team my WI was blue. Now it is green and I never made a trade. No clue as to why that happened. Don't care either as I don't see it as that relevant. Especially following me messing with it for 4 seasons with my Buzzer team.
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    Peekaboo got a reaction from Tyrod Gibson in Cage trash talk   
    Hey Kim,
    I understand you totally. I would suggest that you stay for next update at least, where there will be more micromanagment. I am all for more activity on forums/chat, but that should be integrated in game better.
    Speaking of season, Paul, there is still open race for top point player. DeNobile vs Andersen. Lets see what happens today, funny how regular season ends on new year's eve
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    Peekaboo got a reaction from Paul T in Cage trash talk   
    Hey Kim,
    I understand you totally. I would suggest that you stay for next update at least, where there will be more micromanagment. I am all for more activity on forums/chat, but that should be integrated in game better.
    Speaking of season, Paul, there is still open race for top point player. DeNobile vs Andersen. Lets see what happens today, funny how regular season ends on new year's eve
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    Peekaboo reacted to Paul T in The Mystery of Winner Instinct (Mega Thread)   
    If there's one thing that is a complete mystery in GPHM it is how to raise your team's Winner Instinct (WI).  Although I thoroughly enjoy the fact that the Admins have only shared a fraction of the information, leaving managers to figure it out for themselves... I also enjoy the conversations it creates - so why not try to crack the code together... or use the information contained here to crack the code on your own and keep it to yourself 😜
    I feel like getting this value perfect is like piecing together a puzzle.  There are many factors and you need the perfect balance of those factors, including: Big Games trait, Ego Trait, Team Captains, Reputation of Players & Certain attributes of players. 
    Below are the "official" notes from the Help Files.
    Here's what I gather from the two links above:
    - WI is mostly impacted by the Big Games trait.  You need quite a bit of Heroic/Determined players, but not too many as it will create disputes within your team.  You will also need some Anxious/Nervous, but not too many.
    - In line with the above, you also need some Arrogant/Cocky players to boost your WI, but too many will negatively impact your Teamwork.
    - Team Captains have a large influence on WI.  From other help files, it is known that Player Reputation and the Spirit Attribute factor into the Captains influence on a team, so if your Captains have a larger influence on your WI, then those values may also have an impact on your team's WI.
    Other personal observations, related to the above:
    - I always struggled with WI (couldn't get it above a blue rating) as I mostly focused on Teamwork being Harmony (Friendly/Compassionate players).  It wasn't until I acquired some Arrogant & Cocky players that my WI rose to a green rating. (Others have shared this opinion - see links below).
    - When I have more Stars (players with higher reputation) on my team, my WI is higher.
    Below are some other links to various conversations around WI that have been created over time.  As you can see... if you are confused about this rating, you are not alone!  There are some interesting opinions in these threads, so if you are truly interesting in this topic, be prepared to do some reading.
    Below are a few opinions from the link above that stood out to me.  I can't confirm whether they are true or not.  They could be 100% correct or way off.
    - Captains with Heroic or Determined Big Games trait increase WI.
    - Only players in the immediate lineup impact WI, not affiliate or scratched players.  In another thread, the exact opposite was also stated.
    - Big Games of Goalies factor more than Skaters.
    - Don't worry about WI at all.  It is not required to be successful.
    - WI is established over time as players get to know each other.
    - Big games is overrated.  An Anxious/Nervous player can be just as clutch as a Heroic/Determined player.
    - Line placement matters (i.e. 1st line players impact more than 2nd line and so on).
    Personally, the questions I keep asking are "when does WI come into play?" and "how much does it even impact gameplay?".  I have seen nervous goalies play lights out in the playoffs and win it all.  I have also seen team's with Heroic WI get relegated.  But I am sure the opposite happens much more, so it is yet to be known exactly how much this rating matters overall.  As with most things in this game, it is chance based, so I'm sure it does have an impact.  Managers just need to figure out for themselves how much emphasis to put on getting the perfect team chemistry.
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    Peekaboo reacted to Paul T in Advanced stats help   
    I will add to the above, which I have stated before, that I STRONGLY feel there is an element of randomness to this game.  As there should be!  I think some of the information that you are looking to obtain just isn't as simple as it seems (like rainsilent said), and that you're going to end up not enjoying the game as much as you should.  So I don't mean to imply that you aren't enjoying the game, but I think that your current mindset will lead you to not enjoy the game.
    The randomness that I talk about could be anything from:
      - puck luck (that crazy biscuit takes some weird bounces sometimes).
      - players just having off games (they do in real life)... Ovechkin had a game a few nights ago where he scored 3G + 1A, then followed that up with 3 games of 0+0 and a -1.
      - the fact that the player ratings aren't as far apart as most people view them.  A sub-90 rating doesn't mean the player sucks at that specific skill.  Even an 85 rating in certain skills is considered a natural for certain roles.
      - there's probably 5-10 other things I could list here, but I'm losing my train of thought.
    Sometimes inferior teams beat more dominant teams.  Sometimes teams with low winner instinct win close games.  By the way, Winner Instict is something that I have NEVER been able to figure out.  I've had a Heroic team, at most, for a couple of games, before it slid back down the bar.  I'm going to be pumped when I finally figure it out, but I hope it's by chance... I don't want someone to give me the magical formula.
    And after seeing your second comment about you implying that you aren't enjoying the game, here's some reasons why you SHOULD enjoy the game
      - you are current GHL champ
      - you are currently in 1st place
      - you have a great team now and into the future (this doesn't mean that sometimes you won't get beat by an SHL team here and there... it happens).
      - despite it's minor flaws, the game is still REALLY F*CKING COOL 😜
    You are a good manager.  I like the league being filled with good managers.  Simple as that.  I was bummed out when Eric left (Fairbanks Union)... I was bummed out when Matt H left (Brass Castle Berzerkers).  It was clear to me that they both left because their teams weren't doing as good as they wanted them to.  But in the end, nobody really cares.    To me that is just insane.  The object of the game is to win.  Sure.  I want to win.  But that's not why I enjoy the game.  It's the escape from real life that I enjoy.  Just as much as winning, I also enjoy scouting the draft, developing players, trying players in new roles and positions, chatting with Wendel and Naekfor about various things.  There are times I get BS after a loss to an inferior team, but then I step back and have a "who gives a sh*t" moment.  Failure isn't losing a game or having a losing record or getting relegated.  Failure is getting upset in real life about fake game failure and not being able to just enjoy it for what it is (that isn't directed at anyone in particular... it's directed at EVERYONE!).
    See - I went off on another tangent again.  Take from it what you will. 
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    Peekaboo reacted to Paul T in Advanced stats help   
    I didn't mean to imply that.  Sometimes when I start writing my posts, I continue to expand on them based on where I am with my own thoughts.  I try to give others a glimpse of the logic behind my thinking as opposed to trying to attack what the other person is saying.  I've been doing that since the beginning of time... check some of my posts from 2017 😁
    So, sorry if it came across that way.  I enjoy having analytical discussions about the game, but don't enjoy when it becomes argumentative.  There's plenty of room for that in other aspects of my life... like work... and marriage 😝  I think at this point we are just thinking about the game differently.
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    Peekaboo reacted to rainsilent in Advanced stats help   
    Yes, you have to have puck possession to get a shot. However that isn't really what corsi is telling you. Going back to Carolina as for why. Carolina, since they became "good" statistically corsi wise, has had the mentality of shoot the puck from anywhere, anytime. They weren't dominating possession of the puck so much as they were throwing a lot of bad shots at the net. The net result of that was averaging ~35 shots a game for with ~27 against. This served to heavily bloat the corsi and offensive zone face-off numbers of the team even though they were actually mid pack, at best, puck possession wise. Thus Carolina was gaming the statistical system to look good when they really weren't that good at all. This is why I think the actual puck possession % is the most important team tracking stat. It will actually tell you if you are getting dominated, if the game is close or if you happened to be playing "Carolina" that game.
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    Peekaboo reacted to Paul T in Advanced stats help   
    I don't have a strong opinion on it, but here's why I wouldn't necessarily agree with this.
    1) High Corsi doesn't necessarily mean that team is dominating games.  It could be as simple as, the team goes down early and plays Offensive when trailing.  This could lead to more shot attempts, but not necessarily quality chances.  Or the team could play Defensive and just not allow many shots, but not get many quality scoring chances.  Either way, in this specific case, the Red Dragons are facing relegation so the high Corsi isn't helping.
    2) The game has an element of randomness to it, much like the sport itself.  That's a good thing.  Sometimes certain outcomes just don't make sense, other than the element of randomness.  Overall, the game is directionally accurate and the "better" teams tend to place higher in the standings/have better stats.
    3) If we had the tools to determine exactly why stuff like this happened, then every manager would use the same tactics, build the same roster, play the same focus.  That would get pretty boring.  I like the fact that every manager is given a clean slate and able to customize their team to their liking without there being a "right" or "wrong" way to do it.
    4) Personally, I think statistical outliers add fun to the game.  It's fun when an inferior team is high in the standings - or a completely stacked team isn't as good as everyone thought.  Although I would admit that this isn't necessarily fair... but sometimes sports aren't fair (or life for that matter).
    5) If you take a close look at this specific team, they have a very unique set up.  An Offensive Defenseman playing 1st line wing.  A Two Way D playing 4th line wing.  That would definitely screw with the simulation.  But I think we all agree the game needs more micromanagement, so I see that as a good thing.  Figure out unique ways to set your lineup.
    If you compare their defense to mine, they are actually better.
    Red Dragons - 90 89 88 88 88 85 (528)
    Stealheads - 92 88 88 87 86 81 (522)
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    Peekaboo reacted to rainsilent in Advanced stats help   
    Not necessarily true. Remember that corsi is strictly counting shots for and shots against. It actually has nothing to do with puck control directly. It is a statistical assumption that the team taking more shots has the puck more.
    As for how this applies here? The same as it applies to my team. My team isn't near as talented as yours or the many others that sit at the top of the standings. Yet I have good corsi numbers too. That team is another example, just like mine is, of getting the right players that they need for their system but with two flaws sinking that team. Lack of goaltending and lack of scoring. They have a talented enough team to fight for a playoff spot if they had a good goalie. I have yet to look at the games that team has played so I can't say if they are true puck possession monsters but they have a good enough group talent wise that they can be a solid puck possession team.
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    Peekaboo got a reaction from Antti Hänninen in Cage trash talk   
    So, there is a good chance Rackley will again hit the FA
    *makes cap space quickly*
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    Peekaboo reacted to Paul T in The statistical oddity that is my team   
    Here's my analysis of my team:
    We are 3-1 against the Top 2 teams in the East (Dragons, Tide).
    We are 0-6 against all the teams below the relegation line (Cats, Pats, Pack, Claws).
    We are a bunch of stupid idiots.
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    Peekaboo reacted to Paul T in Greatest Single Game Performances   
    I'm starting this thread so managers can post about game performances that should be acknowledged.  Whether it be a high performance rating you've never seen before, a hat trick, a multi-point game, a high-save shutout, whatever.  Not every manager sorts through every box score for their league every day.  Consider this the NHL Network for game world Cage where the analysts discuss the top plays and performances.
    Anyways, I'll start.  There was a specific performance today that sparked this and the player is not even on my team.
    Season 3 - Day 51 - Enigma Rage vs. Eldred Elite.
    Rage center, Brendan Rowlett, notched a Gordie Howe Hat Trick... and then some.  He registered 3 goals, 2 assists, a fight (which he WON), was also a +5 with a hit and a blocked shot.  And he did it with only 15 min TOI.
    I'm not sure if this will be topped any time soon, but the purpose of this thread is not a competition.  Just post what you feel deserves to be recognized.
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    Peekaboo reacted to Steve in Greatest Single Game Performances   
    Truly epic.  In fact, my team was so impressed they kept stopping and watching him skate right on past!
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    Peekaboo reacted to rainsilent in The statistical oddity that is my team   
    My GHL Cage team was ranked 20th talent wise in the league out of 28 teams at the start of the current season. Now that we have reached the halfway point my team is 4th in the conference and 7th overall in the standings. My team is currently on a run of 13-3-1-4, which certainly helps in that regard. My team started 7-1-1-10 but I did change my offensive tactics so that likely had a hand in the slow start. How much of an outlier is my team? Well, lets look at the rest of the teams stats to see how much of an outlier my team really is.
    First is the team rankings on the team page. Goals for; 4th with 3.2. Goals against; 3rd with 2.3. Powerplay; 4th with 23.3% Penalty kill; 3rd with 87.2% Well that is just ridiculous. However it doesn't end there as now there are advanced team stats. Granted I don't recall exactly how many games in the advanced stats started to count however here they are none the less. Team shooting percentage; 1st with 10.4%. Team save percentage; 6th with 92.9%. Even strength PDO; 3rd with 103.3%. Shots for; 22nd with 478. Shots against; 3rd with 434. Corsi%; 8th with 52.4%.
    So outside of shots for my team looks like a statistical monster yet talent wise it is one of the worst. The first question likely is is my team talent really that bad? The honest answer is yes. I only have 2 players with an overall greater than 89. My starting goalie and a winger. I then have 13 players 85-89, including my #2 goalie. The remaining 5 players on my roster are 84, 83, 83, 83, 81. The next likely question is how? Well, the right players used in the right way mean everything. One of those 83 overall players is a winger on my 2nd line. Ok, they only have 12 points in 40 games but they have a fairly good performance rating of 74. That means in the role that I am using them in they are having some success against much better players. However they are clearly still struggling which is clearly indicated by a lack of points and a corsi of 49.6%. They are a great example of a specialized role player. A player with a very specific set of skills that makes them good in a very specific way. Use them in that specific way and you can find some success with them higher in the lineup than their overall skills would indicate that they might be able to do. However do not expect them to be able to dominate because they can't. Typically they will do just enough to provide some sort of positive impact in whatever their specialization is however against better teams it is too easy for them to be shut down. That said with most of my players I emphasize defense to some degree because I realize that my team talent wise is behind in the GHL talent curve. Just looking at the stats indicates, to some degree, how much I am leaning on that team defense and my starting goalie.
    The next question likely is is this sustainable? Short term for the rest of the season I don't see why not but I don't expect it to stay this good. My team has been incredibly hot in the very short term in a way I don't think will be sustained. So I expect my team to cool off and regress at least somewhat. My team had to fight to get a playoff spot last season and I expect the same this season. Beyond that? Absolutely not. That same player I mentioned above on my 2nd line might be able to provide 2 more years of top 6 play. That is a might. Add on to that the fact that a good chunk of my team is mid 20s to 30 in age and this team might be able to remain competitive for 2-4 more years as it is before it just falls behind too much to stay competitive as my team largely isn't growing talent wise while the teams (meaning most every other team) with younger players are growing. It needs new players to be ready to take over within that time frame and I largely don't have that yet.
    Clearly my team is a major statistical outlier however it is also one that isn't sustainable. Sure I might be able to do this for another season or two but that is likely it. My team is similar to the Arizona Coyotes from 2011-12. Ok, I grant my team is a bigger statistical outlier than they were however my team is very much like the current Coyotes in that the only truly elite offensive presence I have is a Phil Kessel esque winger. Everyone else is pretty much a role specific player. My 2nd line C is pretty much Michael Grabner reincarnate and my 3rd line C is Derek Stepan with an agitator attitude to him and those are, by far, the best forwards I have outside of my top line. I don't even have an Oliver Ekman-Larsson type in my D core. Instead it is filled with Hjalmarsson types with a Goligoski type thrown in. The most important thing is realizing what you got and how to best work with it.
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    ????????????, don't remind me of my age :DDD
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    Peekaboo reacted to Paul T in Fairbanks Union - manager resign - Trading   
    Damn. Was hoping this would get more replies. The good news is we got through a day without offers - but not sure how long that will hold. It’s only a matter of time until someone who isn’t regular in chat or forums makes an offer. I think at this point Eric is gone and 5 days might be a stretch. And the mods are clear about computer trading being part of the game.
    Personally, I am going to hold off until trades start flowing in. Then the competitive juices will ignite and I will feel obligated to see if I can make a better offer :-D
    Sorry again if it seems like I was trying to referee the situation. Just wanted to give Eric the chance to rejoin if it was a subscription issue.
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    Peekaboo reacted to Wendel Clark in Season 2 General Chat   
    Gratz Peek!
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    Ty guys
    I had a player from your last year roster, Erzac. He is the key to the Cup.
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    Peekaboo reacted to Erzac in Season 2 General Chat   
    Congrats Peek!
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    Congrats to Peek and the Dragons on the GHL Cup!
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    Ok, where to start
    What I like is team building, trading and all that silly season stuff. I find regular season somewhat dull, despite the position on the table, due to lack of micromanagment. My lines are set, team is playing more or less good but we just don't have the tools to see precisely what happens if you change players frole from twoway to sniper, for instance. We need way more stats, explanations etc. Also, we need in-game forums and chat, so people can be more active.
    That being said, that is main reason I created an Attack team, somewhere in the middle of my Cage season, since it became boring to me. I took an SHL team with young 89 rated goalie that used to be 1st round 1st pick and guided the team in the GHL. I built somewhat decent team from free agents and right now I am battling relegation. Due to some shady moves there and lack of propper competition, I find the GHL Attack somewhat broken and I am losing intrest with that team, which I will likely resign at the end of the season. 
    When speaking about Cage, that is whole another deal. I would call it most active and most managers there do want to keep the game fair and balanced (aside from a person or two, but heh...). Computer logic about trading and signing players is somewhat broken, so it leaves to players not to take advantage of that. Anyways, I really like my Cage team and am currently enjoying nice playoff run. I spent these first 2 years to build a youngish core of star players (Breton, McGraw, Hanninen, Ranta, Arnesen) and I plan to build the team around them in next few seasons. The plan was also to have around 15ish millions cap space for older players on a 1 year contracts, to try to get a result while building the team. Speaking about season, it was somewhat intresting and as Cage is somewhat active I feel that we have some rivalries building up.
    Losing my thoughts now and rambling, so will stop typing