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  1. A guy who scored two goals and got an assist has this as negative remark: "Was no match for the opponents defense today." Uhmm, am I missing something?
  2. Matt, no need to be his lawyer, he is eloquent enough I am sorry, but I cannot but respond if I see something that is refering to myself. Especially in a way that insinuates that he has been victimised and changing the context of the whole situation. My messages and replies here are polite enough.
  3. Nice defense Also, noticed that many are gambling with goalies... including myself. I wonder how will that turn out
  4. The only reason I am here is because you decided to "mention" me. I just explained to you why I have legitimacy to make an accusation. So, not much I can or do care to do in your case - best of luck
  5. Hey, Since you are talking about me, I feel obliged to reply. Yes, I am accusing you of shady deals, since this is a shady deal. Also, you had another one on day 1. The fact that manager resigned after the trade just adds to it. That is DEFINITELY more then enough for legitimate accusation. Also, behavior like that just ruins the games like this one and I am also not buying the spin you are trying to do here and trying to make yourself a victim. Even if there was no cheating, trading like this is going to get you in situations like this.
  6. Did you overpay alot? I take it since we all start with similar (actually same) reputation, the highest bidder wins? I didn't manage to land a single free agent so far, heh
  7. I took both in GHL, one on Buzzer and one on Cage. First thing that comes to mind is that one is way better then the other. I guess thats fine, will be intresting to see how they will perform (probably the crappy one will be way better, thats how usually those things turn out Anyways... here is breakdown trough the lines... 91-92-88 84-87-86 81-88-82 84-83-80 87-88 84-91 83-82 86 while the other is not so good: 81-86-90 84-82-83 86-86-81 84-83-81 90-86 89-85 84-83 88 I know that there is much more then just ratings, but still... Anyways, what are your teams like? I saw some really strong ones. Sorry for spam, just bored at work
  8. Would you consider Schaller (91) and 85ish forward for Piercey?
  9. Hey Anders... I am getting "500 internal server error" when trying to "edit team" since Saturday morning.
  10. Still getting error when trying to edit team "500 internal server erro" Also, on the details on the sleeves, I still have color from previous edit
  11. Also, I know I am way too late for the topic - but 2-3$ per month is really really really cheap and affordable to just about anyone. I am kinda looking for that, few times I already stopped playing due to players constantly arriving and leaving (ironically, I became one of those), but I think this will at least make game population stable. Not to mention that it will make it harder for cheaters to some extent. Great news. New layout looks great, and from design perspective (somewhat related to my field of work) - well done! Furthermore - great thing about thinking of reducing overall rating. I am so glad I decided to come back just before this update and now am looking forward to a new experience and will definitely purchase sub right away.
  12. Hi guys... anyone for a trade? Tangerine Overlords from GHL. Looking for few wingers that are Right handed, basically anything is for trade from my side.
  13. I am back after some time... whoa, nice changes Would be too much to be able to select font for the name and numbers in jersey creator thingy?
  14. Hey guys. My name is Ivan and I'm from Croatia. Currently in Bronze League, but 99% earning a promotion
  15. Ives Pa would be my name. When I created my account, I jumped trough the worlds, was trying to find team/game world that would fit me. I didn't made trades or anything that would breach any kind of rules. Was under impression that is allowed (as it said, you can resign and just chose another team). It is all from the same email, so after I resigned, the team was back to computer controled. Apologies if it created some inconveniance.
  16. Hello, atm I'm trading away Romeo Key (BHL, Phenix Legions). He's 19 years old and rating 76. Center/Sniper, but can fill also some 2nd and 3rd line roles on better team. I am looking for similar type of player, lets say young prospets, (maybe a bit lower rating), but with more stable contract situation. He's too much for me to handle atm.
  17. I've played Trophymanager - (soccer game had over 100k players at some point), they allowed people to log from same IP (for example when me and my friends log from our cell phones from free wi-fi location in the bar)... and you were perfectly legit to do that, however in that case trading between those teams wasn't allowed (in this case buying, since game had different mechanics, but you get the point). So we were careful not to buy players from each other. Maybe thats something you want to incorporate here as well? edited: spelling
  18. Hi, I'm relatively new to the game, playing for around 10 days or something... I landed in pretty much empty Bronze League, and decided to make some trades to improve my team. I was after young talents with decent overall ability. Sent offers around, and basically got what I wanted. How is that cheating exactly? Right now there is another team that is doing pretty much the same. Ok, I understand that having multiple accounts and trading is cheating, but trading with computer controlled teams is considered cheating if I'm gaining advantage? But what kind of trade it would be if I would trade and think I'm not getting something from it? If its a problem, why don't you just disable trading with computer controlled teams?
  19. Tnx alot I have one more question - when can you renew those 1 year contracts? I take it at the end of the season? And will I be able to extend them before they expire and therefore be in better position then clubs who might want to get them when they're on FA? Also, how does happines affect contract negotiations? I have some young talents I would like to snatch for a long run, so I guess I need to keep them happy when contract talks will open? Tnx in advance
  20. Hello everyone, I started playing recently and I really like what I see from this game so far. Will definitely invest some money in kickstarter as I would like to see it going. Anyways, back to the topic... I have few questions about developing young players. I am already in progress of getting some young 18-21 with natural talent/gifted and other propper traits. I am atm in Bronze league, so players are somewhere in between 68-73ish rating overall. Can someone who played a league that progressed more (duster maybe) tell me will they be ok for Golden league? How far can lets say 20 years old player go in terms of overall rating, if he's natural and with good motivation? Or I am wasting my time? Also, till what age players develop and do they start to decline at certain point? Also, how much training impacts development? Would it be better to have squad of older players playing the game and getting the job done, while younger ones play occasionally but set training to hard for them? Or should I focus on just getting them in the team and keep them on medium/easy while rotating them to stay fresh? Ty for replies, also any kind of advice regarding building squad/developing players is welcome Cheers!