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  1. Confirmed Bullpen era over 4 last season and pretty sure a few seasons before that as well. Hated to give up a couple pretty good specs I really liked, but need the bullpen help since our starters still sux. Thanks John and good luck!
  2. Confirmed We were in desperate need of another SP to help out the rotation since the Iguchi experiment didn't go as planned. While overall I feel we may have overpaid for Sale, he'll definitely help us this season and in the future. I've been looking for a while for a good SP and this fell into place pretty quickly. Thanks for a quick deal and good luck the rest of the rebuild Johnathan.
  3. Confirmed Adding Peguero the the lineup will not only improve the our hitting, but will also greatly improve our defense there as well. That allows MacNeil to slide to the DH spot vacated by Montero. Losing Nak will hurt us some defensively, but we have a couple of serviceable replacements we can move to 3B. Hopefully this helps in one way or another to break free from being average and help move us up.
  4. Confirmed. Our patience with English finally ran out and he had to go. He flashes signs of being as dominant as his ratings suggest and then has 4-5 bad starts in a row. In getting Hunter, we need to start getting better defensivly in a couple positions and CF is one. His glove should help out in late inning situations. Gentry is hopefully going to help up out before the season is over, if not, def next season. Gomez is a dump we had to take and maybe he will have a rating bump or two soon, probably no though. Thanks Jabs
  5. Confirmed. More SP help coming to Boston. Might regret moving Davis, but or needs are elsewhere right now.
  6. Boston sends: C Jacob Realmuto - ML 70% retained MR Trent Higginbotham - ML Texas sends: SP Dave Groves - ML C Yadier Molina - ML CF Misael Urbina - INT It's no secret our SP is horrid and we need some help and we are hoping Dave can help us out in the dept. Yadi will be a decent backup catcher and will help in leadership role with Realmuto leaving. My scout thinks Urbina will be a fantastic centerfielder in the future. We hate to lose Realmuto, but he seems to have lost his drive in Boston. After today we hate to lose Higgs as well, but we shall survive. Thanks Kevin
  7. Redsox send 2b Derek Fletcher - MLB Dodgers send MR Javier Mejia - MLB Moving Fletcher will kill my infield depth but we are in serious need of a solid left handed reliever and we're hoping Mejia will help us out greatly. Thanks for quick and easy deal and good luck Sam
  8. Confirmed. Pitching was pretty much last in all categories last season and we need to address it. Giles has good ratings and hopefully his numbers will start to reflect that in Boston.
  9. Confirmed. We are looking to move a few younger guys up to get some experience and Hudson was movable. Hopefully Erceg continues to develop and can help us in a few years. Good luck Kevin
  10. Confirmed. No secret one of our many weaknesses is our rotation and we are hoping Butler can stay healthy enough to help out once healed. We hate to lose a bat like Stanton's but we needed to address a weakness. Thanks Brenton for the patient negotiations
  11. Confirmed. Creath has been a huge disappointment for us and we are hoping Clippard will have a turn around once in Boston. Jones and Starr are long shots but we shall see if they can get any bumps in out minor league system. Good luck to Colorado the rest of the season
  12. RedSox send CF Arturo Gomez - MLB Braves send 2B Derrick Fletcher - AAA Gomez just wasn't cutting it for us in Boston, with a few other guys ready to step in we decided it was time to move on. Fletcher brings some quality infield depth to us as well. Thanks for the quickie Brenton
  13. Confirmed Crowded bullpen meant someone needed to go. We are hoping Cruz and his power will help our putrid offense so far to date. Thanks Jonathan
  14. RedSox send CL Javier Moran-A+ Brewers send the rights to Rule 5 pick CF Chris Richardson-ML We do this to have the ability to move Richardson around if needed, Brewers get a nice prospect in return.
  15. Boston send 1B Tanaka (DFA) WhiteSox send 2B Weiz (AAA) We have a lot of 1B depth and Weiz will help our infield depth.