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  1. Confirmed Crowded bullpen meant someone needed to go. We are hoping Cruz and his power will help our putrid offense so far to date. Thanks Jonathan
  2. RedSox send CL Javier Moran-A+ Brewers send the rights to Rule 5 pick CF Chris Richardson-ML We do this to have the ability to move Richardson around if needed, Brewers get a nice prospect in return.
  3. Boston send 1B Tanaka (DFA) WhiteSox send 2B Weiz (AAA) We have a lot of 1B depth and Weiz will help our infield depth.
  4. Confirmed Our scout really likes Alvarado, so we will take a flier on the lefty and see if he can fill out and help us out sometime. Black is young and still has a way to go, so worth the risk for us. Thanks Jonathan
  5. Redsox send: SP Taijuan Walker- ML Retaining 50% salary Mariners send: 3B Brandon Lewis- A- Move Walker to open another spot on the 40 man. Hoping Lewis will have a couple upgrades and will help us out in the future
  6. 1-29-20 1B Alex Dickerson 1B Kenkichi Tanaka1B Tae-Hyeok NamOF Claudio EchevarriaOF John DrennenOF Arturo GomezOF Domonic BrownSP Daniel HudsonSP Neftali FelizSP Tijuan WalkerSP Daniel Hudson Others available, just ask Seeking upgrade at C, power hitter and LH MR. As always specs
  7. Confirmed. The main reason for this move was to move Nicasio's contract. He was a steady presence for us the past couple years, but his salary length/amount and recent hit in ratings told us it was time to move on. Smith Jr was extremely tough to let go of, even with being a lefty he had great numbers for us and will be missed for sure. We are hoping Montero will bring some much needed pop to the lineup as well as solidifying the DH position. As much as we hate trading within the division, we wish Toronto very little luck this next season
  8. Redsox send: SP Garcia-ML 3B Bohm-AA SS Holland-A (WDL) Atlana sends: OF Springer-ML SS Agulair-A We needed an upgrade in the outfield and Springer should fill that roll. Really hated to give up Bohm, but getting Agulair back helps that sting a little.
  9. Boston sends: C Burt - MLB MR Storen - MLB SP Bubic - AA OF Collins - A- Kansas City sends: C Realmuto - MLB 1B McNeill - MLB We do this for two reasons: first to upgrade our defense at catcher. Realmuto and Burt, at least ratings wise, are identical except for a slight edge in D for Realmuto and we are hoping that helps or pitching. Second, we get some very much needed power in McNeill. As a team we rank 12th with only 75 homeruns this season. We see no reason McNeill can't put up some homers in Boston the second half of the season. Storen hasn't had the season we expected from him for us so we are cutting ties now. Bubic was the toughest to move, a lefty we just drafted should help KC out in a couple years once he has filled out. Collins will be an solid hitter and he's only 19. Thanks and good luck the rest of the way Chappy
  10. RedSox send 2B Stephen Lowery - AAA Phillies send CL Brandon Creath - AAA We do this to upgrade the pen and Creath should help us out Lowery looks to be stuck in AAA for a while so we move on from him. Thanks Jack
  11. Redsox send SP Jayson Bishop-A Whitesox send OF Claudio Echevarria-MLB We hate to give up a young SP, but we can use Echevarria's big bat in our lineup for this season and in the future. Thanks and good luck Jonathan
  12. Confirmed. Espinosa, as well as my whole team, has been a bust for us so far this season. In return for losing his suckiness, we get a much needed young lefty in Pereira who will hopefully continue to fill out and make it to The Show in a few seasons. Thanks Scott
  13. Confirmed. Hill was stuck behind a few others for a rotation spot and Dickerson gives us another good bat to play with this spring.
  14. Confirmed. This move is essentially to make room on the 40 man and we knew we'd have to give up some youth to achieve that and cleared a little bit of money at the same time. Thanks for the move Matt and good luck.
  15. Confirmed. We need to bolster the pen and at this price we can take a shot on Dan and his extreme groundballness. Thanks and good luck Jack.