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  1. The two Ohio teams have agreed upon the following trade CIN receives 2B Jemile Weeks (AAA) & SP Johnathan Arias (AA) CLE receives MR Aroldis Chapman (ML) & SP Bronson Arroyo (ML) We do this deal to strengthen our bullpen which is an area that I am focusing on improving this offseason. Chapman is one of the best young bullpen guys in the league and Arroyo put up very solid numbers last season and will battle for the 5th starter spot. Weeks started the season with a bang but after a stint on the DL, he failed to regain that form so I deemed him expendable. Arias is also a nice spec that Bill asked for and while he is destined to be a top strikeout guy, his lack of both movement and control worried me. CIN to confirm
  2. Indians accept the deal. We were not going to re-sign McCarthy so I view this deal as Polanco for Campana and three solid specs. I like Campanas speed and defense in CF, of which my depth is suspect. All three of the specs are guys my scout loves so I'm happy. Always a pleasure Jabs