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  1. Rays send RP Mark Melancon (DFA), retaining 90% to the Twins for CF Arturo Gomez (R Elizabethtown) Pretty cut and dry - Melancon wasn't digging that Tampa life, so off he goes to the Twins
  2. The Rays send ML RPs Jason Wiley and Scott Ronnenbergh to Texas for RP Michael Hicks (ML) and SP Josiah "Jojo" Gray (A- Spokane) Two solid lefties, but that's a luxury for us. We scoop up a rehab project in Hicks and a decent looking SP arm Kevin to confirm
  3. A trade block, in 3 parts First part are vets that of course don't fit any long term plans. Willing to retain as necessary, and even with retention I don't need much back prospect wise. These dudes are virtually free SP Chad Jenkins - 7-2, 3.12 ERA for us last year in 12 outings, K/9 is up, BB/9 is down, but getting BABIP plus has had an issue keeping the ball in the park. Could be a great flyer if you need a 5th/6th SP RP Mark Melancon - will retain all 4 mil for a pedestrian spec back SP Tyrell Jenkins - Rated better than he pitches, could find lightening in a bottle though Second part are vets that have current value. Would want of course more of a return than the part above SP Gabriel Guerrero - Dude just wins. 18-4 in the bigs. Nice little 2-3 WAR guy, making the minimum. Groundballer who has a nice 8 K/9 on the year SP Steven Matz - Matzie has had a nice little run with us after a tough 2019. 4-4, 3.68 ERA, 8.3 K/9. Reasonable arb numbers. Pace for a 3 WAR year LH RP Scott Ronnenbergh - 70/65/55 vsL, doesn't make much in arb. 2.57 ERA in 21 G with a 1.05 WHIP on the year LF RP Jason WIley - Struggled for me last year, but is back to 2018 form vsL for us (1.50 ERA, 0.67 WHIP vsL). On the league minimum SS Deven Merrero - Glovely SS who hasn't hit in what few PA I've given him, but was a positive WAR 25th man for me in '18 and '19 - least expensive of this set of guys C Brett Nicholas - Most underrated C in MLB Pro. On pace for 25 HR and 4.1 WAR this year. 20 HR each from 17-19. 14.1 WAR from 16-19. Walks a ton, is a better defensive catcher (stat wise) than his ratings say he should be. Can help with $ side LF Edwin Rodgers - Nice little OF, probably more of a 4th man on a good team, but he's on 4 WAR/20-20 pace. Surehanded glove, still in arb RF Kyle Parker - Solid righty OF has raked this year, also a leader. 1B Jorge Alvarado - Had a team ping on him, and I listened so might as well state that I'd move him. Overall stats on the year suck, but he's been BABIP and he's been better of late since I let him play the field. I'm not selling low, so if your plan is to lowball me, save the time and don't reach out Third part is the FAs I signed - I can't actually deal them til 6/1, but if you want to start talks, I'm happy to SP Brett Anderson - Virtually free, and could be lightening in a bottle pickup 1B Paul Goldschmidt - Doesn't hit for average (or hasn't this year) but on 44 HR and 146 RBI pace, good for 3 WAR. Strikes out a lot, but also on pace for 70 walks. Can help with this years $ if need be, and he's got a nice little 5 mil cheapo team option for 21 2B Kolten Wong - Captain. I think he performs if he's on a winner (see how he's struggled this year and for Detroit, but was great for me when I had him in 2019). Can help with $$ SS Brandon Crawford - Solid 3rd MIF type on an inexpensive deal. If he's your 3rd MIF, his vesting option likely wouldn't vest (he's at 44/100 games played) CF Yoenis Cespedes - Nice CF which can be a hard spot to fill. On pace for 29 HR and 2.5 WAR RF Jay Bruce - Hasn't hit as I'd have hoped, but the power is there, not expensive at all 3B Anthony Rendon - The big-ticket item. Not going to be cheap prospect-wise. On pace for an amazing season at nearly 9 WAR as he's hitting .330.
  4. Approved! One note - I should be sending 2.1 mil though (in case Hodges doesn't get a chance to edit) We think Gordon is a nice little piece, but he doesn't have much future for the Rays so we'll shed the 2021 salary and pick up a prospect we like, literally in name only.
  5. The Rays send OF Mike Siani (A Bowling Green) to the Dodgers for CF Roberto Lopez (ML) Hoping Lopez can turn it around a bit in Tampa
  6. The Rays send CL Michael Fulmer (ML) to the White Sox for C Josh Breaux (A Kannapolis) and OF Geoffrey Cook (R Glendale) Moving an ML asset for more future ones
  7. The Rays send $50k to the Reds for SP Craig Williams (AA Pensacola) and 2B Adrian Cardenas (AAA Louisville) Pretty cut and dry, we're eating Cardenas' deal to pick up a decent looking SP prospect.
  8. The Rays send RP Brad Brach (ML) to the Mariners for 1B Ricardo Arroyo (A) Not much to this one, we added Melancon so we can lose Brach and in the process pick up a second prospect for our trouble
  9. The Rays send $50k to the Dodgers for RP Mark Melancon (ML) and SP Braden Larue (A+) Our operation to be respectable on the field continues as we will give Melancon a shot while adding an interesting future arm. Larue will probably get flipped to a relief role as well. Thanks to Sam for the easy dealin' as always!
  10. Rays send MR Joan Guerrero (ML) to the Indians for C William Contreras (A-) and IF Ronald Torreyes (AAA) We're slated to have some extra lefties in the pen, so we'll take a flyer on some catching depth and pick up a possibly useful IF
  11. The Rays send SP Brett Marshall (DFA) to the Marlins for SS Jeremiah Jackson (R Jupiter) and SP Jordan Sheffield (AA) Like Espinoza earlier, just clearing out valuable vets to continue the rebuild. We enjoyed Marshall's services (and especially his contract) but happily cash him in for a pair of dudes we think might have a solid future
  12. The Rays send 1B Rodrigo Espinoza (DFA), OF Oscar Huffman (R Princeton), P Ryan Hawks (R Port Charlotte) and SS Micah Mason (R Princeton) to the Indians for SP Steven Matz (ML), P Ethan Reed (A- Mahoning Valley) and OF Ben Burkett (R Goodyear) We enjoyed Espy's contributions last year as a RH slugger, but without a plan to resign him, we'll cash him in for the flippable Matz and a pair of solid specs. Thanks to Ayden for not fucking this up.
  13. The Rays send CF Desmond Henry (MLB) to the Dodgers for OF Glenallen Hill Jr (R Ogden) We wish Henry well, I think he's a great piece for a team more pointed towards contention