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  1. The Giants send $50k to the Brewers for SP Will Bednar (A+), CF Jared Jordan (R Rocky Mountain) and OF Travis Jankowski (ML) Pretty straightforward - I'm taking on Jankowski's final year and getting a pair of prospects for my trouble. Pretty spendy at 14+ mil, but he is a player we can use as well, as his profile fits Oracle. Bednar is a bit of a sentimental get (rl Giants 1st rounder) but also fits the park well. He's just a 3-pitch guy, so he likely profiles moreso in the pen. Jordan is a definite lotto ticket, but could have a decent eye and plays ok defense
  2. Giants confirm! Ibarra seems like a useful piece, especially out of the pen but with just 82 innings over the last 2 years we'll cash him in for a couple decent specs to help stock the farm. Crosby is a bit of a flyer for us, but we'll need some actual pitchers and I like his leadership and the fact he can hit a bit. Good dealing with you Vet!
  3. Giants confirm! Pardo is a beast, but yeah, at 35 he's not going to be around in 4-5 years when this ship is righted We like the prospects we got back, sure there is no WOW guy - but all 4 could and should be future contributors. We realistically would've had to have retained much more for a truly elite prospect. For now, we take aim at assembling the mass of prospects akin to what I left behind. We can then take the 14 less mil we're paying Pardo and wisely invest that in our player development and finding good niche players to likely eventually trade for more prospects. Thanks Mitch!
  4. The Rays send SP Chris Schoenborn (AA), SP Eric Pardinho (AA) and P Jordan Sheffield (AAA) to the A's for SS Miguel Leon (ML), DH Juan Francisco (ML) and 1.5 million in cash. Scott to confirm While we adore our prospect middle infielders we have in the pipeline, we felt adding an all-around player like Leon was a big key for us, solidifying SS in the short term while allowing the Witt's and Doughty's to mature a bit and ease into the bigs. Francisco isn't long for Tampa Bay, but we're seeing if maybe he can catch fire here and get some run support for our revamped rotation. Schoenbord and Pardinho are two solid arms, but we have quite a stable of guys we rate similar to them and were able to add Leon without dipping into the SP prospects we rate a tier higher than these two. Thanks Scott for the talks as always!
  5. Rays agree! Thanks for the quick talks as always Scott! We like Randall, and to some degree Wallace, but look at this as a good opportunity to get a nice starter while giving up assets we have in duplicate. Miller will slot in Wallace's spot and should go deeper into games to lessen strain on the pen while allowing us to remain patient with our higher-end SP prospects and keep Tyson Oswalt in the pen.
  6. The Rays send SP Fung (ML), SS Wong (ML), SS Martinez (ML), OF Samuels (ML) and SP Spencer (S A) to the Pirates for SP Meza (ML), C Mesoraco (ML), 2B Segura (ML), SP Griffith (ML) and SP Oswalt (ML) Thanks to Greg for the talks, we've kinda been kickin around this for a bit and went into overdrive with the recent block. Definitely an interesting deal as we take on a whole boatload of money for the promise of the two young arms. A worthy gamble!
  7. Rays confirm! Lopez is nice but we want to play some of the younger OFs and will happily upgrade at future 3b in one swoop
  8. Rays confirm! Definitely dealing from some extreme depth to an area of need as we don’t have any under 30 lefties who are very near the bigs, so Gallo should fill that role nicely The specs I sent are decent but yeah with the amount of young SSs I have there was never going to be much room for Young. Robina is nice but same situation with him
  9. Rays confirm! While Nicholas is definitely a favorite for us, he realistically doesn't have much of a home here beyond 2021. With a bevvy of young catchers in the org, we free up some playing time for Bob Heller (currently the other ML catcher) and callup William Contreras (starting in AAA) to both get some time in the bigs. That freedom will also allow us to slide our higher-end catchers up through the system more freely as they progress (we've got 4-5 similar guys to Heller/Contreras currently). The 3 pieces we get back are nice, for the reasons Eddie laid out. Probably the highest on Grammes who will likely move to a relief role in our minors at some point. Nicholas will be in DFA, fyi Thanks Eddie!
  10. I can confirm this trade. While soze is kinda right, I don't think catcher D matters as much as advertised, I'm just doing this deal because I don't need MVP Maloney anymore. Would love to keep him, but with Heller filling the backup C spot and a solid backup in Jenkins in AAA in case of injury, his 40-man spot was better used on the pitcher I claimed from Houston. Godspeed Maloney, we'll always have that couple week stretch where you were basically Mike Trout.
  11. Rays confirm - did it for a similar reasoning - with the signing of Lemmerman followed by the purchase of Martinez, we had an extra IF bat and Howard likely had the best value. Pretty pleased with the return we got, more arms for the fire Thanks Eddie for dealing with my schizophrenia on dealing Howard!
  12. The Rays send SS Jeremy Eierman (AAA) and IF Pete Kozma (ML, 100% retained) to the Indians of Cleveland for 1B Evan Waxman (S A), P Brian Chan (A) and P Mike effDiet (AA) We definitely like Eierman, and planned on him getting some serious time in the bigs this year, but with 7 other MIF in our top-30 prospects, we're willing to kick that can down the road and wait on the others while picking up the live-armed Chan, a solid corner IF prospect in Waxman and hopefully a solid lefty reliever in effDiet Thanks Ayden
  13. The Rays send SP Deivi Garcia (AA) and SS Jeremiah Jackson (R Port Charlotte) to the Dodgers for LF Nick Plummer (ML) We dig both Garcia and Jackson, but with plenty of depth we're taking the opportunity to color up a bit to an OF I like quite a bit. Plummer will become a full-time starter straight away and allow us to not feel the need to rush some of our higher end OFs before they're completely ready and he's versatile enough that he'll fit nicely behind them should they develop as they can. Thanks Sam for the deal (and sorry it took me forever lol)
  14. The Rays send OF Jordan Brewer (R Port Charlotte) to the Rockies for OF Peter Crow Armstrong (R Grand Junction) Thanks Eddie!