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  1. Giants accept. We were going to be on the lookout for a pitcher with Velette's profile and contract in FA, so we'll send a flyer to Mitch to cross that off early. While he isn't the beast he was pre-injury I think he still works in our park and without Inoa kickin balls around behind him his BABIP might drop a bit as well Thanks Mitchie boy!
  2. The Giants send CF Ryan Boldt (AAA) and SP Hugues Vallone (AAA) to the White Sox for OF Tink Jones (DFA), SS Aurelio Rivera (AAA), Tyler Pill (ML), RF Spencer Torkelson (DL) and SP Jordan Wicks (A+ Winston Salem) Well, we're basically buying a couple prospects here, though I've always been a Tink fan. I put many an offer on him in FA but lost out. Pill fits our park pretty well honestly and hey who doesn't love a good glove IF like Rivera? Wicks is a nice bonus as he fits our profile well as a young dude. Thanks for the talks Greg!
  3. Giants confirm - Wieters was Spring Training! He's got the glove and leadership though, which has value. We'll happily take the flyer for him
  4. The Giants send SP Lucio Cruzado (DFA) to the Cardinals for 2B Jason Frost (AAA) and "SP" Christopher Cruz (A Peoria) Pretty cut and dry - Cruzado was only signed as a showcase with us for a prospect return and we get it done. Would've liked for him to be a tick healthier and I probably could've gotten a lot more but it is what it is. I'd do it again (and we all know I will). As far as the specs I'm getting back, Frost has a good chance to stick. Macmurchie hasn't shown he can hang in the bigs really and former Cardinal farmhand Mason Mack has a great eye but isn't getting actual hits. Cruz is likely ticketed as a future reliever, but I think he can be a dang good one.
  5. Giants confirm! Fullmer is a nice piece but definitely a luxury for our current state. We've still got a bit of a glut of relief arms due to the Rule 5 picks so it makes more sense to just move him now. The arms are nice to add to the stockpile, the more options the better! Thanks as always Sam!
  6. The Giants send CF Jake Mangum (AAA) to the Rays for SP Nick Bitsko (A Bowling Green) and 1B Lucas Miller (R Princeton) Didn't start the day thinking Mangum would be a guy I'd send off, but Comey inquired and it all worked out. While Mangum is a nice piece and his D will always play, we'll kick the can down the road a bit and pickup a couple personal faves of mine in the process. Thanks Comey!
  7. Giants confirm I believe quite a bit more in Paxton than Jim does for sure and I think we got a nice return in a future pen arm and a glovely SS, plus a touch of cost savings I eagerly await a Pax CGSHO in game 4 of the ALDS
  8. The Giants send SS Michael Sharp to the Twins for CF Carson Yates (R Elizabethton) Pretty straightforward, we suck and want to give playing time to MacMurchie among others so we will save some cash and let Sharp get a playoff run Thanks Rocky!
  9. The Giants send 3B Joey Moran (I'll have him in DFA) and DH Evan Weaver (AAA) to the White Sox for 2B Dominic MacMurchie (AAA) and SP Javier Rosado (A+ Winston Salem) Definitely a risky to move Weaver, the power will play but Im not sure my park is the park for him especially defensively. Moran has been a solid big leaguer, but we want to give Morales and Vilade a long look. For our trouble we get the oft-offered MacMurchie whose curious mix of power/eye up the middle intrigues me. We like Rosado, though he'll likely transition to the pen Nice dealing with you as always Greg!
  10. The Giants send noted Angel-killer SP Pat Crosby (ML, retain 5%) to the Mariners for RP Michihiro Hashimoto (ML) and SS Tre McKedy (A- Everett) Nothing too fancy here motivation-wise. Got Crosby on the cheap and flipping for a prospect after a solid 8-start Giants career. The true motivation is that it enables us to give 22-year-old flamethrowing arm John Hawkins a chance to see if he can start rather than coming out of the pen. Thanks soze!
  11. Giants confirm (though I believe I have to send $50k) Pretty straightforward from our perspective, we're buying the 3 specs for ~$14 mil. Cruz is decent player too, so not totally sunk cost
  12. The Giants trade RP Robert Paullus (MLB, retaining 20%) to the Red Sox for SS Andres Aguilar (AAA) and SP Michael McGreevy (A) We mainly moved Paullus to wash that dirty Mariner-stink off the team. Yick In all seriousness though, Paullus is good, but closers really only come in handy if you're ahead and we may not have a ton of leads for a season or two, so we'll take the financial relief and pick up a couple specs in the process. Aguilar will get an extended looks as a utility guy for us this year, and McGreevy profiles will for Oracle, so I dig it. Thanks Brett for what I believe might be our first deal ever now that we aren't division-mates!
  13. The Giants send RP Wes McConnell (R) to the White Sox for P Doug Crawford (ML) Hoping Crawford can play well in our park, I liked him when I had him as the Rays. Thanks to Hodges for the easy deal!
  14. The Giants send $50k to the Brewers for SP Will Bednar (A+), CF Jared Jordan (R Rocky Mountain) and OF Travis Jankowski (ML) Pretty straightforward - I'm taking on Jankowski's final year and getting a pair of prospects for my trouble. Pretty spendy at 14+ mil, but he is a player we can use as well, as his profile fits Oracle. Bednar is a bit of a sentimental get (rl Giants 1st rounder) but also fits the park well. He's just a 3-pitch guy, so he likely profiles moreso in the pen. Jordan is a definite lotto ticket, but could have a decent eye and plays ok defense