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  1. Oakland sends 3b Jose Rosario Majors LF Nick Plummer AAA SS Greg Jones A+ Minnesota sends RF Franmil Reyes Majors P Grant Gambrell A+ The Twins do this deal as we Like Jones a lot as a prospect, and feel Rosario may come in useful with the current talks of Nolan Arrenado leaving the Twins this off season. Even if he does not Rosario will get time at 2b, 3b and start learning 1b also. Thanks to Scott for the trade talks
  2. We are changing up our outfield, and 1b positions. With Wilson signing long term we have the 2b depth to make this trade, and start to open a spot for a better defensive SS.
  3. Twins agree. We are trying to strengthen a weak area for the future.
  4. The Twins agree to this deal. We have not been getting what we where looking for out of our current scouts abilities internationally so we decided to go in a new direction.
  5. Twins send RP Brock Young AAA 3b Miguel Sano Majors 100% retention SS Julio Figueroa. Majors. Rest of this seasons salary. Yankees send John Bauer. Majors RF Franmill Reyes. Majors RP Jimmy Bannatyne Majors. We do this deal in order to get a start on next season. We need another OF option, and this will improve our pitching for next season.
  6. The Twins agree to this deal. Our middle relief has been horrible so adding some experience can't hurt at this point.
  7. Twins send SS Kunitaro Suzuki Majors RP Dellin Betances Majors 100% retention Indians send 2B Julio Torres Majors C Isaac Stephenson A+ 3B Jesse Evans A The Twins are trying to add Some more minor league depth, and never wanted to trade Isaac in the 1st place. Suzuki is the better defender, but Torres will be fine at 2b, and improve our trade options going forward.
  8. Twins send: 2b Bo Bichette Chattanooga SS CJ Abrams FT Myers GCL RF JR Justice Elizabethton Braves send: SS Chad Scott Majors SS Andres Giminez Carolina The Twins consolidate some depth in prospects to improve the near term future at the Major League level. Scott will hopefully complete out infield for the near term.
  9. Twins agree to this deal. Figuero isn't what he was, but he can perform better than last season, and provide good defense as well.
  10. The Twins agree to this deal. It increases the likelihood that Sano is traded, but we are not to that point quite yet. Ealy is a good prospect but we drafted quite a few last season and fill it is a position of depth.
  11. A's send OF Lazaro Armenteros R Mesa Twins send nothing This is the final part of the Juan Oramas trade, We like the potential for Lazaro as a future outfielder.
  12. Abrams was a target in the draft and we where worried he would not make it to our pick so we worked something out as a way to improve our depth up the middle in the farm system.
  13. Cincy sends: 3b Nolan Arenado. Majors Sp Ian Anderson. R Goodyear Sp Jorge Rodriguez. R Billings Minny sends RF Lance Ray. Majors C Ronnie Baxter. AAA SP Hunter Greene. A Cedar Rapids The Twins where looking for a bat to change up the lineup and improve the defense. Greene was a steep price to pay but talented players end up costing. Baxter will not be very missed with the other 3 catchers that we have currently.
  14. The Twins do this deal to fill some of the needs in our bullpen and our 5th starter spot. Hopefully Barnes does better as a reliever. Font is a power arm we didn't want to move in the 1st place. Rodgers and Tate where hard to move but we feel we have the depth to take the hit.
  15. The Twins send: SP Brad Dale A Cedar Rapids 2b Derrick Fletcher AA C Isaac Stephenson R Elizabethton SP Fernan Aparecida R Fort Myers The Indians send C Ronnie Baxter AAA SS Lou Jones A+ Lynchburg The Twins do this deal to increase the depth on the 40 man roster. Jones is not as good as Fletcher, but Baxter will more than make up for the difference.