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  1. Pirates confirm. Iona isn't owed too much money over the next two seasons so this was all about taking on a small-ish contract to get a prospect. Witt is no sure thing but he has some potential, and he's a 2-way player, so he'll be a fun addition to the organization. Thanks, Mitch.
  2. The Pirates agree to this trade. Ben Richardson is of some familiarity.... the history probably does not need to be repeated. And while I would have never traded to re-acquire him while still acting as the GM of the White Sox, I felt at liberty to do so with a new organization of my own. Richardson will almost certainly remain in the bullpen and be groomed to be a late inning reliever who can supply more than just 3 outs when called upon, but that does not mean we may not experiment with an occasional start as he continues to develop in the minors. He last started in 2020 at A ball and produced a 114 ERA+ over 21 games started, so the stuff might play. We are fortunate to have a ML ballpark that does not give up an abundance of home runs, so his tendency to give up a lot of fly balls may not be as damaging in Pittsburgh as in a park like Colorado or Cincinnati. Larson is a good looking relief prospect but didn't mind giving him up in a one-for-one swap for Richardson to see if we can salvage his career. We have dumped a ton of money into our development budget this season and am hoping some of that tutelage can impact Richardson. Thanks, Matt.
  3. The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade: SS Brice Turang (AAA) The Milwaukee Brewers Trade: RP Carson Montgomery (A+) As part of our trade block posted today, we were looking to unload a player or two from our 40 man roster ahead of the Rule 5 draft approaching in a few weeks. This helps us achieve that goal, and in the process we acquire a pitcher we think has plenty of upside with ample time to continue developing in the minors before any decision on their future needs to be made. Thanks, Cole.
  4. Wild Card Round - Baltimore / Houston / Philadelphia / Dodgers LDS - Houston / Minnesota / St. Louis / Arizona LCS - Houston / Arizona WS - Arizona
  5. The Baltimore Orioles Trade: RF Michael Toglia (AA) RP George Clark (A Delmarva) The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade: SP Javier Mejia (ML) Mejia is a young pitcher who is in his arbitration years, so he was certainly a piece we could have kept, or possibly looked to trade again in the offseason, but we like the 2 players we are receiving in exchange and it opens up a roster spot for the glut of pitchers we have at AAA who are ML ready (from the looks of it). Toglia will probably be given at bats in the outfield for the remainder of the season to see how he fares there, now that we know he can develop as a 1B (thanks to Baltimore playing him there). Clark has the potential to be a ML reliever with what he's done so far in his very young career, so we'll keep him at the back end of our minor league bullpens and give him an opportunity to come up through our system with a plan. Thanks, Drew, and best of luck down the stretch in the AL East!
  6. The Pirates approve this deal. Montgomery has been great for us, but as a team not expecting to be competitive until 2024 at best, he was an expendable piece if we could get back a prospect who had a place to develop in our farm system. Wentzell is a former White Sox farmhand that we traded away a few years ago and are glad to get back. Despite all the trades we've made since taking over the Pirates earlier this summer, we really haven't brought on any first basemen, so Wentzell definitely has a place to get at bats at the higher levels of our minors and see if he can continue to develop and produce. Thanks, Jason, for these talks that took about 2 minutes. Best of luck in the NL Central & Wild Card race this year!
  7. The Pirates approve this deal. Abraham is not a player we were actively shopping this deadline, but Bazley + Siegler were a pairing we had asked for from Atlanta in a separate trade discussion recently, and when Brenton came forward offering the same two prospects for Abraham, we decided to go for it. We have more LH relievers in our bullpen than we probably need (with Gallo, Guerrero, Mike Montgomery, and Chapman also there at the moment) so it seemed a piece worth moving for a couple prospects we like. Thanks, Brenton, for the quick & easy deal.
  8. The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade: 2B Chad Scott + 100% salary retention The Minnesota Twins Trade: CF Lonnie White (R Elizabethton) This trade is solely about opening up another roster spot. Chad Scott is on the final year of his big league contract. We retain 100% of his contract in order to move him for a low level prospect. White will probably never see the Majors without a great deal of development, but we took on Scott just to even out the salary in a previous trade, so it's essentially like getting a prospect for free. Thanks for the deal that was done in about sixty seconds, Rocky.
  9. The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade: SS Miguel Leon (ML) The Baltimore Orioles Trade: RP Joshua Hodges (ML) SP Ken Waldichuk (A+) 1B Seth Beer (AA) SP Jordan Hudson (R) The Pirates have been having many discussions for Miguel Leon but this is the first one to reach the finish line. We bring back Joshua Hodges just to help the Orioles with their 40 man roster. Waldichuk will enter our system as a pitcher we hope can contribute to the Major League team by some time in 2023 (he will be on the fast track from the A+ level the Orioles currently have him at). Seth Beer was not necessarily a position of need but was a good bat with a great eye we hope can contribute to our future, and Jordan Hudson is a bit of a flyer. Our scout thinks he just learned a 4th pitcher (that OSA doesn't see yet) so I'm hoping our scout is onto something with him, and we'll give him a chance to develop at our low levels and see what happens. Thanks, Drew, and continued success in the AL East this season!
  10. The Chicago White Sox Trade: SP Hogan Harris (AA) SP Francisco Munoz (AA) 3B Ed Naito (AA) RP Hunter Gaddis (A+) RP Maurice Mack (A+) The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade: OF Michael Conforto (ML) C Brett Cumberland (ML) This move is about making room on our big league roster for the continued youth movement in Pittsburgh. I think we are selling Conforto low but he is blocking young outfielders I'd rather have in the lineup so we're bringing back a group of young pitchers hoping that they can develop into arms that help us down the line. And Naito can play virtually any defensive position so we see him as a future bench bat who will save us a roster spot. This deal came together very quickly. Thanks to Greg for the smooth talks and best of luck with the continued rebuild in Chicago.
  11. The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade: SP Chris Scalise (ML) The Detroit Tigers Trade: 3B Gee Scott, Jr. (A+) CF David Larkin (A+) SP Adam Kloffenstein (AAA) This deal has been in the works for probably a month now and I'm grateful to Jim for being patient and seeing it through despite everything he's had going on in his life. In this trade we get 3 prospects, all of which we think will contribute at the Major League level in the future. Gee Scott Jr. will be looked at as a compliment to SS Hinds & 2B Abrams already in our system to hopefully make up one hell of an infield at the Majors in a couple years. We wanted to find a couple promising outfield prospects of about the same age to bring along with that infield, and Larkin fits the bill as a potentially unique skillset at CF with nice power potential if he can hit for enough average to make it play at the ML level. And we see Kloffenstein as a bonafide ML starter who will probably find his way into the Pittsburgh rotation before the end of 2022, or to begin 2023 at the latest. Scalise has been a fantastic starter for us during my stint in Pittsburgh as GM but this team is making the move to youth & a rebuild so it only made sense to move him for quality prospects. Thanks again, Jim, and all my best to Detroit now that we're not inter-divisional rivals.
  12. The Pirates confirm this trade. Fung was on the final year of his deal. As a team in a rebuild, the return is greater than the player. Torres we see as a player who has some potential to start, but may be converted to a high leverage reliever. We acquired Simmons recently as part of a separate trade. Morris is one of our top SS prospects, but with Hinds and Abrams in our system, he's expendable to make this trade happen. We take on Scott and Montgomery solely as financial help to the Dodgers for 2022, but we gain salary relief in 2023 and 2024. Thanks, Sam, for the super healthy talks and best of luck to the Dodgers!
  13. The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade: RF Jonathan Garcia (ML) $2m cash The Milwaukee Brewers Trade: SP Manuel Chavez (R Phoenix) CF Blair Eaton (R Phoenix) Pretty simple trade here. Looking to get younger. Willing to pay the remainder of Garcia's 2022 contract in order to gain a couple of young pieces and make room on our roster for the youth movement. Thanks, Cole, and best of luck the rest of this season.
  14. The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade: OF Garrett Schlecht (ML) 2B Kolten Wong (ML) RP Yosuke Ichikawa (ML) C Miguel Angel Alvarez (AAA) The San Diego Padres Trade: SS Andrelton Simmons (ML) C Luke Berryhill (AAA) 2B George Torgeson (A) The Pittsburgh Pirates accept this offer. This trade has a lot of different angles, but at its core for the Pirates, it's about us picking up a couple more prospects for our rebuild. We are going to experiment with India & Simmons playing 2B & 3B to see what seems to work best, with Miguel Leon remaining at SS. We shed Schlecht's contract for next season (guaranteed) and move Ichikawa out of the bullpen to make room that we needed for a roster move in the pitching rotation. Torgeson may not have a direct path to the Majors but we'll flex him around defensively and see if we can't rely on him in the future as a bench bat that can play virtually any defensive position, while Berryhill will become the top catching prospect in the Pirates organization, and one that's nearly ready for a shot at the Majors as the future Team Captain. Thank you, Sean, for your patience in these talks that got dragged on for several weeks as I tried to figure out exactly where this team was going.
  15. The Atlanta Braves Trade: SS CJ Abrams (AA) 3B Carter Kieboom (AAA) RP Jared Johnson (R) The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade: 3B Alec Bohm (ML) RP Dylan Coleman (AAA) The Pirates approve this deal. While Bohm was not a player we were actively looking to deal, it's no mystery the lack of success the Pirates have been having in the NL Central this season. The prospect of pairing Abrams with Rece Hinds in AA to come up together as a middle-infield duo was just too appealing to give up. We get also Kieboom to play 3B in the meantime, and Johnson as a potential bullpen arm in the future to help us feel better about dealing Coleman. Thank you, Brenton, for your patience over the past several weeks of having these talks and seeing it through. Best of luck!