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  1. The White Sox approve this deal. Pretty simple trade. Fierro had a spectacular April for us but has struggled a bit since and it seemed a good time to see if there were any offers out there for him. In Barnes we get a SP who isn't going to set the world on fire, but we get a starting pitcher we can immediately plug into the back of our rotation as we limp to the finish line this season, and can factor into 2022 as a SP5 or 6, AAA SP to hold onto for depth in case of injury, or maybe even to put into the bullpen as an innings eater, while also getting 4 years younger and saving about $1m in salary. Thanks, Sam, for the lightning fast deal.
  2. The Chicago White Sox Trade: SP Jud Graham (ML) The Oakland Athletics Trade: OF Byron Buxton (ML) This is a swap of MLers on inexpensive contracts to better suit needs. We played a bit more of a smallball approach in 2020 when we won the AL Central, and I want to move back in that direction in 2022. I project that Buxton will platoon with Tyler Hill in LF but acquiring him here at the deadline gives us an opportunity to try that scenario out for a couple months. Although we need Graham's innings after trading away Dylan Bundy & then losing Ashton Moore to a season-ending injury just a few days later, it was worth it to go ahead and make this move for a player who is more in our vision for 2022. Thanks, Scott, for always being engaging and friendly in talks.
  3. The Chicago White Sox Trade: C Lance Hartgraves (ML) The Toronto Blue Jays Trade: P Evan Moore (A+) The White Sox approve this deal. While we didn't necessarily have Lance Hartgraves on the block, now that Keibert Ruiz is cemented as our starting catcher, Hartgraves was expendable if we could get back for him a piece in which we found value. And that's exactly what we did in Evan Moore. Moore was a late draft pick in 2020 (25th round) but has seen a lot of development already according to our scout, and has also been producing in limited time. I'm not sure if he'll make it as a starter, but at the very least we see him as a very effective Major League bullpen arm, so it seemed a worthy exchange. We're not in a deep rebuild, but rather hope to compete again very soon, so young bullpen arms are coveted. Thanks to Mitch for the super quick & easy discussion.
  4. The Chicago White Sox Trade: SP Dylan Bundy (ML) The Cleveland Guardians Trade: SS Manny Acosta (R) RP de Oca (AAA) SP Edgar Heeffer (Int'l Complex) The White Sox brought on Dylan Bundy when trading away 2B Brett Lawrie and never really intended to keep him. We took him to even the money for Lawrie, but by trading Bundy we clear the extra salary and make more room to continue calling up younger, prospective starting pitchers in our system to see what we have for the future (as we've acquired several pitchers this season that are at AAA and nearly ML ready). de Oca looks like a potential back-of-the-bullpen arm -- something we are lacking right now -- Acosta should be able to develop into a ML SS we think, and Heeffer is a wild card. Our scout really likes him and we have him as throwing 100 mph at 17 years old, so we're hoping there's a future there. Thanks, Ayden, and best of luck in taking Rocky down in 2021.
  5. The White Sox approve this deal. We're clearly not going to be buying this deadline, and I didn't feel the slightly over $1m cash we had was going to do much to contribute in us moving any of our veterans with contracts, so it made sense to buy a couple prospects. Neither are top prospects, but both have nice upside and should contribute to our prospect depth. We will convert Bachleitner to a reliever, where we think he can prosper, but continue to use Laucer as a starter for the time being. Thanks, Eddie, and best of luck in the AL West this season.
  6. The Chicago White Sox Trade: 2B Brett Lawrie (ML) RP Tony Cingrani (AAA) The New York Yankees Trade: SP Dylan Bundy (ML) SP Ashton Moore (AAA) 2B Roger McAfee (AAA) C Davon Hayes (R Tampa) The Chicago White Sox approve this deal. We'd had a few different talks going on for Brett Lawrie. But the injury complicated matters. We're told he'll be out about a month, which would leave him coming back just before the deadline, which wouldn't leave much time to trade him to a contending team, so we decided to go ahead and take the best available offer. We take back Dylan Bundy in the deal to save New York money. We also get a AAA SP who is ML ready and will be called up if we trade away any of our other veteran starters before the deadline. Roger McAfee is a power-first 2B who plays good defense, so we like the upside to having him in the lineup and focusing on what he does well instead of expecting too much from him. Lastly, Davon Hayes is a 5th round 2020 draft pick who projects to hit for major power while playing good defense at the catcher position, so if he can develop to meet his projections, we'll be very happy with him behind the plate. Thanks to Rhett for the deal and, as always, the friendly and productive talks.
  7. The Chicago White Sox Trade: 2B Billy Hamilton (ML) 100% Retention The Cleveland Indians Trade: LF Adam Laroche, Jr. (A-) The White Sox make this move just to move another veteran off our roster. Is Laroche, Jr a legitimate prospect? No. But there's enough there that he can provide us a bit of minor league depth and it is a means of getting something back for Hamilton when we were likely to have to otherwise DFA him and get nothing in return. Thanks, Ayden.
  8. The Chicago White Sox trade: 2B Dustin Pedroia (ML) The Minnesota Twins trade: CF Ed Naito (A+) Pedroia has been relegated to a reserve role at this stage in his career, a role he will likely also fill for the Twins now behind Dave Wilson. We asked for a single player in exchange, and Ed Naito will fit the bill. Naito doesn't do one single thing great but he's a very well rounded player who can play virtually every position on the field defensively, so could develop into a worthwhile role player, even if his ceiling is possibly at AAA as a reserve player in case of a ML injury in a year or two. We also love his speed. Thanks to Rocky for the super quick deal, which came together in about 5 minutes this morning.
  9. The Chicago White Sox Trade: LF Nobuhisa Koyama (ML) The Washington Nationals Trade: LF Tyler Hill (AA) SP Elijah Holyfield (AAA) The White Sox agree to this deal. The fire sale on the south side of Chicago continues. Koyama has been a very solid offensive piece for us, but if we're going into a rebuild, it makes no sense to keep him. We love the looks of Tyler Hill, and hope that Holyfield can contribute at the Major League level as either a back-of-the-rotation piece or possibly as a reliever if need be. Thanks to Tony for the super quick & easy deal and best of luck in the NL East this year.
  10. The Chicago White Sox Trade: SP Chris Sale (ML) $5m cash The Boston Red Sox Trade: SP John Butler (AAA) LF Spencer Torkelson (A) The White Sox decided this week to begin a fire sale ahead of the trade deadline at the end of July. We've discussed moving Chris Sale for the past month or so, had a deal virtually in place but it required the other GM moving a SP to make room for him, and he's been actively on the block ever since. Torkelson is the type of offensive prospect we're looking for to help rebuild our system, and John Butler is a young, cost-controlled SP we can either stash at AAA for now or immediately call up to replace Sale in the rotation, which was exactly the type of deal we were seeking for Sale. We do send some cash in the trade to help out the Red Sox this year, but we don't retain any salary past 2021, which was also a requirement in any deal involving Sale. Thanks to Brett for the super quick and easy deal, which came together in about 10 minutes.
  11. The Chicago White Sox Trade: RP Bernardo Gallo (ML) The Tampa Bay Rays Trade: RP Brian Johnson (ML / Waivers) + 50% retention SS Carter Young (R Port Charlotte) SP Julio Robina (R Port Charlotte) The White Sox, in a year where they're almost certainly not going to compete for a playoff run, don't need their bullpen arms. Gallo is a guy with a ton of talent but seems to need a change of scenery. We're hoping he can turn it around and be a great LH arm for the Rays organization. In return, we receive an effective veteran RP with which to replace Gallo. We also receive a SS prospect we have high hopes for in Carter Young and we think could develop into a ML SS, and a SP prospect in Robina who should -- at the very least -- give us some minor league depth, but who we think could potentially develop into a back of the rotation or bullpen arm at the Major League level. Thanks to Heinz for the patience and flexibility as we went back and forth about this package multiple times while other clubs were also bidding on Gallo.
  12. The Chicago White Sox Trade: SP Kyle Cody (ML) The Detroit Tigers Trade: 2B Dominic MacMurchie (A) 1B Aaron Sabato (A) SP Eric Braun (AAA) The White Sox approve this deal. We've been discussing Cody with a number of teams but liked this package the best, largely because of Braun being an arm we can choose to put in our rotation immediately if we so choose, and we like Sabato's projection to hit for both power and play a solid 1B defense, and MacMurchie's ability to have a well rounded bat at 2B. Thanks to Jim for his patience as we discussed this deal over the past few days.
  13. The White Sox & Yankees are at it again, and this one is a little out of the box. The White Sox trade: CL Tanner Scheppers (ML) + 100% salary retention 1B David Chester (ML) OF Dave Reilly (ML) The NY Yankees trade: 1B Keon Barnum (ML) OF Franmil Reyes (ML) SP Jud Graham (AAA) The White Sox are willing to try about anything at this point. There are a couple thinkings behind this trade... A) We don't need Scheppers, on an expiring contract, in a year when we are obviously not going to contend for the AL Central. b) We're suffering from a terrible BABIP and were looking to improve our 1B defense, but we had both Zaragoza and Chester lodged there. We will now move Zaragoza to DH and put Barnum at 1B, who plays a much better defensive 1B. C) Reilly has not played well for us since coming over for TX. Reyes has not hit well for NY OR Oakland this season. We look to give him yet another chance to re-group and reach his potential. Swapping him for Reilly seems like an obvious choice when both are still pre-arb eligible. The Yankees are only 4 games out of 1st in the AL East and have a chance to challenge their division rivals so I was hoping that sending them Scheppers might make a difference for them. Thanks, Rhett, as always.
  14. The Chicago White Sox Trade: SP Sonny Gray (ML) C Victor 'Dracula' Murphy (AAA) $3m cash The New York Yankees Trade: SP Josh Johnson (ML) LF Floyd Wallace (AAA) SP Orlando Rios (International Complex) This trade is done to save myself (& Jim) salary in 2021. As soon as I saw the Yankees trade for Josh Johnson, I knew I needed to step in. We've been trying to move Sonny Gray, and he's guaranteed to help the Yankees rotation more than Josh Johnson was ever going to. We'll move Josh Johnson to the bullpen in Chicago, whether he likes it or not. He may receive a spot start or two, but by keeping him below 20 games started in 2021, we'll save ourselves $7m in 2022. Not only that, but by moving Sonny Gray to New York, we're guaranteed to not be on the hook for his player option in 2022, so saving ourselves more like $17m for 2022. I wasn't shopping Victor Murphy, but Rhett wanted him to get a deal done, so we included him. Floyd Wallace will come to Chicago and replace the team captain we lost in Travis d'Arnaud. The money for 2021 evens out in this deal but we save some money in 2022 and that was the point. Thanks, Rhett, for always being open minded and willing to talk off-the-wall trades.
  15. The Chicago White Sox Trade: SS Miguel Leon (ML) C Travis d'Arnaud (ML) The Oakland Athletics Trade: SS Nick Allen (ML) SP Javier Garcia (AAA) OF Tristen Lutz (AAA) C Andres Esparza (ML) Well, it's no secret that the 2021 White Sox season has not gone like we hoped. And while it's still early May and we're not completely out of it yet, we decided to begin shopping a few of our veterans. We were approached by a NL team about SS Miguel Leon, which opened the trade talks on that front, and here we are. We love Nick Allen. At only 22 years old, we're hoping his bat can maybe develop a tad more, but we're not getting him for his bat. With any luck, he'll be a defensive whiz up the middle for us in Chicago for years to come, which would be a fitting replacement for Miguel Leon, who has done the same for us for years now. We also pick up Javier Garcia -- who we envision as a back of the rotation starter who could come up any time we need him -- and OF Tristen Lutz, who we hope to be able to utilize as early as 2022. We swap d'Arnaud & Esparza to even out the money in the deal. Esparza will back up Ruiz just like d'Arnaud was doing. As always, thanks to Scott for the productive talks and fair deal. Miguel Leon has been a fan favorite in Chicago, and I'm sure the move will not be well met by our loyal fans, but we hope this can be the start of building a team for the future on the southside.