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  1. The Chicago White Sox Trade: RP Michael Fulmer (60-day DL) The New York Yankees Trade: SS Paul Arrington (DFA) The White Sox have had some subpar defense out of the infield since collecting some new bats at those positions this season. Arrington will give us a nice late-inning defensive sub for virtually our entire infield without much cost. Thanks, Rhett, for the quick and very easy deal.
  2. The White Sox approve this deal. Like many pitchers who come to Chicago, Kimbrel just could not keep the ball within the confines of our ballpark. He blew one too many games. We were just going to demote him deeper into the bullpen rotation, but with the deadline looming, we decided to see what we could get for him and liked Hartgraves a lot. We'll be converting him back to catcher and looking to use him in 2021 at the Majors either along with Keibert Ruiz, or as a stop-gap if Ruiz needs more time. Leon gives us an option of pitchers to replace Kimbrel with in the 2020 bullpen as we reach for a playoff spot. Thanks, Mitch.
  3. The Chicago White Sox Trade: SP Jorge Fernandez (ML) SS Arnold Flores (A) The Miami Marlins Trade: RP Tanner Scheppers (ML) The White Sox look to make tweaks to our Major League roster to further set ourselves up for a playoff run. Jorge Fernandez was a man without a slot at this point. We'll move Sonny Gray into the rotation and continue to roll with 6 men. Sonny Gray excels at limiting home runs, a much needed skill in our ballpark, so should do well at supplying us some depth in Fernandez's absence. Scheppers should help a bullpen that currently ranks 6th in the AL. Cleveland currently ranks as the 7th best bullpen in the AL, and Texas as the 11th, so maybe this will help give us some extra weaponry late in games as we fight with those two teams for a playoff berth. Thanks, Ryan, for the quick & easy deal.
  4. The White Sox approve this deal. Our interest in d'Arnaud is twofold.... We like his Captain personality, and we like the idea of platooning him with Jefferies now that Gary Sanchez is not getting 95% of catching at bats. Sonny Gray was done mostly just to get the deal done, but with the pitching trouble we've had, and Gray's ability to typically keep the ball on the ground, we hope he can help us with a push into October. Thanks, Brenton!
  5. The Chicago White Sox Trade: C Gary Sanchez (ML) 1B Nick Delmonico (ML) RP Luis Martinez (AAA) $2.5m cash The New York Yankees Trade: 3B Rob Segedin (ML) RP Wayne Powers (ML) CF Wilfred Morgan (AA) SS Jay Mayes (R Tampa) The White Sox approve this deal. The conversation started a week or two ago in a different form, was having trouble gaining any traction, then came together very quickly today in a matter of an hour or two after we began looking at it from a different angle. We've been looking around the league for an upgrade at the 3B position for awhile now, so Segedin was our main target in this trade. We give up power for power in trading away Gary Sanchez in the deal, but veteran Jake Jefferies has played exceptionally well for us in backing up Gary and will be joined at the Majors by Victor 'Dracula' Murphy, who backed up at the Majors for us last year. What we gain is future financial flexibility. Powers has pitched very well for NYY despite a very low BABIP, so it's a bit of a risky acquisition, but we felt it was worth giving up our young prospect reliever Luis Martinez to get Powers and Segedin while moving Sanchez. NYY sends us Morgan and Mayes to give us a little bit of prospect currency back in the deal. We also send $2.5m cash to balance the salary exchange for 2020. Thank you, Rhett, for always being such an enjoyable trade partner, despite the fact we're in a playoff race with each other. Best of luck down the stretch!
  6. The Chicago White Sox trade: CF Will Chambers (DFA'ed from AAA) The Detroit Tigers trade: SP Pedro Garcia (Int'l Complex) Although Chambers is not counting a single dollar against our budget for 2020 due to his salary being retained by San Diego, his arbitration estimate for next year is making it a challenge to offer any extensions to our players, so I appreciate the GM duo at Detroit acquiring him for an absolute flier from their international complex. At only 25 years old, Chambers still has the potential to provide ML production, and would still be on our club if we had not subsequently acquired both Lance Ray and Dwight Smith Jr in the same offseason, and ran out of room in our OF. Thanks, guys.
  7. The Cincinnati Reds Trade: SP Chris Sale (ML) 2B Dustin Pedroia (ML) AAA pitching coach Rich Harden $5m cash The Chicago White Sox Trade: 2B Dee Gordon (ML) SP Jonathan Ware (AAA) SP Alfred Johnson (AA) SP Daniel Espino (A+ Winston-Salem) AAA pitching coach Rigo Beltran The White Sox approve this deal. This is probably not a deal we would have made even two or three weeks ago. But suddenly we find ourselves in a definite pursuit of the post-season, perhaps even winning the AL Central, and suddenly one of our weaknesses is depth in our starting rotation with the much publicized struggles of Bill Black. He has a chance to rebound, and Black isn't going anywhere, but Sale gives us depth and insurance, and I think makes our team true contenders. Thanks, Scott, and continued success with your rebuild.
  8. The Chicago White Sox Trade: CF Junior Robinson (A+) 1B Rafael Lozano (AAA) The Cincinnati Reds Trade: $3m cash Again, this is all about getting under budget. Thanks, Scott.
  9. The Chicago White Sox Trade: SS Dorssys Paulino (AA) The Houston Astros Trade: $2m cash This is purely a pursuit of getting our club back under budget. Thanks, Matt.
  10. The Cincinnati Reds Trade: LF Nobuhisa Koyama (ML) 1B David Chester (ML) The Chicago White Sox Trade: RF Esteban Hernandez (ML) 1B Bill Pyke (AAA) SP William Walker (AAA) SP Dean Cromwell (AAA) RF Judson Fabian (R Great Falls) The White Sox approve this deal. We needed to add power to the lineup, and both Chester and Koyama will help toward that end, although obviously Chester is the main pursuit for the power bat. I'm hoping this will take some of the pressure off Gary Sanchez, as well, and maybe he'll finally find his power stroke as we head into the summer. We swap Esteban for Koyama -- Koyama had a spectacular April, so his numbers are currently inflated and I don't expect them to stay there, but he mashes lefties and gives us more platoon options, something our lineup is lacking at the moment. Both of these additions should help round out our lineup and help us to be more consistent. We give up our top two prospects -- according to OSA -- and 3 of our top 11 to get it done, but the White Sox are determined to see a positive result for all the moves they've made since the end of the 2019 season, and these two players will definitely help toward that end. Thank you to Scott for the productive talks, which kept taking different shapes but we finally saw it through to a successful conclusion.
  11. The Chicago White Sox Trade: RP Brandon Crawford (R Glendale) The Tampa Bay Rays Trade: 2B Dee Gordon (DFA) $2.1m cash The Chicago White Sox keep pushing the chips in because we're too deep to stop now. We've already begun building a team based on contact and speed, so we're pushing further on that same mindset with adding Dee Gordon at 2B. We haven't gotten a lot of offensive production out of Carver, despite his good defense, so we'll give Gordon an opportunity to contribute at that position and add to the speed we already have in the lineup. Thanks, John, for the super easy deal.
  12. The White Sox confirm this deal. We are not trading Herrera because of performance, but because we traded for Kimbrel from CIN this week and need to a) make room on the roster and b) clear a little salary space. Moving Herrera accomplishes both those things. He's on the final year of his contract and we can't retain any of his salary, so we didn't expect to get a top-end prospect for him. Ol' Motormouth has a bit of upside and we'll put him in a no-pressure situation to hopefully succeed and develop. Thanks, Kaiser, for the quick & easy transaction, and continued success in 2020!
  13. The Chicago White Sox Trade: OF Will Anderson (AAA) RP Stan Lee (A- Kannapolis) The Cincinnati Reds Trade: RP Craig Kimbrel (ML) $1m cash The White Sox went all-in this offseason. And while it hasn't wholly paid off, the team is 8-2 over their past 10 games and playing better as the weather warms up. I believe to be neutral is to die, and we chose to go all-in this offseason, so we continue to push forward and plug holes in our roster. Our bullpen has been a weakness with no clear-cut closer. Kimbrel will solve that, allowing everyone else to move down a rung in the bullpen and hopefully play more to their strengths. Thanks, Scott, as always, and best of luck going forward!
  14. The White Sox approve this deal. We like Tanaka a lot and were glad to get him from Boston a couple months ago, but we're trying to a) free up a little bit of money and b) make room on the roster for a Captain personality to help our ML club gel. Being able to move the $750k salary of Derek Law just helps to that end. Thanks to Jabs for the insanely easy deal.
  15. The Chicago White Sox Trade: 2B Addison Russell (DFA) The Detroit Tigers Trade: 3B Ryan Kerr (A-) The White Sox are looking to make some roster space for some fresh bullpen arms. I really like Addison Russell as a depth piece, but with the other infielders we have, I just didn't have a lot of room for him, and we save $750k in moving him for Ryan Kerr. Note: Addison Russell has been DFA'ed before tonight's sim to make a roster move. Thanks to Josh & Jim for the quick & easy deal.