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  1. The Chicago White Sox Trade: RP Joe Taylor (R Great Falls) The San Diego Padres Trade: RP Cisco Silva (AAA) This is us trying to deepen our ML-capable bullpen arms for the 2021 season. Silva served as the closer for the AAA Chihuahuas, and while he won't be asked to fill that role for the White Sox, we like his ++ control and the different look he brings out of the bullpen as a submarine pitcher. He won't be asked to do too much, but we feel he can be an effective addition to our bullpen and will likely spend his season split between AAA and the Majors as arms are needed. Thanks, Sean, for the always super easy deal.
  2. The Chicago White Sox Trade: 3B Ryan Kerr (A+ Winston-Salem) RP Greg Wilbraham (A Kannapolis) The Milwaukee Brewers Trade: 2B Brett Lawrie (ML) 50% Salary Retention The White Sox approve this deal. After acquiring Dave Reilly and moving Lance Ray to a permanent DH role, I felt I needed someone to platoon there with him to hit vs lefties. At the same time, we have Dustin Pedroia on a contract that only vests next year if he gets 300 plate appearances and Lawrie still plays an above average 2B. So I'm planning to start Lawrie at DH vs LHP and at 2B against RHP depending on matchup and ballpark. We've received a lot of inquiries about Ryan Kerr, and he's a solid 3B prospect, but we're trying to win now so he was expendable to add another bat to our lineup, seeing as our offense was our weak link last season. Thanks, Cole, for the quick deal and healthy conversation.
  3. The Chicago White Sox Trade: SP Todd Collins (AAA) RP Al Patterson (AAA) C Mitchell Mayer (R Glendale) The Texas Rangers Trade: RF Dave Reilly (ML) The White Sox have been looking for a bat to add to our lineup to improve our chances of not just returning to the post season but advancing past the 1st round. We feel like Dave Reilly is the type of bat who may deepen our lineup enough to facilitate this. Todd Collins would be our next man up in case of injury or trade of Josh Johnson and/or Sonny Gray, so trading him basically ends our shopping of those two pitchers this offseason. I'm a bit worried about leaving ourselves in a pinch this season if we suffer an injury or two to our rotation, but we'll deal with that when it arises if it does. Thank you to Kevin for your patience in these talks, which had a life of their own over the past two or three weeks, and best of luck in 2021.
  4. The Chicago White Sox Trade: SS Paul Arrington (ML) $420k cash The New York Yankees Trade: 3B Jeffrey Walker (Waivers) The White Sox acquired Arrington from the Yankees late last season to give us some defensive depth in the infield as we pursued our first playoff appearance. Our priorities have shifted a bit at the start of a new season, so Walker's ability to hit against lefties while playing multiple defensive positions appeals to us. Thanks to Rhett for always being so quick and easy to deal with.
  5. The Chicago White Sox Trade: 2B Ruben Lopez (AAA) The Houston Astros Trade: RP Michael Morrison (waivers) The White Sox approve this deal. We include Lopez in this trade to make it a 1-for-1 swap concerning our 40 man roster, and to save $575k on our budget in acquiring the contract of Morrison. Also, having just acquired India from Oakland yesterday, Lopez's depth is less necessary. Thanks, Matt, for the super quick & easy transaction.
  6. The Chicago White Sox Trade: RP Mitchell Traver (AAA) RP Al Weber (AAA) RP Jacob Wallace (AA) The Oakland Athletics Trade: 2B Jonathan India (R) CF Matt Gorski (R) The White Sox have been looking for a 2B to replace Dustin Pedroia in 2022, and we feel Jonathan India can be that player. He's at rookie league for Oakland, but he's a 23 year old 2019 college draft pick, and should be able to start 2021 at AA and hopefully ascend to AAA by mid-season. We lose some bullpen depth in this trade, but we don't have to move any players currently slated to be in our Opening Day MLB bullpen, so hopefully it won't impact our late inning efficiency very much. Thank you very much, Scott, for your patience in working out the details of this trade over the past few weeks, and best of luck in 2021.
  7. The Chicago White Sox Trade: 3B Albert Boyle (AA) The Colorado Rockies Trade: RP Lyndon Stewart (AAA) C Casey Opitz (R) Boyle is a former 1st round pick. He's just never quite become what we hoped for, but he's good depth, which is exactly what Eddie came calling for. We asked for a pitcher who we could ferry back & forth between the Majors & AAA this upcoming season, and Lyndon Stewart came up as an option, but we got Casey Opitz as a low-level catcher just to even the swap. We don't expect Opitz to ever reach the Majors, or Stewart to ever be a bonafide ML contributor, but they're both depth pieces -- same as Boyle -- and that seems like an even swap to me. Thanks, Eddie, and best of luck in 2020. May we meet again in October.
  8. The Chicago White Sox Trade: OF Dwight Smith Jr. (ML) 1B Jose Madrigal (AA) The Milwaukee Brewers Trade: SP Juan Ramos (ML) 1B Evan White (AAA) The White Sox approve this deal. We've been looking to diversify our outfield with some more right-handed prowess. We acquired Sherman earlier today from the Royals, and now move Dwight Smith Jr to make more room for him. Ramos can serve a lot of purposes in our bullpen: long relief, multifaceted lefty specialist, general middle relief, spot starter. Evan White is just a nice looking 1B prospect who can give us some minor league depth. Thanks, Cole, for these conversations, and best of luck in 2021!
  9. The Chicago White Sox Trade: 2B Marshall Larkin (R Great Falls) SP Easton McGee (R Great Falls) The Kansas City Royals Trade: LF Jeffrey Sherman (ML) The White Sox approve this deal. We were looking for a right-handed hitting outfielder, preferably one who plays RF, to platoon with Lance Ray and/or Dwight Smith Jr this season, and Sherman fits the bill. I like Marshall Larkin a lot but didn't mind moving him to complete this deal. Thanks, Rob, and best of luck heading into 2021!
  10. The Chicago White Sox Trade: RP Michael Fulmer (60-day DL) The New York Yankees Trade: SS Paul Arrington (DFA) The White Sox have had some subpar defense out of the infield since collecting some new bats at those positions this season. Arrington will give us a nice late-inning defensive sub for virtually our entire infield without much cost. Thanks, Rhett, for the quick and very easy deal.
  11. The White Sox approve this deal. Like many pitchers who come to Chicago, Kimbrel just could not keep the ball within the confines of our ballpark. He blew one too many games. We were just going to demote him deeper into the bullpen rotation, but with the deadline looming, we decided to see what we could get for him and liked Hartgraves a lot. We'll be converting him back to catcher and looking to use him in 2021 at the Majors either along with Keibert Ruiz, or as a stop-gap if Ruiz needs more time. Leon gives us an option of pitchers to replace Kimbrel with in the 2020 bullpen as we reach for a playoff spot. Thanks, Mitch.
  12. The Chicago White Sox Trade: SP Jorge Fernandez (ML) SS Arnold Flores (A) The Miami Marlins Trade: RP Tanner Scheppers (ML) The White Sox look to make tweaks to our Major League roster to further set ourselves up for a playoff run. Jorge Fernandez was a man without a slot at this point. We'll move Sonny Gray into the rotation and continue to roll with 6 men. Sonny Gray excels at limiting home runs, a much needed skill in our ballpark, so should do well at supplying us some depth in Fernandez's absence. Scheppers should help a bullpen that currently ranks 6th in the AL. Cleveland currently ranks as the 7th best bullpen in the AL, and Texas as the 11th, so maybe this will help give us some extra weaponry late in games as we fight with those two teams for a playoff berth. Thanks, Ryan, for the quick & easy deal.
  13. The White Sox approve this deal. Our interest in d'Arnaud is twofold.... We like his Captain personality, and we like the idea of platooning him with Jefferies now that Gary Sanchez is not getting 95% of catching at bats. Sonny Gray was done mostly just to get the deal done, but with the pitching trouble we've had, and Gray's ability to typically keep the ball on the ground, we hope he can help us with a push into October. Thanks, Brenton!
  14. The Chicago White Sox Trade: C Gary Sanchez (ML) 1B Nick Delmonico (ML) RP Luis Martinez (AAA) $2.5m cash The New York Yankees Trade: 3B Rob Segedin (ML) RP Wayne Powers (ML) CF Wilfred Morgan (AA) SS Jay Mayes (R Tampa) The White Sox approve this deal. The conversation started a week or two ago in a different form, was having trouble gaining any traction, then came together very quickly today in a matter of an hour or two after we began looking at it from a different angle. We've been looking around the league for an upgrade at the 3B position for awhile now, so Segedin was our main target in this trade. We give up power for power in trading away Gary Sanchez in the deal, but veteran Jake Jefferies has played exceptionally well for us in backing up Gary and will be joined at the Majors by Victor 'Dracula' Murphy, who backed up at the Majors for us last year. What we gain is future financial flexibility. Powers has pitched very well for NYY despite a very low BABIP, so it's a bit of a risky acquisition, but we felt it was worth giving up our young prospect reliever Luis Martinez to get Powers and Segedin while moving Sanchez. NYY sends us Morgan and Mayes to give us a little bit of prospect currency back in the deal. We also send $2.5m cash to balance the salary exchange for 2020. Thank you, Rhett, for always being such an enjoyable trade partner, despite the fact we're in a playoff race with each other. Best of luck down the stretch!
  15. The Chicago White Sox trade: CF Will Chambers (DFA'ed from AAA) The Detroit Tigers trade: SP Pedro Garcia (Int'l Complex) Although Chambers is not counting a single dollar against our budget for 2020 due to his salary being retained by San Diego, his arbitration estimate for next year is making it a challenge to offer any extensions to our players, so I appreciate the GM duo at Detroit acquiring him for an absolute flier from their international complex. At only 25 years old, Chambers still has the potential to provide ML production, and would still be on our club if we had not subsequently acquired both Lance Ray and Dwight Smith Jr in the same offseason, and ran out of room in our OF. Thanks, guys.