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  1. The Pirates confirm this trade. Fung was on the final year of his deal. As a team in a rebuild, the return is greater than the player. Torres we see as a player who has some potential to start, but may be converted to a high leverage reliever. We acquired Simmons recently as part of a separate trade. Morris is one of our top SS prospects, but with Hinds and Abrams in our system, he's expendable to make this trade happen. We take on Scott and Montgomery solely as financial help to the Dodgers for 2022, but we gain salary relief in 2023 and 2024. Thanks, Sam, for the super healthy talks and best of luck to the Dodgers!
  2. The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade: RF Jonathan Garcia (ML) $2m cash The Milwaukee Brewers Trade: SP Manuel Chavez (R Phoenix) CF Blair Eaton (R Phoenix) Pretty simple trade here. Looking to get younger. Willing to pay the remainder of Garcia's 2022 contract in order to gain a couple of young pieces and make room on our roster for the youth movement. Thanks, Cole, and best of luck the rest of this season.
  3. The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade: OF Garrett Schlecht (ML) 2B Kolten Wong (ML) RP Yosuke Ichikawa (ML) C Miguel Angel Alvarez (AAA) The San Diego Padres Trade: SS Andrelton Simmons (ML) C Luke Berryhill (AAA) 2B George Torgeson (A) The Pittsburgh Pirates accept this offer. This trade has a lot of different angles, but at its core for the Pirates, it's about us picking up a couple more prospects for our rebuild. We are going to experiment with India & Simmons playing 2B & 3B to see what seems to work best, with Miguel Leon remaining at SS. We shed Schlecht's contract for next season (guaranteed) and move Ichikawa out of the bullpen to make room that we needed for a roster move in the pitching rotation. Torgeson may not have a direct path to the Majors but we'll flex him around defensively and see if we can't rely on him in the future as a bench bat that can play virtually any defensive position, while Berryhill will become the top catching prospect in the Pirates organization, and one that's nearly ready for a shot at the Majors as the future Team Captain. Thank you, Sean, for your patience in these talks that got dragged on for several weeks as I tried to figure out exactly where this team was going.
  4. The Atlanta Braves Trade: SS CJ Abrams (AA) 3B Carter Kieboom (AAA) RP Jared Johnson (R) The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade: 3B Alec Bohm (ML) RP Dylan Coleman (AAA) The Pirates approve this deal. While Bohm was not a player we were actively looking to deal, it's no mystery the lack of success the Pirates have been having in the NL Central this season. The prospect of pairing Abrams with Rece Hinds in AA to come up together as a middle-infield duo was just too appealing to give up. We get also Kieboom to play 3B in the meantime, and Johnson as a potential bullpen arm in the future to help us feel better about dealing Coleman. Thank you, Brenton, for your patience over the past several weeks of having these talks and seeing it through. Best of luck!
  5. The Chicago White Sox Trade: 2B Jonathan India (ML) RP Richard Dean (ML) SP Javier Mejia (ML) RP Shawn Neubauer (AAA) The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade: 2B Jared Stevens (ML) 1B Max Jacobson (ML) SP Melvin Garner (ML) CL Rich Marmaro (AAA) The Pirates approve this deal. On paper, I truly believe this trade favors the White Sox. However, I love Jonathan India and am happy to swap Stevens for him despite Stevens producing a 6.8 WAR last season (he's on pace for 1.7 WAR this season but that could quickly change). I see Neubauerer as a poor man's Marmaro and should be a ML reliever for sure. Dean was doing a great job of starting for us as the White Sox before I left, so he may be given an SP5 chance in Pittsburgh as well, and Mejia has proven to be very flexible between starting and relieving with excellent stuff. Jacobson I believe is a very good but replaceable 1B and we have several players in-house to choose from to replace him before our next series. Garner gives us a little bit of financial flexibility as he is owed $4.84m this season and next. Only time will tell, I imagine, who this trade favors, but I appreciate the long, flexible talks with Greg, and the eventual deal to which we agreed.
  6. The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade: SS Ernest Miller (A- West Virginia) The New York Yankees Trade: C Omar Silva (AAA) The Pirates are looking for some more production out of the catcher position and I have some previous experience with Silva. He's a catcher I really like and was willing to send a low-level flyer for to platoon with Cumberland at the ML level in Pittsburgh. Thanks to Rhett for the always easy conversation.
  7. The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade: RP Tristan Beck (ML) RP Christopher Hanna (ML) The Tampa Bay Rays Trade: SS Miguel Leon (ML) RP Bill Brown (ML) RP Bernardo Gallo (ML) The White Sox approve this deal. We were actively looking for an upgrade at SS, and Miguel seemed like the best option on the trade market. Beck is a big league reliever with serious talent, but we were also able to move Hanna and his $4.5m salary in the deal, so we're hoping Gallo can replace him as a lefty specialist at a fraction of the cost while feeling like we're only paying Leon about $1m instead of $5.4m. Thank you to Comey for the talks over the past couple weeks.
  8. The Chicago White Sox trade: SP Nathan Eovaldi (ML) The Los Angeles Dodgers trade: SP Tyler Pill (ML) + 30% retention SP Andrew Painter (Ogden Rookie League) LF Juan Costello (ML) SP Shawn Neubauer (ML) The White Sox got a bit overzealous in acquiring talent this offseason and went over budget, which prompted this need to move Eovaldi off the roster. Pill -- with 30% retention, will now fill out the back end of our roster, and I feel that the young SP Eric Braun is ready for a regular rotation role, which is one of the other reasons we felt comfortable making this deal while also trying to remain competitive. Painter will be a SP prospect at only 18 years of age we'll place low in our minors, Costello is a decent looking OF prospect we'll start at AAA this season as a 5th OFer -- so to speak -- and Neubauer will be converted to a reliever as either a lefty specialist or just a solid middle reliever who happens to be left-handed. Neubauer is still on a minor league contract for now despite being in big league Spring Training camp so will likely start this season at AAA. Thanks to the Sam and the Dodgers for the easy communication, and best of luck in 2022!
  9. The Chicago White Sox Trade: 1B Max Flora (ML) RP Juan Ramos (ML) The New York Yankees Trade: CL Orlando Garcia (ML) RF Jonah Gold (A) The White Sox agree to this trade for the first overall pick in this year's Rule 5 draft. We had conversations with multiple teams. I had come to terms with hanging onto Flora and trying to retain him as a bench bat in 2022 so that we could start him as a DH in 2023, but trading him for a worthwhile return that could help our franchise was always the better play. In this deal, we get a late inning reliever who will compete with Pestano this Spring for closing duties (one will end up the setup man, the other the closer), and a top 100 prospect in Gold who has plus-plus power potential and we think can develop into a solid defensive RF. Ramos was looking like an odd man out for our bullpen this season, so moving him in a swap for Garcia (despite the salary difference), was definitely an upgrade for us. Thanks as always, Rhett, and hope Flora can be a great young piece for you!
  10. The Chicago White Sox Trade: RF Andrew Taylor (AAA) The Baltimore Orioles Trade: $500k cash A simple 40 man slot opening. Andrew Taylor has exceptional defense but we need a little bit of 40 man room and have gotten to a point where we could use some cash as well. With Puig as an exceptional RFer, Taylor seemed expendable. Thanks, Drew.
  11. The Chicago White Sox Trade: SP John Butler (ML) RF Franmil Reyes (ML) RF Lance Parrish (AA) The New York Yankees Trade: SP Nathan Eovaldi (ML) RP Cody Poteet (ML) Jonathan & Rhett at it again. This discussion began based on our listing Franmil Reyes on the trade block last week and grew into something quite a bit more. Eovaldi hopefully gives us the last SP we need to build a deep enough rotation to truly contend in the AL Central this season, and Poteet gives us another solid reliever for our bullpen. Reyes became odd man out when we acquired Tink Jones from the Padres recently, and while he still had minor league options and we were planning to just demote him to AAA until we may need him during the season, being able to trade him in a deal for a pitcher like Eovaldi seemed the better route to go. We give New York back a young SP in Butler and an outfield prospect with power potential. Thanks, as always, to Rhett, for the productive talks and for the deal. Best of luck in 2022!
  12. The White Sox approve this deal. We claimed Crawford off waivers a month ago because we loved his low walk rate and flexibility (5th starter, long reliever, middle reliever, team leader/captain), but our situation has changed with a couple Rule 5 picks and a couple FA signings. We send Crawford to SFG to rejoin Heinz (we claimed him from TBR after Comey took over) for a low level reliever who is a bit of a flyer, but we'll give him a shot. Thanks, as always, Heinz, for being so easy to talk to.
  13. The San Diego Padres Trade: OF Tink Jones (ML) w/ 50% salary retention SS Xavier Edwards (AA) The Chicago White Sox Trade: $50k cash We weren't really looking for another OF bat but when we saw Sean post Tink available on the trade block a few days ago, he was a great fit to replace the power we'd lost from Rob Segedin going to FA this offseason. We came into this offseason with about $60m available to spend, and while Tink Jones is a bit of a salary dump for the Padres, his bat is still very much a factor and we look forward to plugging him into the starting lineup immediately. Xavier Edwards isn't a show-stopper prospect, but we really like him, as well as his ability to get on base and speed around the bases, so we see him having a legit chance of being a big league player for the White Sox in a year or two. Thanks, Sean, and best of luck this season!
  14. The Chicago White Sox Trade: C Omar Silva (ML) 2B Roger McAfee (ML) $1m cash The New York Yankees Trade: C Sandy Leon (waivers) 3B Tommy White (R) This trade began talking about a swap of catchers: Silva for Leon, with us sending $1m in cash to even out the salaries. I was excited to bring back Silva at the end of last year off waivers, and having him as a backup to Ruiz as he was a good part of the team back in 2019, but I'm more intrigued to have Leon's defense and Captain personality as a backup, although he really won't provide any offense at all. But Keibert Ruiz will receive the lion's share of starts so what Leon brings defensively and to the clubhouse is more important. Rhett then asked if McAfee was available and we agreed on swapping McAfee for White. I was looking at probably using McAfee as our reserve infielder this year -- he plays a good defensive 2B and would've been a nice bench bat / defensive sub late in games, but moving him helps us clear another 40 man slot for the Rule 5 draft later this month and for free agency. White is a flyer -- I expect his power potential to drop as he ages and his ceiling becomes more realistic, but willing to see how it plays out. Thanks as always, Rhett, for smooth trade talks, and best of luck in 2022!
  15. The Chicago White Sox Trade: CF Mike Tatum (R Great Falls) The Oakland Athletics Trade: RP Anthony Kay (ML) If we are going to compete in the AL Central in 2022, our bullpen is going to have to be improved. Kay gives us a left hander who should improve our bullpen while providing flexibility. He can also start if we suffer some injuries and need a rotation replacement, and he has three options remaining so we can also move him back & forth between the Major League club and AAA as the roster and matchups demand. His stats in 2021 weren't spectacular, but he made the jump from AA to ML that year so one would hope he'll make an improvement in production in 2022. Tatum was our 7th round draft pick in 2021 and is amongst our top 30 organizational prospects, but we don't see him making an impact at the Majors as he develops, so it seemed a worthwhile exchange for a player we DO expect to have an impact on our Major League club. Thanks, Scott.