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  1. We are still going strong if anybody is interested. We have 11 years of game history, and ill be crowning or 12th champ on Thursday. Now is the time to join if you want to get in. We have a few 100 Prestige teams available so you could jump in and be good right away. NCState UNC California Just to name a few. Obviously, there are a lot of other teams out there as well. We are always looking for more guys to join.
  2. Anyone interested in a NCAA basketball league starting in 1953 (Using FBCB 2010 game) trying to create a new NCAA history of basketball? The year was 2015. The college basketball history books have been written. Gone were the days of Wooden and UCLA, the old glory days of Rupp and Kentucky, and the Brillance of Phog Allen in Kansas. Now, you have the one and done’s with Calipari, the game being played above the rim with many teams running and gunning, and what many people see as the decline of fundamental basketball. Is Duke and Coach K the new way to play the game? Is Tom Izzo and Michigan State the model for how coaches should be building their teams? Is John Calipari good for College basketball? On top of those basketball related questions, has the commercialization ruined amateur athletics? I don’t know about all of you, but those questions are enough to make my head spin. But what if I told you there was a way we could return to a time where the game and its history could be re-written? Want to play as the St. Bonaventure Brown Indians in the Western New York Little Three Conference? Or how about the Hardin-Simmons Cowboys of the Border Intercollegiate Athletic Association? Or maybe you want to try your luck within the Atlantic Coast Conference (with only 8 teams) as Wake Forest? Have you even heard of the Alabama Polytechnic Institute Tigers? Want to try and make them the powerhouse of the Southeastern Conference? There are plenty of teams and storylines to be had, followed, changed and wrote about. Just imagine if Wooden and the greatest dynasty college basketball has ever seen didn’t happen. What if there was no early entry to the draft and every player graduated from college? How about if Tobacco Road was never important in the basketball landscape? Other than the Ivy Group, what if there were no academic standards? What if Philly and the Big 5 turned into the basketball Mecca of the world? Enter Murrayyyyy and his vision for a way to rewrite the college basketball history books using Fast Break College Basketball 2010. All the authentic team names and logos. All the conference alignments as it was back in the day with both team and conference movements that occur as they did back then. NCAA 53 is an opportunity to take the reins of your favorite college basketball program at a time where the NCAA was just starting to get into its groove. Thanks to a win by the CCNY Beavers who won both the NIT and NCAA tournaments in 1950, the NCAA orchestrated a shift in the basketball landscape the following year. Teams would no longer be eligible to play in both tournaments. The spotlight that had always been shone on the NIT and New York were now going to be shut off. Sunny California and the West were going to have their time to shine. Will this shift happen in NCAA 53? Will you let it? Come on over and check us out. Plenty of spots available with both inexperienced FBCB players and vets alike. Play around and have some fun in a league where every single recruiting action and every single coaching action has a ripple effect on the college landscape. Come rewrite the history books and change everything you have ever hated about college basketball. Do you have the guts to make New York University Violets the next Duke? Do you have what it takes to become the next John Thompson or Pete Carril? Come show us what you got! The league will follow everything from conference movement/names/creation or destructions along with University name changes to both the school and their nickname. Teams are set up as they should be. Stanford Indians, St. John’s Redmen, Colorado A&M Aggies, Alabama Polytechnic Institute Tigers, etc… It's not a pressure filled league, The guy creating it was originally just going to use the setup for a solo league but figure what would be the harm having some other people take on a team. We just finished up year 2. Now is the time to get in and claim a team. Set up is here so you can see the homework is done Copy of 53-54 - Google Sheets is below ... =235865158 Signup is over on the NCAA53 forum: ... 809-NCAA53 simple html of the league showing team names and logos: